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8 Best Security Lights For Driveway – Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

The driveways are one of the most important places you can install a security light. If there’s an intruder, that’s the most common place he’s going to come from.

But again, there are a lot of products in the market. Making the right choice for the driveway security lights was difficult.

Therefore, I went ahead and tested a lot of products that I thought would be perfect for my house. After heavy testing for a while, I found Arlo lights to be the best product among all of them.

Here we present to you the best and most efficacious floodlight security cameras available on Amazon.

Top Security Lights For Driveway

Arlo Lights

The amazing indoor/outdoor Arlo smart home security light is a top-notch choice for your porch/driveway/front yard safety. It is a powerful weather-resistant light that comes with an IP65 rating which means it can stand harsh weather easily.

Arlo lights are rechargeable and come with super long-lasting battery life. The lights turn on after detecting motion. They come with a special “dust to dawn” feature. The solar-powered lights will not turn on till the natural daylight is detected even when motion is sensed. This helps conserve the battery.

The smart Arlo lights can be linked to Amazon Alexa, Arlo camera and you build an ecosystem of the smart devices. This feature enables you to automatically send a notification to your phone as soon as a motion is detected. The smartphone control feature also allows you to link the camera to the lights and activate them together and also allows you to keep an eye on any intruder/person invading your space.

  • Each light comes with a rechargeable battery
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • ‘Dusk till dawn’ feature
  • Wire-free
  • Smartphone control
  • The narrow range of coverage

Ring Floodlight Security Camera

The stunning Ring floodlight security camera is a fairly intelligent device that can connect to Amazon Alexa, to your phone, tablet, or PC. You can record videos and review what you missed for up to 60 days.

The smart camera sends quick mobile alerts after detecting even some light motion thereby, there’s no chance an intruder/burglar may break into your premises. It is also a fit choice for shops, locker rooms, offices, etc.

The Ring camera is hardwired and can sustain rough weather conditions or high and low temperatures. The suboptimal installation is pretty easy, precise, and simple. It is very easily adjustable.

It also enables an option to trigger the camera siren when any system breach is detected. It also has a built-in power adapter. Hence, this product is a great choice for you.

  • Connects to smart devices
  • Sends message alerts
  • Record videos/take photos
  • 30 feet motion sensor range
  • Bulb replacement may not be hassle-free

JJC LED Security Lights

The spectacular JJCLED Security Lights are a great choice for all of your security needs. They are made with high-quality corrosion-free Aluminum with anti-rusting, anti-erosion, and weatherproof quality. The vinyl sliding is flame-retardant and is built of high quality.

It comes with 3 workings modes-On time, dusk to dawn mode, and auto mode. You can switch between the three modes by adjusting and rotating the knobs provided. It has a good heat sink pace and throws bright light when motion is detected. The beam angle is very wide and gives optimum coverage.

The installation is pretty simple, quick, and hassle-free. It is very efficient and requires low maintenance. It needs to be hardwired and comes with no plug-in power. It consumes minimum electricity and saves your electricity bills.

The manufacturer offers a long warranty on the product and free replacement along with all the technical support you need to set it up. The customer service is also very satisfactory.

  • 365-degree rotation angle
  • Easy installation
  • 3 working modes
  • 5-year warranty
  • The whole unit needs replacement even if one bulb fuses

Swann Floodlight Security Camera

The very powerful Swann Floodlight security cam will ”detect every moment” as the product claims. It has a 125 degrees view angle. The manufacturers claim top-notch surveillance. You also do not need to worry about the blaring sound of the siren here.

You can integrate it with smart devices(Google Home, Alexa, etc) and also record videos that get saved in the local memory for a week and secure the cloud for two days that too, for free. Smart integration is what everyone needs right now and the company has taken care of it all for the users.

It has heat and a motion sensor. It detects warmth coming from moving objects(vehicles, pets, people) and sends alerts accordingly to your mobile phone. It has a pretty great picture /video quality. It is quite a nice product at this price. It won’t break the bank and also saves electricity bills.

Overall, it is a great deal as you get so many configurable modes, super-sensitive sensors fewer and fewer false triggers. A win-win indeed.

  • Dimmable
  • Awesome video quality
  • Connects to smart devices
  • 125-degree coverage angle
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Intermittent speaker sounds

Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

Unlike the usual floodlights, the Eufy floodlights allow you to record videos in 1080p and also have a live stream feature. It offers crystal clear video quality but the only flaw here would be its very low internal memory (4GB). Nevertheless, it is compensated by the full-color recording feature, even at night. The range of coverage at night is around three to four meters while it is around 16 meters during the daytime.

