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10 Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom – Reviews + Buying Guide

I realized my bedroom became dull over time. I had to do something about it since most of my productive time I spend in my bedroom.

I was already aware of the ceiling lights and what they can do to get the perfect touch you need for your room. I decided to gave them a try.

I have tried many ceiling lights that will go well with my bedroom look, and I have found Sea Gull lighting to be the most elegant and versatile-looking product. It is also made from high-quality material, and its lighting is very bright and efficient.

To open up the options to various customers, here are the ten best ceiling lights for you to choose from and have fun making your decision and enlightening your bedroom.

Let’s have a look.

10 Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

Sea Gull Lighting Bretton Two-Light Ceiling Flush Mount Fixture

Sea Gull Lighting Bretton Two-Light Ceiling Flush Mount Fixture
  • Modern design
  • High-quality service
  • The bulbs that come with the product is not durable

At first, I thought that this product might not be a good choice because of its price. But I was so wrong as this product is a marvel. It is offering the best quality service at such a low price. I was surprised to find how well designed this product is. It is highly substantial and beautiful. Moreover, its modern yet simple look has a charm in it that highlights my bedroom.

It gives a ton of light and is very bright. But, the better part is the light is not sharp; instead, it is very soft and feels very warm, especially at night when I need to lay down and take some rest after a whole day of hard work. It helps me to relax. The lights are LED compatible, so you can easily replace the bulbs if the bulbs become inefficient.

The lights are dimmable, so this makes it multi-purpose. If you want bright light for your regular work, you can brighten its lights, and when you need to have a peaceful sleep and relax, you can dim the lights, which will also save energy consumption.

The best quality of the light is its versatile look. I like to renovate my room once every year, so I wanted a light that can blend with any kind of style, and this light is excellent in this field. It goes with any type of style. 

Westinghouse Lighting Iron Hill Four-Light Indoor Convertible Chandelier

Westinghouse Lighting Iron Hill Four-Light Indoor Convertible Chandelier
  • Vintage design
  • Durable
  • The light does not diffuse well

Recently I completed the construction of my farmhouse. My wife is very much into classic vintage style, so I decided to design my farmhouse. The biggest challenge in this was setting up the lighting and lamps that would match my farmhouse style. My brother then recommended this ceiling light. I just love how perfectly it goes with the bedroom.

The design and look are excellent. I love how the bottom of each of the lights is white; it matches the bedroom and complements our furniture, made from dark oak wood. The vintage design can also improve the look of our dining hall, so I decided to buy another one for the hall.

I have attached LED bulbs to the product, and it goes well with it. It is very bright, and if you want, you can also attach a dimmer to it to set it according to your preference. It has an excellent metal body as I don’t have to clean it regularly and make it very durable.

LB72162 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

LB72162 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  • Compact design
  • Dimmable lights
  • The plastic body is not very durable

If you want a simple, cheap, and easy to clean ceiling light for your bedroom, then this product is just for you. The installation process is straightforward. It took me about 15 minutes to install it, and I didn’t face any problem while installing it. It comes with four wall anchors that hold the light firmly.

The light is very bright. I have installed it in my son’s bedroom as it goes really well with the bright paint on his wall and it illuminates his room pretty well. My son’s feedback is that he never faces any difficulty while studying. I feel the same and the height of the room also suits the light.

The white light looks very clean, and it has also got a trace of yellow, which adds to its beauty. The light is also dimmable. We generally prefer to dim it at night as it also illuminates the adjacent hall. The white dome is a high gloss finish which looks great. The small and compact design makes it suitable for fitting in rooms that have a low ceiling.

Kira Home Sienna Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Kira Home Sienna Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  • Stylish and sophisticated look
  • Very bright light
  • Installation can be difficult

Kira Ceiling light is truly a remarkable product. Its design is stylish and looks amazing. The materials used in this product are high-quality. I have installed them in my bedroom’s dressing area keeping in mind that the area needs comparatively lower support. This fits perfectly and gives great clear visibility.

The light is very bright, and the color of the light is warm and soft. The product has a light diffuser which enables the light to provide even more light and performs almost equal to two halogen lights. It is compatible with LED, CFL, and incandescent, suitable as people have different light sources.

The light has a fabric shade and a metal body which is quite durable. I installed this 2 years ago, and the quality of the material is still top-notch, which indicates that it has been designed with genuine quality.

1257L-ORB-AL Flushmount Ceiling Light

1257L-ORB-AL Flushmount Ceiling Light
  • Easy customization
  • Simple design
  • The insulation obscures the screw holes

This product by Designer’s Fountain is very simple and easy to use. It took me about half an hour to install it. I have bought 4 of them and have installed them around my bedroom. This brightens my room very nicely. The light is compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs and I really prefer those bulbs as they give a soft light.

