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10 Best Solar Fence Lights – Reviews and Buying Guide

I am always fascinated by how bright fence lights amazingly change the outdoor atmosphere. 

As someone who lives in a large compound, I wanted this stunning lighting effect to happen in my outdoor too. But I always thought it would require a large amount of money.

After reading about solar fence lights, I started considering them since they are easy to install, portable, and will drop electric bills. Some of them also have a great price.

I tested ten different products and found Greluna Solar Wall Lights to be the best.

The nice decorative Greluna Solar Wall Lights come in a pack of eight. They give off a warm white light or light with rainbow colors, based on your preference. They are small-sized, durable, waterproof, and well priced.

10 Best Solar Fence Lights Reviewed

Greluna Solar Wall Lights

  • Lighting options
  • Automatic switch
  • Two installation options
  • Less effective on cloudy days

The lights come as a set of eight perfect small-sized lights. They give off a warm light of sufficient brightness. The light emitted doesn’t glare since the cover of the wall light softens it.

The lighting works in two modes, either as a  warm white or in the different rainbow colors. The lighting option makes them nice accent lights and suitable for decorative purposes.

They have automatic switches, and each of these will turn on at night and off during the daytime. It is advisable to charge the solar panels directly in full sunlight to make them more effective.

The lights are made of durable, high-quality material, water and frost-proof, and heat-resistant. Since the lights don’t have external wires, they wouldn’t cause any risks for accidents and are easy to install and mount. 

Based on how long you want to place the lights in a permanent location, you can set them in two ways, use a screw for long-time usage and mounting double-sided adhesive for a short time.

TENKOO Solar LED Street Light

  • Powerful light
  • Movement sensitive
  • Long-lasting light
  • Less bright on cloudy days

This light has a built-in motion sensor that can cover up to 180 degrees of a large area. It will turn the brightness level to 100% whenever it detects a motion and 20% in energy-saving mode when people are out of the detected area. 

The motion sensors are responsible for increasing the brightness level when there is a movement around the place. This helps you to notice thieves, wildcats, or any suspicious movements, an incredible feature for security issues. 

The straight lamp provides a powerful bright light that can last up to 20-25 hours in bright mode and can stay 3-7 nights continuously lighting at a dim mode when the battery level is low. It charges fully in the range of 6 to 8 hours, depending on the amount of sunlight.

The light is constructed from durable Aluminum metal, and solar panels cover a more significant part of its top. You can use the high-powered 12V 1200mAh battery for a longer period.

It automatically turns on when it gets dark and will be off in the daytime. 

It has an easy installation process and comes with an assembly accessories set. It can be mounted easily on a wall, pole, tree, balcony, or anywhere outdoors. 

The company has excellent and responsive customer service to any light-related difficulties.

Pxwaxpy 82 LEDs Super Bright Outdoor Solar Light

  • 3 – way switching
  • Brightest light
  • Motion sensor
  • Less bright in winter

These lights come in a pack of two; the thing that’s so special about these lights is the three-way switching system.

In the medium-light mode, the lights will emit light of medium brightness level for the whole night.

 The dim light sensor mode will provide a light of 100% brightness when it detects a motion and a dim light in the absence of activity.

The last mode, sensor mode, gives a 100% bright light in the presence of motion and no light when people are out of the detected area.

The motion sensor reaches 270º wide angle movement and works flawlessly in a range of 20-26 feet. The lights have 82 high-power LEDs and the newest energy management chip, providing very bright light. 

They are made of high quality, durable, and waterproof ABS material. Because they don’t have any cord, the installation is easy, and the package includes screws. The pricing seems fair considering the benefits of the lights.

ROSHWEY Gutter Lights

  • UFO style
  • 2-way installation
  • lightweight but sturdy
  • Brackets not painted

This light package includes six lights. The fascinating thing about these lights is their UFO-style lighting. This makes them unique and ideal for decorative purposes.

