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8 Best Light Bulbs for Home Photoshoots – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

My kid loves clicking photos inside the house. The only issue he faces is the lighting which can be sometimes dim considering our house facing.

The solution I thought of was getting myself a good bulb to light up my house or the particular room. In the first attempt, I got a cheap one from the local market but then I tried various product off amazon.

I went ahead and bought a few of them and tested them for a while. I did various tests like intensity, longevity and what not. After all I wanted to be as detailed as possible and help you make the right choice after me being so dumb bought the wrong bulb.

Without further delay, let’s begin.

Best Light Bulbs for Home Photoshoots Reviewed

1. Lohas LED Bulb

  • Robust Base
  • Power saving
  • Simulates Daylight
  • Sper affordable
  • May flicker after months of usage.

The first item on our list of best bulbs for home photoshoots is the Lohas LED bulbs. The Lohas LED bulbs, with a purported 1600 lumen output are way better than100 watts of halogen bulbs which are power-sucking and energy draining. 

The first item on our list of best bulbs for home photoshoots is the Lohas LED bulbs. The Lohas LED bulbs, with a purported 1600 lumen output are way better than100 watts of halogen bulbs which are power-sucking and energy draining. 

The Lohas LEDs give off bright and clean light, ideal for photoshoots. You may add a diffuser for creating extra dramatic effects. The 5000 K color temperature means consistent warm daylight. If you are looking for a bulb that gives a yellowish or orangey tint, these aren’t the ones for you!

The heat dissipation system in these is also excellent and the bulbs stay cool and damp even after long hours of overuse. The glare-free lights will offer a perfect light balance for taking pictures all day long without increasing your power bills. 

You may use it for your study room, in workstations or even at your computer table. These also put out a great deal of light for you to study fine prints, magazines, and newspapers. Available at just 15 $ these bulbs are just fantastic.

The colors are very realistic and the illumination is appropriate for lighting, photography, and studio-like photo effects at home. Made with a robust base, these are super long-lasting and you just can’t beat the price! We absolutely recommend buying these!

2. Torchstar LED Bulb

  • Fairly priced
  • Versatile
  • Dimmable
  • High CRI
  • May burn out after months of usage

The Torchstar LED bulbs give off smooth light which perfectly bounces off your skin and is great for indoors filming, videography and photoshoots. Soft light is also known to cause no eye fatigue and the 90 + CRI is apt for accurate and precise photography. 

The warm light makes all objects look better and yields better pictures with the fullest realization of bright colors. The dimmable lights are about power savers and go easy on your pocket. The color contrast and the tint is ideal for taking great pictures at home.

The light will let you see the truest colors inside the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. The balanced light gives off excellent results and desired lighting and for taking candid photos inside your home.

Overall it is great to deal with. The Torchstar also gives you 3 years of warranty and also this light is very reasonably priced! 

3. Emart full spectrum light

  • Super clear light
  • High color temperature
  • Clampable
  • Balanced light output
  • Pricey

The Emart light is an efficient option when it comes to shooting indoors. The lighting is great for everyday use and home photoshoots. The lighting offers a cost-effective photography option and the bulb has a high color temperature which remains cool even after long and constant use.

It has the wattage and the color rendering index you are looking for. But the 5000+ K of color temperature offers cool blue light which may not be so desirable for contrasting photography if you need different amounts of light throughout the day.

The amp holders keep them sturdy and in perfect position. You may buy additional photography gear for added effects. 250 watt of tungsten light output is great for balanced light output. Controlled overheating prevents accidental burns or fire hazards.

They can be moved around and clamped easily which gives ease of moving and studio-quality effects and drama.  The photos come out super clear and bright. These may be on a little expensive side but are totally worth it.  

4. Westcott Balanced Fluorescent Lamps

  • Long lifespan
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to replace
  • Bright light
  • Not for professional use
  • Warms up easily

The next item on our list of lightbulbs for home photoshoots is the Westcott fluorescent lightbulb. The 50-watt bulb gives off natural light which is gentle to the eye and causes absolutely no discomfort. The one bonus is that these are easier to replace and are cheaper.  

The high CRI makes objects appear sharper in the images and also uplifts their color contrast in the final image. The bulb consumes less energy but the output is lesser too as compared to LEDs. It may be a great choice for the ones looking for an affordable option. 