I have attached dimmers to the lights. You can dim the lights using that and it creates a very calm and relaxing ambiance. I have also attached yellow light to two of them and white light to the other two. The colors overlap, and the shade it produces is truly mesmerizing. It is amazing how you can customize this product. There are so many options with this product.

The light’s design looks good and doesn’t have any fancy detail, making it even more interesting as it blends in with the room and doesn’t stand out, which is good. It feels like the ceilings have lights incorporated in them like the modern ceilings.

Design House Kimball Industrial Farmhouse Indoor Light

Design House Kimball Industrial Farmhouse Indoor Light
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Material looks cheap

I have installed many ceilings, but this one was the easiest to install among all of them. It took me less than 15 minutes to install them. They will feel perfect if you are a fan of rustic design. The galvanized metal finish adds to its nature. It is compact, which makes it suitable for low-height ceilings.

It is compatible with Edison bulbs and regular bulbs so that you can choose between them. If you want maximum brightness and utilize the potential of the light. It is dimmable and can be adjusted according to your convenience. It is helpful as this lowers the power consumption and makes it multi-purpose.

It looks both traditional and modern and is perfect for you if you are fond of them. I took the risk of buying them online, but the risk was worth it. It is affordable. Moreover, I have bought 3 pendant lights which go well with them and look great together.

Kira Home Gage Ceiling Light

Kira Home Gage Ceiling Light
  • No problem in installation
  • Designed for maximum luminescence
  • The wiring can be faulty

I bought two of these lights and have installed them over my kitchen table. My wife loves the design of the light. The best part is the download can be adjusted in two ways. Either it can be extended to make it like a ceiling fan, or it can be shortened to remain fixed to the ceiling.

This also adds a touch of versatility. It has been designed like a unique table fan, and the mesh around the lights allows the lights to spread to a wide range; this is especially great to illuminate your room to the brightest. It was just what my wife and I were looking for.

The product is designed to hold six Edison bulbs. It is also compatible with vintage bulbs which I prefer more as it goes well with its look. The gage is compatible with a dimmer that can be used if you feel like softening or brightening the light. The dark coloring goes well with dark-colored furniture. 

Lysed Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Lysed Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  • Shock-resistant
  • Open cage
  • Way too small for a bedroom

Lysed Ceiling light has a retro design that goes well with a vintage bulb and looks great. It is small and compact enough to fit into lower ceilings so I decided to install one of these in my dad’s bedroom. It looks great. It suits his bedroom as he has some oil paintings hung there. This makes the room look like one from the castles. I just love it.

The light is compatible with practically any kind of bulb. I prefer an LED since it is energy efficient and also long-lasting and at the same time gives out bright light. It also adds to the durability of the product and can be used for a long time. The metal body is of high quality and looks sturdy.

The product has been designed to make it shock-resistant, which is great. If anything goes wrong, you can easily repair it without worrying about gettings an electric shock. My electrician was impressed by this feature as he could easily set the wires.

CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Mini Ceiling Light

CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Mini Ceiling Light
  • Dimmable
  • Great value for the price
  • The installation instructions are not clear.

This unit hangs down somewhat from the roof, giving it’s a touch of more character than if it were flush with the roof. The great endured-looking gold divider between the pole and the shade adds some charisma while the uncovered bulb gives it a hip and current look. 

The shade gives a great skirt over the bulb to help mirror its light descending while at the same time keeping the attachment covered. With this choice, you will need to pick a very cool bulb that you wouldn’t fret about being seen. This style will match pleasantly with a couple of others like it in one room.

The lights are dimmable which means you can adjust the brightness according to your preference. It is preferable to use LED bulbs for maximum brightness and energy efficiency. I have installed one of these in my mother’s bedroom. She likes classic design items and it looks like those found back in her days so she loves this light and its design.

Hile Lighting Crystal Chandeliers

Hile Lighting Crystal Chandeliers
  • Gorgeous look
  • Very bright luminescence
  • Very tough to install, especially the crystals.

Hile Lighting Crystal Chandeliers are by far the best and most elegant-looking ceiling lights I have ever found in the market. It has a modern design but at the same time, it has an amazing classic chandelier look amazing. I have installed one of these in my master bedroom. I had to change my bed and design it with more precision to match the elegance of the light.

It is compatible with incandescent light bulbs. Along with very bright light, the adjacent crystals highlight the light more and gives a glimmering effect to the light which looks amazing. It looks especially great in my room as it has a high ceiling and having a bit of space below the light is convenient to show off its beauty.

This gorgeous unit will fill in as a centerpiece in your room, so be certain that you love it prior to buying. It’s anything but a ton of consideration from any individual who has the joy of seeing it. The crystals help to relax and mirror the light delightfully. The single bigger crystal in the middle hanging down will infrequently get the light and make a delightful impact. This is ideal for a work of art and a charming room.