The siren produces a very loud blaring sound enough to scare away any unwanted intruder. The 140-degree wide coverage leaves no corner unchecked and keeps the area under total surveillance. It sends instant alerts to your phone on the slightest detection of motion.

It comes with an IP65 rating and is toughly built to stand the vagaries of weather. It is compatible with Alexa and other smart devices too. The setup is pretty easy and trouble-free. Integrating it with other Eufy lights, devices are also pretty easy.

  • Easily integrated with smart devices/Eufy products
  • 140-degree wide coverage
  • 2Way Audio feature
  • IP65 weatherproof Rating
  • Lower dynamic range at night
  • Lower MMC space
  • Short wifi range

Victure 1080P Floodlight camera

The Vincture floodlight security camera is a brilliant choice to shoo away intruders. It is equipped with artificial intelligence and dual motion detection feature. Just after sensing motion, the camera gets in action and records a two-minute video.

With a wide angle of 127 degrees, it leaves no blind spots. The HDR (high dynamic range) enables maximum coverage possible. It also comes with a microphone and speaker. It lets you talk to the person near the camera. The siren is loud enough to deter the intruders. 

The setup is pretty easy. With an IP55 rating, this sturdily built product stands harsh weather like a pro. It is best for a humid climate as it can withstand even heavy downpours. The Vincture floodlight camera is perfect for people who are less tech-savvy. The process of the camera to wifi linking is very lucid and plain.

It comes with an upgradeable memory card and hence immediate video alerts are sent to your connected device as motion is sensed nearby. It is made of durable metal which guarantees a longer life.

  • IP55 Rating
  • 127-degree clear wide-angle
  • 2-way storage
  • 2-way audio 
  • Wifi to camera connection may be time-consuming

Amcrest Floodlight Camera

The Amcrest floodlights come with a wide 114-degree coverage angle and 1080p video resolution. It leaves no nook unchecked. The camera comes with adjustable knobs so you can adjust them manually. It’s a heavy-duty, high-performance device that works like a beast.

You can integrate it with the Amcrest Pro app and adjust the features via it. It also offers great visibility during nighttime. The dusk to dawn feature is energy conserving. It doesn’t light up during daylight. You can manage lights energy easily and remotely with the least amount of trouble.

The boisterous siren scares away from the unwanted invaders or those who try to break into your secured premises. In all, it is super reliable and robust. You can buy it without a shadow of a doubt.

  • 113 Degree angle
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 2 Way audio
  • Available in white only
  • Only connects to 2.4 GHz wifi

RAB LED Floodlight

The majestic RAB LED floodlights are very convenient, compact, and solid. Made of fine quality metal and professional-grade quality material, this is made to last. The nice and bright light offered covers a large surface area and keeps intruders at bay.

The 180 degrees angle gives you a fairly large amount of coverage area, it leaves no corner unchecked. It is a very safe and secure product to invest in. The installation is pretty easy and quick. The appearance is quite contemporary and the design is very fine.

The LEDs never need to be replaced. LEDs throw consistent bright light in the area. It has a quick heat dissipation rate due to the excellent heat sinking system that transfers excess light from inside to outside. The product is totally worth the price. It is built to commercial standards and is super-efficient.

  • Long life
  • 180-degree motion detection
  • Green technology
  • UL Listed
  • Lesser coverage range

Buying Guide of Security Lights For Driveway

Each product is different in its own unique way. Choose according to your needs and demands and invest wisely. There are a lot of factors you need to mind though. They are-

1. Lumens

Lumens are the amount of illumination offered by a floodlight. Higher the lumens, the higher the brightness. If the driveway area is dark and obscure, go for a higher lumen intensity and also for a product with a great video recording quality to clearly see objects during the night. 

2. Motion sensors

Motion sensing is actually the biggest and most vital feature of any security camera because if the sensors do not work efficiently how is the intruder going to be caught and kept at bay? So a mark of a great floodlight is its awesome and very sensitive motion sensors that catch even the slightest of motions around and inform the owner.

Security lights have prebuilt cameras with motion sensors but if you’re looking for a specific floodlight with a camera, that will be an added bonus to your house’s security. That can be used for a wider area like your garden.

