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8 Best Night Light Projectors For Room/Living Room – Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

Who doesn’t love colorful night light projections in their room? I do and I was looking for the best one.

After trying out a number of them in the market, I found Galaxy Star Projector to be the best of them all. It has everything you could ask for in a night light projector for your room.

Here’s a detailed review of that and the other best night light projectors perfect for your room.

Second Best
BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector
BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector
  • Simple Button Controls
  • Soothing Aurora Effect
  • Fine Quality Speakers
Top Pick
Galaxy Star Projector
Galaxy Star Projector
  • 16 million Color Settings
  • Smart App Control
  • Build-in Bluetooth Music Speaker
Best Budget Pick
INST Galaxy Projector
INST Galaxy Projector
  • Great For Home Parties
  • Completely Covers the Ceiling 
  • Bluetooth Controls

Best Night Light Projectors For Room Reviewed

Galaxy Star Projector

Galaxy Star Projector
  • 16 Million color variations
  • Built-in Bluetooth music speaker
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Loses connectivity randomly
  • Speaker volume is low

After returning from a rough day of work, having a good and sound sleep is the only thing we want. Install the latest Galaxy star projector in your room and drown in its serenity. The Galaxy star projector throws beautiful outer space-themed projections on the ceiling and on the walls. 

With over 16 million color variations, you have a theme, light, color to match each and every mood of yours and vibe to it. This projector comes with cute and pretty-looking music speakers which offer a moderate amount of volume enough to suffice for a tiny room. It also comes with a self-timer feature.

It also comes with a remote control device. The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth. You may adjust and time it according to your sleep schedule. Play nature sounds or your favorite music and just fall asleep looking at the outer space wall.

The lights are bright but are dimmable. It can be commanded via voice control and easily connects to WiFi and Alexa.  It puts up an amazing light show. The audio quality is nice and calming. Your kids will totally adore this projector. Also, it’s a great mood-setter. It is also not too pricey and would also make a great gift. Drown in the cosmic ocean of pretty lights. Create the night sky of your choice 😉

Blisslights Skylite Projector

Blisslights Skylite Projector
  • Diode laser lamp
  • Soothing aurora effect
  • Holographic features
  • Adjustable brightness
  • No speed setting
  • Noisy speakers

The Blislight Skylite projector creates a beautiful nebula cloud against the ceiling/wall. You can install it in your living room, bedroom, gaming room, or bathroom to enjoy a mesmerizing ambiance. It will relax your mind and put you in a nice mood. The aurora effects and the night sky are very soothing and calming.

The light effects produced are holographic and so enchanting that the views and the vibes are very hypnotizing. The speakers are of fine quality. They can be paired via Bluetooth. The brightness offered is nice and can be adjusted according to your requirements.

It is very easy to access, comes with a remote control device. The speakers might give you a little problem when turning them on/off or may be noisy. The Bluetooth may be randomly losing connectivity. It may be a little pricey compared to the services offered. There is also no option to adjust the speed of motion.

Ocean wave projector

Ocean wave projector
  • 1-year warranty
  • Auto timer
  • Memory function
  • Myriad sounds offered
  • Not compatible with Alexa

The amazing ocean wave projector comes with a built-in touch sensor. It also comes with a USB cable. The music speakers are Bluetooth connectable and offer optimum sound range. The timing can be adjusted and you can also auto-time it. This projector comes with a memory feature that means it remembers the last set of colors.

The brightness can be adjusted and it also comes with eight different brightness modes. The very impressive feature of this device is the multitude of sounds that it can produce. You may switch to the forest sounds of birds and animals or the sea waves and seagulls giving you all the feels.

You can adjust the angle of the projector according to your needs. The product can also be used as a bedroom wall light and has features of hanging buckles which give you utmost ease in attaching it to the wall/ceilings. The wide range of sounds offered would totally impress your kids or close ones. It would make the perfect gift for them.

INST Galaxy Star Projector

INST Galaxy Star Projector
  • Karaoke feature
  • Sound activated timer
  • Multiple color modes
  • Disco lighting effect
  • Short cord length
  • Heavy

The spectacular Galaxy star projector is a top-notch choice for your gaming room, bedroom, spa, living room. Enjoy having dinner under the beautiful space theme projected. It produces aurora/milky way effects and is very pretty and adorable to look at. The project is very sturdy and stylish.

