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8 Best Solar Garden Lights – Reviews + Buying Guide

My existing garden lights were consuming too much energy, and my bills came high. I had to opt for solar garden lights that would be perfect for my budget, considering my area gets tons of natural sunlight during the day. 

I knew lots of solar garden lights in the electric shop I work in. I have used some of them and seen many of them in my friend’s and customers’ homes. From these lights, I found KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights to be the best.

KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights have a beautiful flower-like design and are a good combination of look and functionality. The steam and leaves are adjustable. They come in a pack of 4 and offer seven color options for the LED light. Their waterproof materials let them work flawlessly in the rain and snow. 

The other seven lights, which I consider best next to KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights, are reviewed below.

Best Solar Garden Lights Reviewed

KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights

KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights
  • Beautiful look
  • Coloring option
  • Waterproof
  • It flickers a bit when color changes

This product is a pretty flower that you can plant in a garden with built-in bulbs. These lights have bigger lily flower structures which are made of fine processed fabric.

The stems and leaves are adjustable enough to let you freely design their pose. Relative to other flower-like lights, these lights have larger petals. They are amazing decorating lights and great gift ideas for your beloved ones.

The lights come in a pack of four, two of them are purple, and the other two are pink and white. The LED light offers seven coloring options in each rainbow color to get the vibe you want.

The lights have a bigger power panel and AA battery as a power source. They can provide consistent light for about 8 hours after being fully charged.

Since the lights are made of waterproof materials, they can withstand weather conditions which you might consider bad for them, like rain and snow.

The assembly is easy, and the product comes well packed.

InnoGear Solar Lights

InnoGear Solar Lights
  • Adjustable
  • 2 lighting modes
  • 2-way installation
  • A bit expensive

Unlike many other solar lights, InnoGear Solar Lights have adjustable panels and lights.

The solar panel can be rotated up and down in 180 degrees to capture solar energy and get the best lighting angle effectively. You can also adjust the light head to 90 degrees to illuminate the desired area in a wider range.

The lights have two lighting modes. In the higher brightness mode, you will doubt if it is a day or night and will work flawlessly for 6 hours. In the low light mode, they can last up to 12 hours.

InnoGear solar lights will automatically light up when the surrounding is dark and will be off in the presence of natural light. Since the lights release a focused beam of lights, you can illuminate or draw attention to a specific spot in the garden.

They are resistant to extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, and burning sun.

The lights offer two installation options: staking them into the ground or mounting them onto a wall. The long stakes let the lights penetrate deep into the ground. The package includes everything needed for the installation.

Sunklly Hanging Solar Lights

Sunklly Hanging Solar Lights
  • Nice look
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Replaceable battery design
  • Nil

These beautiful lights come in a pack of 4. They have small sizes and are portable enough to move from place to place easily.

The durable clamps, with their perfect small size, allow them to hang on anything anywhere simply. This quality makes it easy to hang these lights on trees and plant baskets in your garden.

They emit a faint yellow light, making unpredictable flickers, creating the same vibe with a wind blowing over a candle. This makes the atmosphere of your garden calm and romantic, ideal if you are planning to date or just spent time there.

The lights charge themselves during the daytime and automatically light up in the evening. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the light on and off.

The high-quality plastic and metals the lights are made of are waterproof and heatproof. Their replaceable battery design gives them a long service time and avoids a cordy look essential for safety issues.

Mini 50X 3.0 Twin Solar Spotlights

Mini 50X 3.0 Twin Solar Spotlights
  • Bright illumination
  • 2-way installation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Only a pack of 2

These lights with a black finished appearance come in a pack of 2. They have a bright and ambient glow to illuminate your garden with adequate light.

The released warm white LED light has a color temperature of 3000K. It covers larger areas since it has an output of 45-degree.

The brightness level of the lights can be adjusted in three levels in the range of 80-120 lumen. Based on the released light intensities, the lights can work effectively from 5-15 hours.

These high-quality lights have a large solar panel and Lithium battery for improved performance. They charge themselves during the daytime and automatically brighten your garden when it gets dark.

The mounting is super easy and can be done in two ways – staking to the ground by the sturdy metal stakes or wall mounting with the mechanical fasteners. This lets you install the lights on grass, concrete, wood, or other places you like.

Solar Lamp Post Light

Solar Lamp Post Light
  • Nice design
  • No wire
  • Powered by a solar AA battery
  • A bit expensive

This post light has a very classical style that combines a vintage touch with an eye-catching design. It is an excellent addition to your garden.

It is made of a high-quality plastic material. The triple heads provide plenty of light to your garden as they have large solar panels.

A solar-charged AA battery powers the post lights. It keeps lighting for  6-8 hours at night if the battery is fully charged. This is very useful to avoid the electric bill fees for the garden lighting. Its switch is located at the bottom of the solar panel.

The installation is easy to perform and can be finished in a few minutes. You can place the light wherever you want since it doesn’t have any wire. The package includes all hardware needed for mounting.

The absence of external wires minimizes the risk of an accident. You have to make sure that you have a sturdy base while installing to prevent the light from falling.

Brightech Solar Power Outdoor String Lights

Brightech Solar Power Outdoor String Lights
  • Vintage designed bulbs
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Waterproof
  • Less bright on rainy days

These lights are an excellent choice for those who like to dine and grill in their garden as they provide a nice ambiance light that is bright enough for these activities.

The lights use vintage-designed Edison bulbs for excellent lighting. The shatterproof plastic shell of the bulbs helps them no to mess with their beauty.

The lights have WeatherTite technology to withstand rain and snow, so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to them in rainy seasons.