Also, take care of the motion detection range, it shall meet your needs. Also, take notice of the mode you are using, manual or automatic. There are three types of sensors: photosensors and motion sensors and heat sensors. The prior are triggered by light, the others, by movement. These would help spot and catch any unwanted intruders.

3. Heat sinking

Heat sinking is the rapidness with which a floodlight would release the excess heat and cool down the object after hours of usage. A good heat sinking rate depends on the construction of the light and product design too. Make sure you place the lights in the shade if possible to avoid excess overheat or contact with direct sunlight. It reduces the chances of overheating and excess load on the batteries.

4. Weatherproofing

Before choosing the one for you, always check its IP rating. Higher the rating, the higher the weatherproofing. As these cameras will hang in your driveways/ porches they have to be able to withstand tough weather conditions like rain/snow/sleet/extreme summers /winters. Choose the floodlight according to your location and the weather/ climate there. 

5. Coverage

The degree of angle is the coverage of a security cam. The higher the angle value, the higher is the rotation of the cam, larger is the area under security vision. It all boils down to the area of the space you want to put under surveillance.

If the area is very wide and needs special coverage, choose a camera that is super flexible and rotatable. But if the area is smaller you may buy a camera with a lesser angle of rotation. For example, if you’re buying an outdoor security light, you will need something with a wide-angle.

But if you’re looking for something specific like a driveway, you may not need a wide-angle camera depending on your driveway size.

6. Bulb quality

The LEDs used shall be of superior quality and should need minimum maintenance and labor costs thus saving your time, money, and energy. Also, keep in mind that if one bulb fuses do you need to replace the others altogether or just that particular bulb.

7. Warranty

The greater the warranty promised, the better it is. Also, the customer service shall not be unreliable or mean to you since there are brands that would sugarcoat fats and make false claims. Therefore, be a smart and alert customer and opt thoughtfully.

8. Power efficiency

Compared to the traditional floodlights, the contemporary LED floodlights are way more power-saving and eco-friendly. The product shall go easy on your pocket, shall be budget-friendly, and not add up to your expenses.

Check the wattage consumed by a product. A higher number means more expenses and vice versa. This depends from user to user.

9. Batteries

A mark of a good floodlight is long-lasting batteries that won’t need quick replacement and would hence be reliable. Prefer buying lithium-ion batteries which won’t run out as shortly. Changing batteries every now and then is such a pain. Also, it’s not very comfortable and who has the time to do that anyway?

10. Affordability

Plan a budget and decide prudently and accordingly. But do not waste your money on some low-quality knockoff that just betrays you within a few months. Spend judiciously on the light that doesn’t rip off your pocket but at the same time serves your needs.

11. Storage

The camera will only function and record nicely when they have optimum storage space. Buy MSD along or a floodlight with high built-in internal memory. It may be a little pricey but would definitely be worth it. A higher amount of storage clearly means higher trust and higher duration of video recording. Also, storage space running out is the last thing you might want when a burglar is breaking into your house:D

12. Siren volume

The siren shall not be too loud and blaring that scares off the neighbors any time of the day/night and often becomes a topic of the quarrel between them and you. It shall also not be too soft or low that the intruders /burglars do their job and the siren wails in the background calmly.

13. Compatibility

Gone are the days of traditional lights, the modern lights are compatible with all of your smart devices. Be it Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, they should be connected to the same wifi network, and that you can operate them from anywhere within the given range. Many products claim great compatibility but fail to land at our expectations.  


We have holistically covered all the possible aspects of all the top-notch floodlight cameras available at Amazon. Buy whichever meets your needs and works best for you and the area you wanna put under surveillance.

According to our research, the best product would be Arlo lights. With a very soft anti-glare illumination, this awesome flood light keeps your space secure, gives optimum coverage, and has a very clear vision and video quality even at night.

Security lights are very versatile. They can be used not only in dreams but also in offices, shops, gymnasiums, etc. With the crime rate and burglary on the rise, mechanisms like these are very essential to have. They offer a very subtle way of detecting any unwanted activity happening under your nose, in your premises put under surveillance. Motion sensing is the most epic characteristic of these security cameras.

In the above description, we have provided you a list of the top-rated floodlights for driveways on Amazon. These are aptly reviewed and are trusted by customers all over the world. So we hope you enjoyed reading our reviews and that it helps you find the right product for you.

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