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10 Best LED Strip Lights For Bedroom – Reviews + Buying Guide

So the regular lights of your bedroom are not intriguing, and you are bored with the usual lighting? LED Strip lights are here to save the day.

The best-LED light strips can be utilized for some extraordinary interior decoration projects, including recessed lighting, backdrop illuminating a TV, or installing them in your bedroom for an amazing atmosphere. 

I’m exceptionally picky about choosing the best item for decorations and keeping in mind that setting my room is difficult as I frequently change the style of my room. In the long run, I have attempted different LED strip lights for my room, and I have found DAYBETTER LED Strip lights are the best and most efficient strip lights in the market.

The LED light strips included below are probably the most awesome in their particular classes, chosen for quality, usefulness, and alluring plan and have been designed keeping in mind the considerations and preferences of every customer.

Let’s have a look.

Best LED Strip Lights For Bedroom Reviewed

DAYBETTER LED Strip lights

DAYBETTER LED Strip lights
  • Numerous adjustable options
  • Dimmable
  • The package might have missing parts

This item is an ideal LED strip light. It has all the amazing features that a LED strip light should have. One of the features is that you can cut it into three pieces. If you feel that you don’t want the complete long strip, you can easily cut the whole strip into smaller parts and use those individually. 

It has alterable shading modes. You can choose from a warm yellow shade to a delicate blue shade. It has a load of tones that you might require to make your room comfortable and cozy. 

With variable shading, this item has dimmable lights, which implies more comfort. If you need a yellow shade yet a milder tone, you can simply dim the lights till you get the perfect tone. The LED lights are vibrant and simple to set up. I have set up the lights along the edges of my bedroom ceiling by looking at some ideas on the net.

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights
  • Multicolor options
  • Affordable
  • Not for illuminating your room brightly

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights are easy and simple to install and maintain. I have introduced these in my daughter’s room since she needed these, and she likes the lighting a lot. The best trademark about these lights is that they are accessible as strips and exceptionally cheap, so you can purchase various of these strips and introduce them around your bedroom roof. 

Trust me, when they are turned on, your room will look radiant. The shades on these strips can be changed very easily using a remote control. The numerous shades that these lights offer are outstanding. You will find your perfect tone and color that will impress you and your family. 

Unlike other types of light, they are energy-efficient and do not require a vast amount of current to operate. It suits me since I get the top quality, and these units are very easy to maintain. In general, this item is fantastic as far as cost and quality.

L8Star LED Strip Lights

L8Star LED Strip Lights
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Multiple colors options
  • Longevity is not good

This item by L8Star is a phenomenal product for decorating your room. If you love music, singing, and grooving to melodies, these lights are only for you. They have a mode where you can set the shading to change continually and can be set to change colors according to the music and your voice.

They offer to brighten different shades that you can adjust according to warmth and mood. It makes the light adaptable. You can set the light to a vibrant one when working in your room or set the shading to a gentler tone when relaxing and chilling with your family. I have introduced these lights in my room and my mom’s room, where they are usually kept in a milder shading. 

This product is designed with a dimmable option, and you can change the tone of each of the colors individually. The dimmable option suits me a lot as it gives me more options to choose the shade of the light from. Like regular LED lights, these are also energy-efficient.

DAYBETTER Waterproof LED Stip lights

DAYBETTER Waterproof LED Stip lights
  • Vibrant colors
  • Dimmable
  • The lights can be faulty

This LED unit is incredible. I’d recently bought the 16ft one which I used for backdrop illumination of my bed, and this unit is all the same but with a longer length. The price of the product is worth the quality of the product. The materials and LEDs in the strip are durable and provide excellent service.

It is straightforward to install. The adhesive that comes with the strip is very efficient and sticks them against the wall very nicely. Its been about six months since I have installed these beauties, and there is not a single sign of the lights falling off. They are stuck as good as new which I appreciate.

The lights are remotely controllable, and the number of options and settings present in them is incredible to play with. You won’t believe it until you try it for yourself. It has multiple color modes, is dimmable, and the controls are simple.

Minger LED Strip Lights

Minger LED Strip Lights
  • Bright light
  • Easy to install
  • The instructions for setting the remote control are not provided.

The LED strips are super easy to install and took me about 10 minutes to install underneath my bed. They look good and feel good. They are suitable for you if you have a low budget but want a good quality product. These lights are magnificent in terms of colors and brightness.

It has multiple color options from which you can choose. Their low price enables you to buy multiple of them and decorate your entire room. You can use these for illuminating the back of your TV or under your bed. They are great for illuminating your room as the LEDs are very bright.

The adhesive is powerful and adheres quite well to the surface, but clean the surface before attaching them. The remote control is handy and responds quickly. Previously I had bought a remote-controlled LED strip, but they faulted their signaling. This one is perfect in its design.

Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi LED Strip Lights
  • Multiple functions and features to explore
  • High-quality material
  • Coordination between strips can sometimes be faulty and needs to be reset.

Nexillumi is one of the best manufacturers in the field of LED strip lights. You will cherish this item if you are a fan of DIY items, as you can set these lights in any part of your bedroom. I am a fan of DIY items and like to arrange things in my way, so I love how these lights improve my room. 

It has so many color options to choose from, and each of those colors is dimmable, which makes it clear that you have to try these beautiful lights at least once. They are easy to introduce and work with. I had introduced them to multiple areas of my bedroom, making an exceptional plan, and they look lovely. 

These lights are controllable through a remote, and you can change each setting and adjust the lights through the app.It has a wide range, so you can control these even if they are on the other side of the room. You will also love these lights if you prefer lights that can change along with musical beats.


  • Strong Adhesive
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • The LEDs are not very durable

My wife and I love to binge-watch on weekends, so we searched  for a proper light that can go well with the purpose and create a better experience while watching TV. Then we came across this product. It is the best product for backlighting your TV. It is cheap and easy to install on the back of your TV.

After installing the lights, the colors look excellent. Some lights that come in red, blue, and green don’t have the proper tone and don’t go well, but these lights can be changed from red, blue, and green, and the colors match up quite well to give a vibrant golden color. The other color options are also excellent, and they are so bright even during the daytime.

You can easily control the lights, and all you have to do is point the remote towards the lights, and they will respond instantly without any interference. The adhesive behind the strips is also very efficient and holds the lights in place. I changed my TV last month, so I had to relocate them, but still, the adhesives worked quite well.

LE LED Strip Lights

LE LED Strip Lights
  • Numerous color modes
  • Environment-friendly
  • Smart features are not available

These LED lights come in the standard RGB colors, but along with these, many other multicolor options provide a wide range of colors to choose from. The options are amazing since, along with the colors, it also changes the temperature of the lights, and you can set them according to your need.

I have placed these in my son’s bedroom as a gift for his marks. He loves them. It also has different DIY color settings and lighting modes, and this makes it uniquely versatile as it can go with any kind of style and texture. This product enables you to choose the right color and the appropriate brightness that will suit you.

Its dimmable feature enhances the versatility of the light. Every color of light can be dimmed or brightened, which makes it a different tone altogether. The best part about this light is its circuit that dissipates heat faster and ensures the product’s longevity.

HRDJ LED Strip lights

HRDJ LED Strip lights
  • Dynamic modes
  • Smart music mode
  • Not waterproof

This product is designed with multiple features that can help you uniquely decorate your room. It has numerous dynamic modes that make it a multipurpose item. It is as efficient in creating a relaxing ambiance as it is in making a party wholesome. This gives you an immersive experience.

Along with the dynamic modes, you can also sync it with the music using the smart music mode which is an excellent feature by itself. My daughter loves singing and dancing, and this is one of her favorite accessories. The smart music mode is accompanied by an adjustable microphone that changes the color of the lights with every beat.

The lights can be linked to your phone using its app. This app is used for setting timers and changing the lighting modes. The pre-set timers are an enriching experience. The lights will turn off at a particular time and help you relax, and you will wake to a vibrant color morning which will refresh your mood.

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights
  • Vibrant colors
  • Music mode
  • Can’t be cut into smaller parts

This great RGB strip LED light creates extraordinary shadings when compared to other ordinary strips. The “Govee Home” application for cell phones is the best approach to control the lighting impacts, setting the shading, controlling the music mode, and so on. The product has multiple applications and provides bright illumination as well.

You can set the lights to light up multiple colors in a gradient which looks great. I generally prefer using them when I am in apathy mood or while listing to pop songs. They go well, especially with music sync.

The microphone goes with the music mode when the LED strip lights are used in a gathering, and they change as indicated by the beat. The strip is waterproof and can be introduced inside or outside, which is convenient as you can also use them to decorate your house during festivals. The general presentation of the Govee LED strip light is excellent and worthy. Its cell phone application is accessible for both Android and iOS.

How To Choose The Correct LED Strip Lights For Bedroom

Before buying a LED light strip, remember these variables to guarantee your decision meets or surpasses your assumptions for the expected application. 

Area of Installation 

It’s fundamental to figure out where you will introduce your LED light strip before choosing which light you want to use. A few designs are for explicit purposes, for example, step lighting or TV backdrop illumination. 

This specialization separates them from the regular LED light strip. For instance, an item for backdrop illumination of a TV may come in four pre-cut pieces and TV-specific adjusting options, which change the tone to mirror the colors on the screen.