It may be best suitable for hosting parties, dinners, festivals gatherings, etc. It offers splendid disco light effects. It comes with a nice BlueTooth range and the speakers are of good quality. It is packaged with a remote control device and is easily installable and accessible.

The lighting modes and colors can be switched very easily and are very comfortable to the eye. It causes no eye fatigue and is a trustworthy product. You can cycle between different options which change with the music. It also has a karaoke feature. You can have a gala time with these projector lights. It is totally worth the price and we highly recommend buying this product. The colors are very vivid and fascinating.

Kucoal Galaxy Star projector

Kucoal Galaxy Star projector
  • Portable
  • Energy efficient
  • Dreamy lights
  • 6 colors/3 nebulas
  • The humming sound might disturb you

The Kucoal galaxy star projector is a very unique and cute light projector. It projects beautiful starry flights, clouds, nebula, aurora effects on your wall/ceiling. It would be quite perfect for hosting an event or a special occasion like a birthday party, disco party, themed wedding, etc.

The peace and tranquillity this offers to you after a tiring day is unmatchable. Imagine you coming back from the office or work and switching on these lights and all of a sudden, it alters your mood and the whole vibe. It brings you comfort and calmness and you fall asleep looking at the starry sky.

These night lights come with nice chores, a USB plug, BlueTooth speakers. The setup is quite easy and precise. The brightness is very cool and subtle. It offers an array of colors and effects. The lights are comforting to the eyes.

The sound quality offered is also very sweet and serene, just the right amount. The illumination is of high resolution. The projector head is very adjustable and can be rotated accordingly. The projector creates a very enchanting and fascinating environment.

NS Light Projector

NS Light Projector
  • USB Power supply
  • Long USB cable
  • Stable base
  • Longer life
  • No color variations

The brilliant NS light projector offers a very bright sunset illumination, perfect for a romantic date. This projector is made of high-quality aluminum. It is sturdy and won’t disappoint you. This also helps in reducing overheating and keeps it calm and cool. The sunset hues are very vivid and realistic.

The LED light is also powered via a USB. This is glare-free and the neck is adjustable. You can rotate it up to 180 degrees. The background brightness is enough for you to take great pictures. You can use this light for hosting any event. The projector saves your electricity bills as it consumes very little wattage.

You can use it in the kids’ room, living room, bedroom, etc. This lamp brings you calm after you have had a tiring day. It lets you drown in the sublimity of the sunset vibe. It is a nice choice for sunset lovers. The whole aura and the halo created is a treat to the eyes. The sunset halo can be adjusted with the lamp knob.

Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projector

Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projector
  • Amazing laser projections
  • Auto shut off 
  • No speaker noise
  • Wide projection range
  • Not battery powered

The brand new and very spectacular-looking Suyeeson Galaxy star projector is an eight in one product that connects to your WiFi and is compatible with all smart devices. It creates very hallucinating beautiful star-themed projections and laser light shows that will take your heart away-and amaze you!

It creates a peaceful atmosphere and has a great surround sound system. It will definitely help you feel better. This is a great gift for adults and kids too. It works perfectly using a remote control and installation is easy and simple. It comes with a USB cable for charging.

It can be used at weddings, parties, or romantic dates. You can command it nicely with the voice control and also comes with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers which have splendid sound quality. Overall, the product is a superb deal for you!

SOAIY Sleep Soother Projector

SOAIY Sleep Soother Projector
  • Amazing laser show
  • Aux cable
  • Peaceful music
  • Great customer service
  • Fragile
  • Pricey

As the name suggests, the majestic SOAIY projector is the sleep soother. The beautiful effects created are a treat to the eyes and the sound played along with it is very ecstatic to hear. The night light show is a professional one. This is a magnificent product. The colors are very vivid and vibrant.

The projector curves and rotates 360 degrees. The extraordinary feature of this is the Aux cable that comes along. You can play music of your choice too. How amazing! The source is very flexible. You may also connect it to smart home devices. You can use it while studying, listening to music, watching movies with your partner or friends and family. It would make a great gift. Kids would absolutely love it.