What Must Be Considered While Buying A Ceiling Light For Bedroom

Layering The Lights In Your Bedroom 

Realizing how to layer your lighting is the way to making the best lighting for your room. This implies tracking down the right harmony between surrounding, errand, and highlight lighting. By making this equilibrium, you will want to make the lighting for any temperament and any action with the flick of a switch. Sea Gull Lighting Bretton Two-Light Ceiling is a great product and can be used to layer the light appropriately.

Ambient Lighting 

From general to explicit, you’ll need to layer the sorts of lighting relying upon what you expect doing in your room consistently. First off, start fabricating your ceiling lights with surrounding lighting or general lighting. Appropriate surrounding light incorporates normal lighting utilizing enormous windows or bay windows, or fake lighting; whatever gives a good measure of lighting that will empower you to perform general undertakings like cleaning, drying garments, or making the bed. 

As far as counterfeit lighting, ambient light is best accomplished with roof installations or through compact, similar to floor lights. Both lighting types will offer an adequate measure of lighting for exercises that don’t need splendid, shone light. Lysed Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light is your product of choice for ambient lighting.

Multi-purpose Lighting

On the off chance that you hope to do exercises that require a touch more clarity of mind, such as perusing, working, or applying cosmetics, then, at that point, consider layering on top of your overall lighting with multi-purpose lights. Multi-purpose lighting need not be bound to the customary work area task light.

Taking an example of your kitchen, ceiling lights play a major role of doing most of the handy work there. Make sure to check out the popular ceiling lights for kitchen that are trending in the market right now.

In this sense, the room task light can take on any structure, as long as it offers adequate lighting required for supported fixation. Aside from its plan and area, a multi-purpose light’s usefulness likewise lives inside its bulb. Sea Gull Lighting Bretton Two-Light Ceiling can serve as a great multi-purpose light.

Lighting To Complement Your Bedroom

Complement lighting is commonly intended to draw consideration and feature highlights like a work of art inside a given space. For the room, complement lighting all alone can go about as a curbed form of surrounding lighting, radiating a lovely sparkle and making a comfortable air. 

Using recessed lighting in the room, divider sconces, tape lights, or inventive repurposing of different installations are a couple of approaches to consolidate this element in your room’s light plan. Hile Lighting Crystal Chandeliers can highlight your bedroom efficiently.


Legitimate lighting/dimmers are significant since, in such a case that there’s just one splendid light source, it’s difficult to progress into a casual rest mode. Bedside light or sconce, you can slide into rest or wake all the more slowly.” 

While layering your room lighting, dimmers assume a significant part in the plan’s a more terrific plan. In addition to the fact that dimmers let you add measurement to the room’s current circumstance, yet they’re intrinsically multifunctional. 

Between low lighting to full brilliance, a dimmer can oblige numerous lighting needs. The dimmer fits general lighting at max brilliance, while at lower settings, the component considers temperament setting. Since dimmers are not difficult to introduce, any lighting apparatus can take on a multi-purpose job. LB72162 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light has a dimmable light source and is highly durable.

The Brightness Of The Light Source

As you layer your room lighting, consider the sort of bulb you’ll use for every installation. Contingent upon the bulb’s lighting power and the shading it discharges, it can decidedly or contrarily influence how you work during and after a given movement. 

After choosing the greatest lumen yield of a bulb, you need to consider if the bulb type you need is dimmable. CFLs are hard to control with a standard dimmer, just like some low-voltage LEDs. In these cases, exceptional dimmers will be required for the smooth, glint, and sans buzz control. LB72162 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light has a dimmable light source and can be used for this purpose.

Shading And Color Of Light

Light shading assumes a significant part in supporting certain exercises. First off, consider the sort of bulb: brilliant/halogen bulbs commonly radiate a delicate white sparkle, CFLs will in general diffuse a great deal of blue, while LEDs can have the shading fever range. Choosing the correct LED for bedrooms will be a hard choice but we can help you get through with it.

As white and blue light tones have been displayed to advance sharpness, lighting with such tints is best utilized with a task or directional lighting to help centered exercises. Since blue and white lights increase readiness and consequently stifle the creation of melatonin, they are not ideal in case you’re attempting to slow down and rest in the room in the wake of a difficult day. 

Then again, lighting that diffuses hotter tones doesn’t meddle with melatonin creation. Thus, warmer lights are best for room exercises like perusing, sitting in front of the TV, or just relaxing. 1257L-ORB-AL Flushmount Ceiling Light is compatible with most types of bulbs and you can buy bulbs of different colors and install them to easily get the desired shade.

Our Verdict

With the advancing elements of the room comes the requirement for legitimate lighting to help these capacities. Between fitting lighting layers, dimmers, and appropriate bulbs, getting these perspectives right is a certain fire approach to guaranteeing a happy with lighting circumstance in your room. Along these lines, get inventive and pick the installations you need to get only the room lighting plan you need here.

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