Other factors that influence the location of installation can be water resistance for deck use, dimmable for bedroom LED light strips, or movement detecting LED strips for the lobby, washroom, or stairs. Indeed, even a more common area like a wall or roof requires some thought before buying, so you don’t wind up with an item that isn’t intended for where you mean to put it. 

DAYBETTER LED Strip lights are the best when it comes to location. It can be installed anywhere in the house and is best suited for your bedroom.

Length Of The Strips

Light strips arrive in many lengths, from one foot to 30 feet, depending upon their brightness and purpose. LED light strips for TV backdrop illumination or use on walls of the bedroom will, in general, be more limited for simpler installation. 

Some LED lights with low brightness can be up to 32 feet in length, with 300 LED lights. High brightness LED light strips won the other hand, will have the same number of LEDs. However, they will just come at a length of 16 feet. Nonetheless, most adaptable light strips can be sliced using scissors to smaller parts if required. Or then again, if you need a long strip, you can join two strips into one quickly.

LE LED Strip lights are one of the best products that can be cut into smaller parts and used separately.

Are The Lights Adjustable?

Most light strips include an adaptable circuit board to twist around corners or run over bent surfaces. Some LED light strips are so flexible you can twist them up to 90 degrees without harming the circuit board. 

Be that as it may, as the power of a LED light strip increases, the adaptability diminishes, for certain light strips being inflexible in the plan. In general, these unbendable items will be a lot more limited, of about one foot long, but more bright than the standard light strip. They can likewise include a motion detecting system, making them ideal for lighting stairs. 

HRDJ LED Strip light offers millions of options for lighting adjustments. It has multiple modes and options to choose from.

Brightness of the Light Strip

The brightness of a LED light strip is generally calculated in lumens, denoted as lm, and is determined by the number of LED lights in one meter of the strip.

Some manufacturers exclude this brightness quotient, and determining it by yourself can be difficult. By observing the LED thickness, you can determine the brightness of the light strip. Regular light strips come in two densities: Standard brightness (SD) of 30 LEDs for each meter (9.1 LEDs/foot) or high brightness (HD) of 60 LEDs for every meter (18.3 LEDs/foot). 

Standard Brightness

Standard thickness (SD) light strips produce a brightness of 540 LM and need 27 watts of power. They approach 32.8 feet. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights are great for creating a relaxing ambiance.

High Brightness

High thickness (HD) light strips give a brightness of 1080 LM and need 40 watts of power with a most extreme length of 16.4 feet. DAYBETTER LED Strip lights provide amazing brightness.

Shading and Color Temperature 

The shade of a light strip is important to remember. Some light strips come in just one tone, while others can have shading variations that reach in large numbers. The shading choice that you pick is altogether subject to your preference. 

Shading temperature is estimated in degrees Kelvin (K) and depicts how warm or cool a light’s tone is. The general temperature of normal light is a cool temperature of 2,700K, while the natural sunshine tone is a lot hotter, averaging 6,500K. This is just a factor for light strips with a single shading. 

For a suitable and convenient color, Nexillumi Strip lights are the best.

The wattage of the light source

Wattage is a proportion of how much energy the light strip needs to work at its ideal brightness. If a light strip requires more energy than the power source is, it will not work accurately, giving faint light. LED light strips may work on batteries, power connectors connected to plug points, or you can connect them directly into the home’s electrical framework. 

LED light strips with lower necessities, for example, a 540lm strip, will likewise have decreased wattage. As the brightness increases, power requirements likewise ascend, like a 16-foot, standard-brightness light strip requiring 27 watts of force and a 16-foot, high-thickness LED light strip requiring 40 watts. 

Every LED light is energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but DAYBETTER LED Strip lights are best for minimum power consumption.

Activity and Purpose

In years past, LED light strips were designed into the electrical framework to work with a light switch or connected to an electrical plug and controlled with a button. LED light strips have made considerable progress from their unique plan. 

You would now be able to get light strips connected with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, controllers, or cell phone applications. With these controls, you can change the settings and shading, program the lights to synchronize with your music, or set timers for when you get up, show up home from work, or rest. 

LED light strips associated with AI systems like Amazon Alexa or Google assistant can even be controlled utilizing voice orders. HRDJ LED Strip lights are the most versatile product in the market and can be used for any occasion and purpose.

Our Verdict

Picking the right sort of lights for your room can ultimately affect your well-being. The right LED strip lights for the room will allow you to set the feeling and change the brightness effectively, guaranteeing reading a book without paining your eyes and like a comfortable environment under warm-concealed LEDs. 

Energy-efficient and monetarily cheap LED strip lights offer various advantages over standard lighting like halogen or neon lights. The correct lighting to suit your prerequisites is a wise decision to promote better rest while changing your room into a nice and comfortable spot.

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