The customer service is very quick to respond to your queries and complaints. The speakers are of fine quality. The metal used is of average quality.

How to Choose the Best Light Projector For Your Room?

Till now, you have reviewed the Best Light Projectors For Room available at Amazon. We compared all of them on the basis of their features like brightness, power efficiency, metal quality, etc. Here, we present to you the detailed buying guide wherein we explain to you the factors to be kept in mind before investing your money, in detail.

Remote control


After having a tiring, monotonous day at work or at home, you switch on your project or just to get away from the hectic work schedule. You sit comfortably on your couch and suddenly remember that the projector doesn’t come with a remote control device.

Rather you would have to switch on the projector. That would be super annoying right? Thus before buying one for your space, keep in mind that it should have a remote control unit to avoid situations like these. Some of the projectors in the list above are powered by AAA Batteries so a wireless connection for some time can be maintained easily.

Color/Brightness modes

Contemporary light projectors are very fancy and come with a variety of color lighting modes and effects created. You can switch between the different modes easily and enjoy the multitude of star themes or space or forest or sea skies and landscape projections created. The more, the better.

Contrast Ratio

The color contrast ratio is a very essential element to be checked. The higher the ratio, the more vivid and bright the pictures would be and the better the sharpness of the image would be.

This is directly related to you perceiving the image or the view in front of you. The higher the ratio, the better the impact created will be.


The brand offering warranty,good-quality speakers, multiple color variations, and different themed effects will definitely be a little pricey but that price would totally be with it and will not disappoint you in any way. Investing in a cheap product that fails your expectations would totally be disheartening and frustrating as hell. So invest judiciously!

Picture definition

The images and videos projected onto your screen or wall shall be of crystal clear quality and if you need better resolution, you will have to spend a little more. The higher the number of pixels, the higher is the resolution, the higher is the price. If you want a higher definition, look for 1280×720 p or full HD 1920×1080 pixels. These have better brightness controls and would give you an amazing experience.

Quality of speakers

A nice light show or movie is incomplete without the audio effects. The visuals and sounds go hand in hand. So the speakers which are sold along these projectors should be of superb quality otherwise having a nice visual but a noisy and low-quality cheap audio speaker would totally be a waste of money and time.

If you have a tiny room, speakers of lesser quality might work but if you have a large room or are planning to use the projector for hosting a party or wedding, please go for louder speaker systems.

Metal quality

The quality of metal used in making the projector base and the speakers shall not be a rip-off. It should be robustly constructed and toughly built. The aluminum used shall be durable and reliable. Many brands claim higher quality but when the product actually arrives, it may be a complete joke. Always compare and contrast the prices and the quality offered.


Most of the light projectors today are very light weights and easy to use. They are compatible with smart devices like Google Home, Alexa, etc. They have a built Bluetooth support feature. Installing them is very easy and precise. You might need an electrician to fit all the bolts and wire them properly but otherwise, the process is hassle-free.

 You may install it via the hanging hooks and bolts on the walls or on the ceiling as per your need and the ambiance of the room.



An expensive light projector may need maintenance regularly. You need to spend on it regularly and keep checking that it functions properly and smoothly. It might be a little pricey and the maintenance might cost you a little but it is vital for operating it nicely and saving it from malfunctioning.

Place of installation

If your room/office has a sufficient amount of incoming sunlight or a good source of ambient artificial light installing a projector there might not be a good idea. You need a room with minimum light for the projector to function nicely during the daylight especially.

Only then can the projector function properly and the visuals would be clear and the light will not obstruct your vision.


If you are very puzzled as to where you should invest in, the INST light projector would be the right choice for you. With its gorgeous design and heavy-duty speakers, the projector is a beast. It’s made to last long and needs minimum maintenance. 

Projectors are very versatile and can be put to a lot of uses. Be it any wedding, a romantic date night or some kind of family gathering, or your kid’s party, it will always come in handy and will automatically increase the aesthetic appeal and also uplift the complete atmosphere. It instantly changes the vibe and the mood and transports you to some other world. How blissful and pretty!

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