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10 Best Outdoor Security Lights – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Outdoor security lights make it easy to watch out for your property after the sunsets. Many outdoor air security lights come with motion sensors to turn the light on when they recognize development. Security lights also come with a camera that either switches on upon detection of movement or stays on for the entire night.

Illuminating your driveway or house premises with a security light is a wise way to keep criminals at bay. It is a must when it comes to the security and safety of your property at night. 

I live alone and for people like me, it’s important to keep their house protected and ensure its security especially at night when it is difficult to keep an eye outside and check for unwanted intrusions.

I have tried 10 products and found the Ring floodlight camera to be the best choice when it comes to outdoor security lights. It contains all the qualities that a good security light should have. It comes with an HD video camera and a motion detection system. It is simple to operate and considering its features is a great value for the price.

Considering various consumers’ budgets and preferences, I have brought you the 10 best outdoor security cameras that will ensure that your house is safe and protected.

Let’s have a look.

Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviewed

All security lights included here are available on amazon.

Ring floodlight camera

  • Motion sensor system
  • HD resolution camera
  • The range of the motion sensor is small.

Ring floodlight camera is an excellent choice for a security light. It comes with a video recorder that captures high-quality videos and can be used to visualize the house premises. The product can also be linked to Alexa and thus can be voice-activated.

Its bright lights are very efficient and illuminate my house premises very well. The other day I escaped a burglary due to the motion sensor’s activation and turning on the floodlights. It also sends alarm signals which will immediately notify if anything crosses its path.

The product is very well designed and is quite sturdy. It is durable and has been working for almost 3 years since its installation. The price at which it is sold is worth it considering its quality and features.

SANSI LED Outdoor Motion-Activated Security Lights

  • Efficient motion sensor
  • Bright lights
  • Lights are not long-lasting

SANSI LED Outdoor lights can easily be considered one of the best outdoor security lights. Its lights are bright and the lights are easy to install. It comes with a user manual so I didn’t have any problem while installing them. The product also comes with a camera. The image quality is great and is not hampered by the bright light. The images are clear.

The motion sensor is very efficient and has a very wide range. Additionally, it triggers the light so every time the light sets on it immediately alerts me that something is on my house premises. You just need to set the motion sensor to a suitable level as it is very sensitive and can get triggered by even a moth.

There are multiple modes for the product so be sure to read the manual before you set the thing up so that you can use the lights according to your preference.

Aootek Solar lights

  • Solar-powered
  • Ultra-bright lights
  • The lenses are made up of plastic so get blurry after some time.

Aootek Solar Lights is an amazing product when it comes to the illumination from its lights. A single product almost lights up my entire front yard. Every nook and corner is illuminated even on the darkest nights. I am amazed by the quality of the product. 

It is powered by solar energy which is a great side when it comes to electricity consumption. After charging the lights go on for about 6 hours during summers and 4 hours during winters. This is quite sufficient as they r needed mostly after midnight when the streets r empty.

The motion sensors are great and are linked to the lights. It sets on the lights immediately after a motion is detected. The sensors are of good quality and haven’t deteriorated even after one year of usage. It has faced storms and all kinds of weather but still works perfectly.

LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights

  • Lights with directional wings
  • Efficient motion sensors
  • Negative

LEPOWER LED Security lights offer amazing lighting and are very bright. The best part is, the lights come with directional wings which enables me to control the direction of the area that the light will be focusing on. It is really handy as you can cover most of the area with a single light. I have set them so as to light my driveway to the backyard. It is very convenient.

The installation was painless and the mounting instructions were straightforward and easy to understand. You can also control the duration of time for which you want the lights to function. I prefer to activate them after dusk and stop it at dawn. This also helps me to keep the electricity consumption to a minimum.

The product also comes with a motion sensor which is controllable and highly efficient. The biggest perk with the sensors is it is specific for humans and not animals which I like.

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

  • Efficient motion detector
  • Photocells activate only at night
  • Not waterproof
  • Not durable

Mr beams LED Spotlights are small size products. They come in packs of 4 or 3 which is understandable as a single one is not sufficient to light up the whole area. The lights are quite bright and enough to see what comes under the visible range. 

They are like small security cameras which is a good thing as they will be undetectable by the burglars else they can try to damage them. I prefer to set them inside my garage just in case. 

The motion sensor’s range is a bit bigger than the lights. They can detect my cat if it runs under them but won’t detect if it just walks by. This is good as it will not be triggered unnecessarily.

Heath HZ-4150-BK Zenith

  • Attractive design
  • Efficient motion sensor
  • Sometimes the product is missing parts

If you are looking for security and protection of your house but at the same time are looking for security lights with amazing and different designs then your search is over. Heath HZ-4150-BK Zenith offers extraordinary service with a special charleston coach lantern-like design. I love the look of the product. I have placed it just outside my entrance. 

It looks amazing and blends in well as light. It doesn’t feel like a security light rather adds an awesome touch to your house. No one will suspect it for a security light.

Talking about the features of the security light, they are highly efficient. The lights are bright and illuminate the yard pretty well. It also has a yellowish touch which I like a lot as it goes with its look. The motion sensors are also great and are activated instantly upon motion detection.