On sunny days they can keep lighting for about 6 hours if they are fully charged. They also work fine in the winter seasons too. They release a 3000K soft white light.

You can place the solar panel almost anywhere with the included stake and clip. This flexibility in installation lets you hang the lights in your desired location, making the lights a good choice for parties or occasions in the garden.

This string light includes 15 LED lights and a detachable solar panel with an on/off switch. The LED bulbs and solar panels have a lifetime of 20,000 hours and 2.5 years, respectively, so you wouldn’t spend money on replacements for a more extended period.

Sunpo Solar Lights

Sunpo Solar Lights
  • A pack of 12
  • Easy installation
  • Decoration lights
  • Less bright

These lights are a great choice to decorate and illuminate your garden in a nice way. They came in a pack of 12.

The light they offer is not too bright but enough to light up a garden. Since they came in a twelve-pack, their uniformity makes the surroundings stunning when installed along the garden’s walkway.

They can charge the power source directly by sunlight. The lights work perfectly for more than 8 hours after being charged for 6 hours. This helps to avoid electric consumption for garden lighting.

They are made of waterproof and corrosion-resistant ASB materials, and they work effectively even when it’s raining or snowing.

Pulling out the bottom spike and inserting the lamp into the lawn soil is how the lights are installed without any wiring and tools.

The price is fair and reasonable. The company has excellent and responsive customer service for light-related inquiries.

Hykolity Outdoor Post Light

Hykolity Outdoor Post Light
  • Nice design
  • High brightness
  • Waterproof
  • Bulb not included

The traditional styled post light has a vintage touch on its attractive appearance. It combines a great look with functionality. 

This well-constructed black finished light is made of a sturdy Aluminum metal that lets the light withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and frost and makes a good heat dissipation. Moreover, it will assure durability. It also makes the lights waterproof and dustproof.

The three heads of the post light offer a high brightness to your garden. The illumination creates a bright and lovely ambiance. If you feel that the brightness might disturb your neighbors, you can use a dimmer to adjust it.

It uses 3 E26 Base 60-watt bulbs. Unfortunately, they are not included in the package. The installation is easy as the parts go well together. All the hardware needed for mounting is packed together with the light.

It is advisable to coat the light with spray paint to prevent rusting. 

Buying Guides for Best Solar Garden Lights

Your garden is one of the beautiful areas in your dwelling, that’s why you should get a quality solar light which can suit the place. When you purchase a solar light for a garden, there are things you should look for. These things are mentioned below.

Types of Solar Garden Lights

Solar string lights – Solar string lights can serve as a decoration unit in addition to providing a nice illumination to your garden. They can quickly wrap around trees, plant baskets, and garden gates. This offers you flexibility on where to place the lights.

Brightech Solar Power Outdoor String Lights are the best solar string lights.

Solar Spotlights – Lights of this kind are perfect choices to be placed on walls, corners, and high spots around your garden. They can illuminate a large area as they spread the light in a broader range. 

For this purpose, Mini 50X 3.0 Twin Solar Spotlights are the best.

Solar Post lights – These lights are known for their attractive designs. They will assure you safety in your garden since they are solidly constructed not to fall easily. In addition to their great look, they provide a nice illumination to create a relaxing environment.

Hykolity Outdoor Post Light and Solar Lamp Post Light are good examples of this.

Solar lantern lights – This category includes hanging solar lights. Since they are compact and portable, you can easily place them wherever you like and move them from place to place. 

Sunklly Hanging Solar Lights are great solar lantern lights.


In most cases, gardens have a large area of coverage. To brighten up this large area, you have to get a solar light that offers adequate light of high brightness.

The bright light helps you see things in the garden more clearly and lets you do general activities without going inside your house.

InnoGear Solar Lights is the best light for this purpose. 

Solar light with multi heads like Solar Lamp Post Light and Hykolity Outdoor Post Light also provides high brightness.


Adjustable lights are highly advisable for garden lighting. They will let you get the lighting in the specific place you want. 

Moreover, you can charge them under the sunlight effectively as they enable you to adjust the power panel in a direction where they can get more energy. 

For this purpose, KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights and InnoGear Solar Lights are the best.

Some lights also let you adjust the brightness level of the solar lights for your convenience. 

Mini 50X 3.0 Twin Solar Spotlights is the best light of this kind.


You sometimes want to change the position of your garden light to create a new vibe or prepare for parties and occasions. 

For this purpose, you have to go for solar garden lights, which are easily movable from place to place or can hang on trees and other things.

Brightech Solar Power Outdoor String Lights and Sunklly Hanging Solar Lights are perfect for this feature.

Resistance to weather conditions

Since most solar garden lights are placed outdoors, they are vulnerable to rain, snow, and sunburns. 

You should purchase products that can resist these conditions. All of the lights in this article fulfill this criterion.


Garden solar lights that have a stunning appearance are a great addition to your garden. In addition to illuminating your space, they will decorate the place elegantly.

For this purpose, KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights is the best.


To avoid extra expense and energy, you have to purchase solar garden lights with an easy installation process. All of the lights in this article have easy installation.

There are times when you might want to mount the lights on the ground to the wall or vise versa, to get better lighting. 

Lights with 2-way installation methods let you install the lights on the ground or mount them on the wall.


A garden solar light that can be a decorative and functional unit to your place is a great lighting choice. If you need this kind of light, you should go for KOOPER 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights. This flower-like adjustable light offers you seven light color options. You don’t have to worry about the light in rainy seasons since it is made of waterproof materials. Go and get it if you want a great addition to your garden. 

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