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10 Best Wall Lights for Bedroom – Reviews and Buying Guide

I enjoy my room at night because it somehow keeps me calm but the bad lighting sets the mood off.

Most of the books I want to read and water bottles are always placed on my bedside desk. When placing a table lamp on the desk, it creates clutter, and my small desk is not enough to support the additional stuff.

I decided to purchase a wall light after realizing that using this kind of light will make my place tidy, and it will be a perfect choice for narrow spaces like mine.

I tested ten different products and found Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp to be the best.

Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp has an elegant black finish look. It is compatible with a three-way bulb and has an adjustable swing arm. It is my favorite wall light as it lets me read happily with a light of my preference.

10 Best Wall Lights for Bedroom

Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp

Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp
  • Nice look
  • 3-way bulb compatible
  • Flexible arm
  • A bit expensive

This US-based company-made wall lamp can be installed in two ways, either as hardwired or plugged in. It has a well-made beige paper shade to soften the light; when combined with the black finish, the lamp would look elegant. 

If you want to save your bed desk for water or a few books, this wall light is the right purchase. 

The lamp features a swing arm to direct the light in a way you want, which is easy to use. The three-way bulb compatibility is ideal for adjusting the brightness of the light. It is perfect for lighting a specific area in the room.

As the lamp provides brighter light, it is a perfect choice for the master bedroom. I have two of these lamps and are placed at the bed edges, creating a pleasant and comfortable ambient. 

They are suitable for reading on the bed since they give adequate light. The clear instruction lets you assemble the lamp quickly. 

Acegoo Bedside Reading Light

Acegoo Bedside Reading Light
  • Simplicity
  • Adjustable
  • Recall the previous setting
  • Give other blue light

This simple-designed wall light is elegant and functional. It produces a narrow beam of light on your reading area without lighting the whole room, not to bother your partner with the light. It gives a warm and comfortable light for the reading environment, and it doesn’t glare. 

The light is turned on-off, and the amount of light is adjusted to the brightness level of your preference by using the touch dimmer switch. It recalls the last brightness level, so no need to set it again when turning it on.

You can easily mount it either to the headboard or to the wall. It is sturdy enough not to flip easily.

The flexible gooseneck of the light lets you modify the angle and direction of the light to shine it where you need.

It gives you clean and neat surroundings, letting bedside tables be less cluttered. The light is easy to use and install, and it also has a very fair price.

JACKYLED Vintage Wall Sconces 2-Pack

JACKYLED Vintage Wall Sconces 2-Pack
  • Elegant look
  • Adjustable head
  • Bulb included
  • Not detailed instruction

These modern and vintage style wall lights are a perfect accent light for bedroom decor. They are lovely high-quality lights which are made of brass and iron. They are anti-rust and won’t fade. 

The combination of golden color with black prohibits their look from being too shiny or dizzy; it gives them a touch in the middle of these two colors. 

These simple and classic featured lights give your bedroom a charming atmosphere. They are a perfect choice for lighting a room that has a shortage of space for bedside tables.

The heads can be adjusted in a range of  240-degree to let you get the lighting angle of your preference. The stability arises from their weightedness. They are easy to mount. 

Each light includes a 4W LED Edison-style bulb of warm light; you can change the bulbs if you like other types.

The company has good customer service to address issues of the lights. 

The price is great for a pair of lights with included bulbs, and the delivery is quick. The installation is easy to perform, and the package includes everything needed for the process.

Globe Electric Ramezay Gooseneck Sconce

Globe Electric Ramezay Gooseneck Sconce
  • Nice look
  • Adjustable neck
  • Affordable price
  • A bit unstable switch

This product has a simple and modern design that can fit anywhere. 

The fact you can install it in two ways is so unique about this lamp. You can install it as a plug-in if you want to place it in different spaces or use the hardwire option if you don’t enjoy the cordy look.

It is sturdy and easy to install. The wall light gives off a nice and adequate light. The standard table lamps take more space but using this wall light, space wouldn’t be an issue.

In my house, it is placed in my little brothers’ room. The adjustability of the light’s neck was the feature I need for their bedroom because they usually pull and push necks of wall lights and make them fall. In addition to this, the flexibility of the neck lets you point it to the spot you want.