The best part is it will easily fit your budget and is affordable. It is a great value for a price and the quality is also great. I have set it for over 6 months and haven’t found any fault yet.

Amcrest SmartHome 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

  • Clear video and audio quality
  • Efficient motion detection
  • Not for bright illumination

Amcrest SmartHome 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera is by far the most compact and best camera I have used. The size is small but in contrast, its performance is excellent. Every material and feature is top-notch. The camera quality, the motion detector, and the connectivity features, everything is great. 

The camera has got HD video capture quality and offers a great viewing angle. It also comes with an SD card which I can use to record videos for watching afterward. This helps me to monitor the happenings around my house even when I am not around.

The motion sensor works perfectly. It has a great motion detection service and can be connected via wifi. Upon motion detection, it sends a notification so I am alerted almost instantly. It is also linked to a siren which is great for additional alarm.

The product is super easy to set up and can be included in your budget perfectly. Considering its quality of service it offers more than its price. Moreover, it is made up of quality materials so it is durable.

Hyperikon LED Security Light 

  • Positive
  • Negative

Hyperikon LED Security Light has good quality lights with bright illumination. It has good coverage and covers my backyard nicely. I can see outside. It even covers a part of my neighbor’s driveway which is an additional perk. 

The lights have adjustable modes so you can set it either for a certain time or for the whole night. It is a great feature as it will help save electricity. You can also set the perimeter range which is again a great feature that can help you to focus the light onto specific areas that you want.

It is easy to install and can be set up perfectly. You won’t have to struggle while setting it according to its instructions.

LEONLITE LED Security Light

  • Bright illumination
  • Efficient motion sensor
  • Not durable

LEONLITE LED Security Light is a well-designed product with good quality material. Everything is well designed with sleek contours. It illuminates the area brightly and the LED quality is satisfactory. It has multiple modes which you can modify as you like. It is better to set it after dusk.

The product is easy to install and took me about 10 mins to set it up which is great. You don’t have to think about their placement as they are quite sturdy. The screw in the middle ensures that the product stays firm in its place.

The motion sensor is perfect and detects the slight of a motion and turns on the light. You can adjust the range of the sensor so that they do not turn on over every passerby and only sets on if someone comes close to your house premises.

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Powered by solar energy
  • Weatherproof
  • Efficient motion sensor
  • Stopped working within a month

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor will free you of all the hassles of setting up a wired security light. It is wireless and charges through solar power which is the best feature. The solar-powered security light should be preferred as it is environmentally friendly and saves you from the extra electricity bill. After charging the lights can go on for almost two nights.

Another perk of this product is its LEDs. They are awesome. The bright light can cover my lawn and gives clear visibility. The corner LEDs put out extra light that is a great addition that makes the unit highly efficient.

The motion sensor is very efficient. I am very pleased with the motion sensors. They turn on almost instantly and triggers the light for 20 seconds. During that time if it detects more movements the lights remain on for a longer duration.

What Features to Look For in an Outdoor Security Light

Bright Illumination and Coverage

One of the main properties that an outdoor security light should have is good illumination. If the lights don’t illuminate properly then there is no use for the product. So it is necessary to check for the lumen and watt capacity of the lights. 

A good bright light should be able to illuminate the whole backyard or driveway so that you can see if an intruder enters your house premises. SANSI LED Outdoor Motion-Activated Security Lights is the best choice when it comes to efficient lighting.

Motion Detection System

Another important feature that should be there in a good outdoor security light is a motion detection system. It is not possible to keep a look outside in the dark so it becomes important for motion detection to be there in your security light. It will trigger whenever any movement is detected within its range.

Also if possible go for units that have their motion detection system connected to your wifi and your device so that every time it detects any motion you get notified instantly and you can become alert. 

The best product when it comes to motion detection is the Ring floodlight camera. It also comes with an HD resolution camera.

Adjustable modes for suitable timing

Units that have various modes and adjustable timings should be considered as a priority. You can adjust the time duration according to your convenience. This will help you to save up electricity and also prevent the annoying activation of the motion sensor during the day. 

For this feature, the best product is LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights.

Power Source

Whether you want your lights to be powered by battery or by electricity or by solar energy is your choice. But whenever buying a product consider the pros and cons of each of the power sources. If you are comfortable with additional electricity consumption, surely go for electrically powered units, else consider buying solar-powered units as they are environmentally friendly and save you the extra electricity cost. 

But on the other hand, solar-powered units stay on for a limited amount of time and are not adjustable so easily.

If you want a solar-powered unit the best product will be LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor. Among the electrically powered products, the best product is the Ring floodlight camera.

Our Verdict

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to enlighten your carport or pool, outdoor security lights are an absolute necessity with regards to security and wellbeing on your property around evening time. Since these lights are possibly set off when there’s close by development, they work best in regions that don’t need ceaseless brightening. 

The secret to purchasing the best make and model for your family is to think about your wiring, area, and plan needs. The most well-known sorts are intended to light up the spaces outside of carports and entryways. Extra choices are utilized to illuminate possibly risky spots like walkways and flights of stairs. Some sudden spike in demand for solar-powered or replaceable batteries, while others require a designed electrical association.

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