The light is bright and adequate for accent lighting. It creates a nice and calm mood where the lights are mounted. As long as the on-off switch is turned on, the lights will automatically light up at dusk.

They have larger solar panels and powerful rechargeable batteries. The charging efficiency is higher than the old solar fence lights. When they are fully charged under the sun, they can work up to 10 hours in darkness.

The lighting installation process is easy to perform and can be done in two ways based on your preference. They can be fixed on the wall just by the single bracket or clipped on a fence or gutter by two brackets.

The brackets can be used for gutter mount or screw directly into a wall or fence.

They are lightweight but are sturdy enough not to fall quickly. Their waterproof feature makes them suitable for any weather condition. 

Maggift 15 Lumens Solar Wall Lantern

  • Great look
  • High brightness
  • Cool light pattern
  • Less efficient on cloudy days

These lights come in a pack of two. They have a vintage design with a modern energy-efficient solar light. Since each of them includes 2 LED bulbs, they provide a light of double brightness level than other solar lights.

When the light shines on surfaces, it creates a cool pattern of light. The lights automatically light up at dusk and will turn off at dawn.

The solar panels absorb direct and full sunlight during the day to charge the batteries, and they take about 6 to 8 hours to charge them fully. They last for longer hours, shining brightly in the nighttime. 

Even if they are made of plastic, the plastic is high in quality and looks great. They are resistant to any harsh weather conditions like thunder, raining, snowing, and frosting. 

Since the lights don’t have any wire, the installation can be easily accomplished. The lights come with a mounting kit to simply screw into a wall, post, or pole. Their price is reasonable, and the shipping is quick.

Their attractive appearance and small size make them ideal for decorating outdoor living areas, ideal for your fences.

OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights

  • Nice design
  • Good lighting
  • Automatic switch
  • Not well-articulated instruction

These lights have a nice look and a simple appearance. The light shades have a honeycomb design, so the bright light appears with an attractive and eye-catching design on the wall.

These sturdy and well-built lights stay stable in their place. They have good resistance to wind, rain, and snow effects. The batteries stay for a more extended period working effectively.

They have a built-in sensor and automatic switches which turn the light on when it’s dark and turn off when it’s bright.

Even if they work much better on sunny days, the lighting is adequate on cloudy days too. Since the lights are decorative fence post lights, not spotlights, they would not disturb your neighbors.

The price is excellent. As the lights did not have a cordy feature, the installation is too easy and can be finished in a few minutes. The company has excellent customer service, responds to your inquiries on time.

Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

  • Perfect lighting
  • Nice appearance
  • Great price
  • Less effective on bright days

These lights come in a set of four and are perfect lights for decorative purposes and accent lighting. Their simple and friendly design with the black color gives them an attractive appearance.

Since each bulb has LED chips with a  design that makes light visible on both sides, they provide a brighter light on a broader detection range.

The lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. They take about 4-5 hours to fully charge on a sunny day and work flawlessly 10 to 12 hours at nighttime. 

The lights are easy to install, and the package comes with two screws and complete illustrated instructions. The process also doesn’t require any wire. Their price is excellent, considering the value gained.

They are well functional. You don’t have to worry about the light being damaged by rain, snow, frost, or sleet because its cover is excellent waterproof.

UNIFUN Solar Fence Lights

  • Stunning design
  • Calm light
  • Great price
  • A bit tiny

The lights come in a pack of eight, pretty enough to lighten your fence beautifully. They have power-efficient LED bulbs, releasing a hot light.

The bright yellowish light is a good choice for decorations and creates a nice and calm atmosphere. It is comfortable to the eye and doesn’t glare.

They have a compact and mini design which doesn’t require much space. These lights have a unique flower-designed cover that makes them display stunning light designs when shining on a wall or fence.

As long as you turn on the on-off button, the lights will automatically light up in darkness and go out in a bright area. 