It is the perfect accent light for any space. It can also be used as a reading light if you feel like reading in bed. The price is good and reasonable.

Rustic Wall Sconces

Rustic Wall Sconces
  • Fascinating look
  • Versatile
  • Nice lighting
  • Batteries not included

These wall-hanging lights are a great addition to any place and complement a wall with a soft bright light. They create a modern and vintage touch atmosphere. 

The Japanese artificial silk Hydrangea flowers look so natural and made a massive difference to the whole decor. The flowers have a long stem that can be cut or bent to the height needed. 

You can place them on either side of your bed above simple bedside tables to give your bedroom a calm, graceful appearance. The dainty LED fairy lights will make you feel relaxed. They are a perfect choice for accent lighting. 

They are a great gift idea to please your loved ones. These decorative lamps are very sturdy and made of good quality material.

The lamps are versatile enough to match any decor. They use AA batteries for the lighting. They arrive in perfect condition without any damage and are easy to set up. The price is great.

Rosslyn Set of 2 Bronze Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamps

Rosslyn Set of 2 Bronze Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamps
  • Perfect look
  • Flexible swingarm
  • Long cord
  • Bulb not included

These French country-style-inspired wall lamps are great additions to bedroom walls when placed on either end of a bed. Using a set of wall lamps provides nice and cool lighting in bedrooms. 

The stunning lampshades are made of quality material. The lamps have an attractive burnished bronze antique look and are high in quality. Their traditional style gives a vintage touch to the room.

They have a plug-in style and flexible swing arm design, allowing you to place the lamp in desired angle and direction. Lamps have a dimmer switch located on lamp sockets and use one maximum 60-watt standard-medium base bulb.

 Each of these lamps owns a six-foot cord to place them anywhere you want. They are easy to install and come carefully packed. If you have a drill with a masonry bit, the installation process will be a piece of cake. The delivery is too quick, and the price is indeed fair for two lamps.

YouHaveSpace Bright Wall Lamp

YouHaveSpace Bright Wall Lamp
  • Sleek design
  • Decorative
  • Good price
  • Bulb not included

This functional, gorgeous lamp saves space and creates an aesthetic room decor in your bedroom.  You can easily mount it either to the headboard or to the wall at the side of your bed to use it as a reading lamp. 

The light makes any room a bright and inviting space and is comfortable to the eye while reading. The sleek design harmonizes the modern look with the vintage style. It creates a vintage look in a place where it is mounted.

It is versatile enough to fit any room design. You can use it in the living room, bedroom, entryway, and study room apart from the bedroom.

The company has good customer service, so you will get a fast response whenever you contact them for inquiries. 

You can use the kind of bulb you want based on your preference, but the recommended bulb is  E12 base up to 40 watts.

The installation process is easy to perform and takes only a few minutes. The price of the light is fair and affordable.

Amidon Warm Brass Drop Ring Plug-In Wall Lamp

Amidon Warm Brass Drop Ring Plug-In Wall Lamp
  • Fascinating Design
  • Well constructed
  • Dimmable
  • Bulb not included

This plug-in wall lamp gives your contemporary style decorated bedroom an elegant look. It got an open ring detail in a warm brass finish. Its warm antique brass finish with a white fabric drum lamp shade creates a fascinating appearance.

It is a dimmable lamp, and its dimmer switch on the backplate controls the brightness of the light based on your need.

The lamp is well constructed and sturdy enough not to flip easily. The  5-foot long clear cord lets you locate the lamp in your favorite position without worrying about power outlet availability.

If you mount this white-shaded and metallic accent light slightly higher on the wall on either side of your bed, it will create a classic vibe in the bedroom. Placing two lamps of this kind on both edges of a bed is a brilliant idea.

With careful attention, it is easy to set up and install. The price is fair and reasonable.

Design House 505115 1 Light Wall Light

Design House 505115 1 Light Wall Light
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Stunning look
  • Versatile
  • Bulb not included

This modern, sleek, designed light is an excellent addition to a bedroom. It is constructed from steel metal to assure durability and stability and has oil rubbed bronze finish.

 Its stunning glass shade and curved construction magnify the aesthetics of the lamp. The heavy and nice-looking glass shade softens the light to provide a cozy light of relaxing ambient.