The only downside in this bulb is that it, like most fluorescents, is made of mercury-like elements, which harm the environment and are harder to recycle and dispose of. The yellowish tint may disturb our picture environment’s light balance.

Overall, it is a viable option when you are running low on budget and love to do random and candid photoshoots at home but we cannot recommend these for professional studio-like effects and lighting. The brand also claims 20000 pus hours of lifespan which is superb.

5. Sylvania bulb

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Dimmable
  • Bright
  • High lumen output
  • Less efficient
  • Traditional lighting

The Sylvania LED bulbs are absolutely fantastic and ultra-bright. These lights are a great choice for photo lighting. This light is not an LED but an incandescent so it does take up more power as compared to the modern LED bulbs which are energy conserving!

The bulb comes in sturdy styrofoam packaging and the bulb gives out over 13000 lumens of neat light. The yellowish color tint may be desirable for many photographers.

The dimmable bulb may be a good choice for photography but not the best. It tends to overheat on long usage and may not survive in the long run and are less efficient. But if you are running low on the budget, you may go for these.

6. Ascencia LED Bulbs

  • Realistic Lighting
  • Fair price
  • Longeivity
  • No glares
  • None

These bulbs are much brighter and give off ambient light when compared with contemporary 60-watt bulbs. The color contrast and intensity are very adjustable and simulate the daylight. If you want natural lighting in your indoor studio, this is the one for you!

 This bright arc of light will impress you only if you arent a fan of blue lighting. The standard lighting is very ambidextrous. You may use in it your vanity, study room, office station, or for other purposes. The dimmers world perfectly and can be adjusted nicely.

The brand claims 13 years of life which is more than what you need and also you cannot beat it for the price! The dimmability is an added bonus when you want less bright and not-so-glaring light for taking photos.

The CRI makes colors natural and pictures come out as more realistic and with the nicest white balance. The realistic lighting is also great for reading finer prints, doing crafting, or miniatures too. We greatly recommend buying these bulbs!

7. Limostudio lightbulbs

  • Well packaged
  • Fairy priced
  • Awesome experience
  • Zero eye discomfort
  • None

 The Light studio LED bulbs are flicker-free and give out constant bright light and the color tone is loser to daylight. The high lumen output is sufficient for taking good-quality photos. These do take time to warm up. The ideal lighting setup makes it easy to transform your home into a studio. 

They are sufficient to get a pretty good amount of ISO on your camera by creating the exactly needed photo and video environment. Customer care responds quickly and resolves the problem.

The lights are great for Flash photography or when you need constant bright light. We give them full marks for the spectrum capability and that these lights are super affordable. These lights are also great for doing makeup since they show to give a lot of precision.

They are well packaged and fairly pried too so you’ll not be disappointed at all. They save energy and give a nice experience without causing any eye fatigue. These bright lights will also run longer than regular CFL lights.

8. Great Eagle LED Bulbs

  • Economical
  • Saves power
  • Can be used for multitasking
  • White light
  • None

These lights are so bright that if you sit under them for too long, you might get a suntan. The bright soft light doesn’t hurt the eye and is an ideal choice for photoshoots indoors. These also add to the curb appeal of the room.

The lovely white clear light is economical enough and also gives better vision. The quick shipping and well packaging are commendable. The flicker-free lights give conc=sitent lighting for taking great Instagram-worthy photos. 

The lights give a balanced ambiance to the room and increase the ISO. Since you do not want any white mixing in your photos or may need peace or create cinematographic effects, for anything that you desire, the Great Eagle flights are there for you!

You may need a light that doesn’t heat up so rapidly on long usage, this is the one for you. These are great as camera lighting equipment and I totally recommend them.

Buyers Guide For Best Light Bulbs for Home Photoshoots

You may need photography-specific lights since the traditional and regular lights may not yield the desired results. For a better quality picture, you may need dimmable lights which render it possible to create the desired effects at your home and offer cost-effective photo solutions.

You need to check a lot of factors before buying a lightbulb for photography. You need to check the color temperature, dimmability, power efficiency, and other features like style type and CRI for creating the required studio effect.