They have a high-quality solar panel, battery, and nice finishing. Because of the excellent waterproof surfaces, they are repellent to rain and snow.

The installation is easy to perform, and the lights come with an installation guide and things needed for the instruction. You can install the lights either using a screw or outdoor double-sided tape. The price is excellent for eight lights.


  • Motion detective
  • No dim mode
  • Good lighting
  • Less effective in winter

The package of BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights includes 4 lights. These lights are motion-sensitive lights, and they will automatically turn on in darkness whenever a motion is detected within a range of 3 to 5 meters. You can also use the on-off switch if you want to control them mechanically. 

The lights can stay on for more than a minute and will be off when a motion stops after 15 seconds. 

The lights don’t have a dim mode to increase their lifespan. The LED bulbs provide a bright and powerful light in the 120 degrees range. The shades covering the  LEDs are well constructed and long-lasting.

They are helpful for security and safety protection for the outdoor patio, garden, deck, yard, drive, outside wall, and fence.

You can charge the lights under the sun for nighttime usage. Their surface is waterproof and heat-resistant to survive weather, rain, heat, snow, and storms effectively.

They are easy to stall and have a reasonable price.

Sunface Solar Deck Lights

  • Multi-colored light
  • good accent light
  • Great appearance
  • Delay in delivery

This set comes with six lights. The lights give off a soft yellow light which is bright enough to lighten the area around. Each of these lights has seven changing colors and rotates the colors independently, creating a fascinating ambiance.

The lights will automatically turn on in the dark and will turn off in bright places. The nicely glowing amber light and their perfect size make them cool accent lights and a great addition to any desk.

The lights are sturdy and stay in place well. The white sleeves gave them a great appearance, and they are made of very durable and quality plastic. They can handle a good amount of extreme weather, snow, and rain. 

They don’t have any wire, so the installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. They include installation screws in the package. Their prices are good and reasonable

Buying Guide of the  Best Solar Fence Lights

There are few things to consider when planning to purchase the best solar fence lights. Here are some of these things. 


Solar fence lights are used for different purposes based on your need. So before investing any money in these lights, decide why you need them.


If you want to protect your house from thieves, wildcats, or any suspicious movements, it is wise to purchase motion sensor lights.

These lights will release a light with full brightness level whenever they detect a motion in a specific range, depending on the types of lights. They will be turned off in the absence of movement. So they will save more energy.

TENKOO Solar LED Street Light is the best light when it comes to this purpose.


For decorative purposes or accent lighting, solar fence lights that can give soft ambiance light or different color lights are great choices to create a pleasant environment.

For this feature, the best light is Sunface Solar Deck Lights.


If you just want the fence light to provide very bright light for your outdoor then go for  

Pxwaxpy 82 LEDs Super Bright Outdoor Solar Light will give you what you want.


If you want your fence light to be high in quality, it must have a LED light, be waterproof, sturdy, durable, and made of good material.

UNIFUN Solar Fence Lights is the best light for this purpose.

Automatic on-off switch

If you don’t want your fence light to wait for you to light up or turn off, consider lights with automatic on-off switches. Because they will turn on in darkness and will be off in the daytime by themselves.

Most of the lights in this article have this feature.

Easy Installation

You must choose fence lights with easy to accomplish installation to avoid the hassle and expense of light assembling. 

All of the lights above fulfill this condition, and some of them even come with materials need for installation.


One of the reasons to purchase solar fence lights is to minimize light-related expenses such as electric bills and electric wire installation.

So make sure you don’t spend too much money on these lights, purchase lights that are well-priced and at the same time high in quality. All of the lights in this article have a reasonable and great price.


The fence light you purchase must allow you to get nice light and set the lighting mode you want. Being high in quality, durability, and waterproof cover are also important things to look for. Having an automatic on-off switch and easy installation shouldn’t be a bonus. That’s why I am advising you to purchase  Greluna Solar Wall Lights.

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