It is suitable with vintage and modern home decors. This wall light matches well with a pendant, chandelier, vanity, and ceiling mount in the house.

The light mounts to the wall without a chain or visible wires. The bracelet is flexible enough to adjust as you need. Since the light is close to the wall, you don’t have to worry about hitting it when moving around.

You can use either a 60-watt bulb or 40-watt bulbs with it based on your need.

The assembly is easy to accomplish, and the light comes carefully packed. The price is excellent for the value gained.

INHDBOX LED Aluminum Waterproof Wall Lamp

INHDBOX LED Aluminum Waterproof Wall Lamp
  • Simplicity
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable
  • A bit confusing installation

If you want a simple and attractive wall lamp with excellent features for your bedroom, this product is definitely for you. 

It is a two-sided light that diffuses a warm light both up and down. You can direct one side of the light at your bed for reading and the other to the opposite. 

The lighting angle on both sides can be adjusted by opening or closing panels in the direction you want. Both sides of the light can be used simultaneously or separately, according to your preference.

The LED lighting is energy efficient and stays for a more extended period working efficiently. 

It is made of Aluminium and has rust proofing coat. 

The waterproof feature of the light provides excellent resistance to heat, impact, low temperature, and chemicals and makes the cleaning process much easier.

It has a fair price and comes well packed. The installation is a bit confusing, but careful attention to the instruction will make it super easy.

Buying Guide of the Best Wall Lights For Bedroom

Below are the things that you should look for in high-quality wall lights for bedrooms.

Types of wall lights

  • Up and Down Light 

These kinds of wall lights shine a light up and down the surface they are installed on and eliminates the reflection of light on windows around. They usually come with features that allow light angle adjustment.  You can use either side of the light or both based on your need. 

When it comes to light of this kind, INHDBOX LED Aluminum Waterproof Wall Lamp is the best choice.

  • Adjustable Arm

These wall lights consist of a swing or other type of adjustable arms to help you set the light in your favorite position. 

For this feature, the best product is Acegoo Bedside Reading Light.

  • Sconce

Sconce wall lights have a stationary arm that projects a light shade from the wall with different arm styles. They are a good choice if you want firm and more stable lights.

If firmness and stability are concerned, then Rustic Wall Sconces are a perfect suggestion.

  • Plugin wall lights

They are a kind of light which are plugged in power outlets or sockets. They are highly recommended if you have difficulty in electric or wire-related installation.

Globe Electric Ramezay Gooseneck Sconce is the best product with a plug-in feature.


Wall lights are used for different purposes in a  bedroom, such as lighting the whole room, as an accent light, or reading on the bed. So adjustable lamps are more useful for these things as they let you set the angle and amount of light in your preference. Wall lights with swing arms, adjustable heads, and different angle or brightness options of lighting are highly recommended for multi-functionality.

When it comes to adjustable position and lighting, Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp is a perfect purchase.

Power switch and Dimmer

Whenever purchasing wall lights, select those with easy-to-use on-off switches and dimmers not to be annoyed by the inability to control the light easily.

For this feature, Amidon Warm Brass Drop Ring Plug-In Wall Lamp is the best.


Shades do affect the whole appearance of the wall light, so you have to decide what kind of shade matches your taste when considering wall lights.

If you ask yourself which light owns the best shade, the answer is the glass shaded Design House 505115 1 Light Wall Light.

Installation and Mounting 

To avoid the hassle and expense of wall light mounting and installation, it is always a wise idea to choose an easily mountable and installable light, or it should have a clear set of instructions on the processes.

JACKYLED Vintage Wall Sconces are the easiest lamps to mount and set up.


You do not have to go bankrupt to purchase wall lights of high quality. There are plenty of suitable quality lamps which have fair and reasonable prices. Most of the lights in this article satisfy this condition.


Simplicity with a nice-looking appearance must be one of the criteria for your wall light. Kira Home Cambridge Wall Lamp satisfies this prerequisite and lets you adjust both position and lighting by its swing arm and 3-way bulb compatibility. The fact that it can be installed either as hardwired or plugged in is an exciting bonus. That’s why I am saying it is a happy purchase. Don’t hesitate to go for it.

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