CRI or color rendering index is the sharpness and clarity produced by light. A CRI above 90 is advisable for increased color contrast. Lightbulbs like Torchstar have higher CRI and produce better pictures. 

Color Temperature

Every lightbulb is different and built for a different purpose. Some lights give off a bright white light, some give off orangey-yellow light while others give off bluish-white light. All of it depends on the color temperature which is measured in Kelvins. 

Lights with a higher color temperature give off bluish-white light and lights with lower color temperature give off warm whiter light closer to natural daylight.

 Lights with a color temperature between 2700-4000K produced yellowish color tint while lights with a color temperature between 4000-6000K simulate natural daylight. Lights with a color temperature range above 6000K give off a bluish-white tint. You may choose the one as per your photography needs. 

Power Efficiency

Leveling up your power bills is the last thing you need when doing a cost-effective home photoshoot. So always go for a bulb that consumes lesser power, unlike halogens or hyperons which suck power and are not that illuminating.

We recommend buying Lohas LED bulb orTorchstar LED which are LEDs and not incandescents and thus are more power-efficient and environment friendly. These don’t use harmful metals like lead or mercury in tier making.

Type of Light Bulb


Incandescents are the ones we generally use at home. These tend to warm up quicker than the LEDs and give off orangey light resembling the harsh summer light. This light may suit some of your professional or indoor home photography needs but you may need reflectors or other equipment to get the desired amount of lighting.


These lights are the ones used for getting a warmer light. You may use these if you want a cooler ambiance. They use up metals like mercury in their making which are harmful to the environment. Also, they consume more power than regular LEDs. 


LED are the contemporary lights which are more energy-efficient and more illuminating than traditional bulbs. These are compact, reliable, and do not heat up on longer use which prevents accidental burns or fire hazards when shooting inside the home.

They are cheaper, more easily replaceable, and give out consistent and glare-free lighting. We personally recommend these for an enhanced photography experience when doing photoshoots at home.

Lighting Setup

Being a photographer professionally or just an enthusiast, you might have different lighting step ideas. When shooting at home, you may try the three-point lighting setup wherein light comes in from three different directions and illuminates the object completely.

It can totally improve the white balance and give off better and desired results while portrait photography. You just need to angle the key light, filling light, and the backlight according to the output you want, and voila! You will get the desired outcome.

Right White Balance

In a picture, the color and the right white balance create a great effect . Taking pictures with balanced light and the right amount of exposure. Better exposure produces eye-catching effects and dramatic moods. When setting the right white balance manually having the best house lighting is very vital.


Having pocket-friendly lighting set up is quintessential since you are shooting indoors and want a relatively cheaper and cost-effective solution. The Torchstar LED is a mind-blowing light option that comes at a very affordable price for the service it provides. It will not dig into your pocket and also satisfy your wants ad needs simultaneously.


The light you are going to purchase shall have compatible equipment with the cords and clamps or mounts you have. Otherwise, go for a universal model which caters to your needs. 

Lightbulb Wattage  

The bulb’s wattage is the power it will consume. Higher the wattage, higher is the consumption and higher are the bills meaning more money raining out of our pocket. Thus if you need a pocket-friendly solution, go for bulbs with lesser bulb wattage and if budget is not an issue,  go for a bulb with higher wattage.

Luminous Flux

The luminous flux is the measure of brightness and also the wideness of the light spectrum. It decides the efficiency of a bulb. The higher the flux, the higher is the output and more light reaches the room and covers it fully, and gives desired results. Thus checking a lightbulbs luminous flex is very vital. It may not be mentioned prominently on the box.

Beam Angle

Beam angle decides how wide the spectrum of the light would be. The higher the beam angle the wider is the coverage and the lesser the beam angle, the narrower is the coverage. 

To attain a higher beam of light, photographers use different types of equipment and light diffusers for amplified outputs. You may choose the light with a wider beam angle for greater coverage. 


All of the above are great lighting options, but there is one that is our personal favorite. It is the Torchstar LED hands-down for the awesome features and low price it comes at. Pay attention to the features you want in the lights and choose effectively!

Only a photographer truly understands how vital having the right white balance and proper lighting is! Thus choose the one wisely and judiciously for getting the picture of your dreams without having to step out amidst a pandemic and play with th lighting indoors!

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