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10 Best Rope Lights For Bedroom – Reviews + Buying Guide

My bedroom is a place where I spend most of my time. So I always want to illuminate it nicely using decorative lights.

I prioritize rope lights whenever thinking about decorative lights for the bedroom. How easily they attach on ceilings and bed frames and wrap around objects is why I adore them. Moreover, they are excellent choices for accent lighting.

I have seen and used many of these lights in both my house and friends’ homes. Among them, I found  Koxly LED Rope Lights to be the best.

Koxly LED Rope Lights offers multi-options on the lighting color, modes, speed, brightness, and timer setups. You can adjust these things by remote control. The rope light provides an elegant light for nice bedroom decorations. Its USB plug option is a cool bonus. 

10 Best Rope Lights For Bedroom Reviewed

Koxly LED Rope Lights

  • Multi Lighting options
  • USB plugin design
  • Remote control
  • Not waterproof in USB plug

I am confident that Koxly LED Rope Light is the best among all the adjustable lights. It offers more options to its users in all aspects.

Just by using the remote, I can switch between different lighting modes and give an aesthetic look to my room.

The multi-lighting option lets you get the exact lighting you want for the ambiance you want to create. Since it recalls the previous light setting, you don’t need to adjust it again when turning it on.

In addition to plugging the light in an adapter, the USB plug-in design allows you to use it with laptops, power banks, and other devices.

Transparent soft PVC pipes project the light clearly and nicely. It is flexible and can bend in different designs. The waterproof feature of the tube is good for sudden water splashes, but this feature doesn’t work in a USB plug.

The installation is easy, and the package includes clips and screws.

Brizled Rope Lights

  • Longer
  • Many LEDs
  • Clear tube
  • Only one color option

This light is one of the most extended rope lights in the market. You can connect four lights of this kind end to end. This lets you decorate your space in the length you desire for your convenience.

Each of the lights consists of 612 LED units, which means that four of the lights have 2448 LEDs. This provides plenty of light for a good decoration. The emitted light has blue/white color than the usual pure white.

The light is brighter than traditional incandescent lights, making it ideal for creating a bright and relaxed ambient in your bedroom.

Unlike many rope lights, which have a frosted tube, this light has a crystal clear PVC tube to display light clearly in a beautiful way. The waterproof feature of the tube makes it possible to resist water splashes.

This quality light consists of pure copper wires and high-quality LED lights. The installation is easy, and the package includes screws and clamps to hang the light on the ceiling or wrap around objects.

Omika Led String lights 

  • Multicolor options
  • Remote control
  • Flexible
  • Relatively It has small LED units

This light combines many exciting features in one unit. It has a length of 66 feet and 200 bright LED units.

The 16 color options the light offers makes it a must to have rope light. You can display the light in red, green, blue, cyan, orange, yellow, amber, purple, pink, white, and other colors to suit the ambiance you want to create in the bedroom.

The colors can be adjusted using the remote control. It also lets you set 4 lighting modes, four speeding modes, and a 6-hour timer. You don’t have to worry if the remote comes defective since the package includes an extra remote for the sake of replacement.

The light has an ultra-thin wire and transparent pipe. The tube is waterproof, so it can effectively resist any form of moisture.

It is too flexible so that you can bend and shape it around almost anything like trees. Because of the soft plastic tube, the light doesn’t get tangled easily. It also doesn’t slide or get loose and droop over time.

The installation is easy, and the company has excellent and responsive customer service.

Areful  Rope lights

  • Multicolor options
  • Remote control
  • Great price
  • Shorter length

This single-sided light offers eight bright color options and six gorgeous lighting modes to meet the different modes you want to have. The included remote makes color, lighting modes, speed, and brightness level adjustments. 

The light has a length of 16.4 feet. You can connect four lights of this kind end to end to decorate your bedroom in the desired length, and this will give you a total length of 65.6 feet. 

This light has a flat shape which makes it easier to install on the objects to be decorated. It is flexible enough to bend or shape in whatever way you like.

The excellent waterproof feature of the light tube makes it a perfect choice to resist humid conditions.

If you are looking for a quality light at a reasonable price, this light is what you want. The installation is easy, and the package includes connectors and mounting hardware.

Mlambert Rope Light

  • Multi lighting options
  • Longer
  • Muti LED units
  • A bit expensive

This elegant light is one of the longest rope lights in this article. It has a length of 99 feet, which is perfect for decorating the whole space in your bedroom beautifully. The 300 LED units of the rope light provide adequate and bright light to your space.

It offers 16 light color options and four lighting modes – Fade, Jump, Asyn Fade, and Asyn Jump –  to let you get the lighting you want on different occasions. The remote lets you set a timer, coloring, lighting speed, and modes. The package has two remotes for your convenience.

You don’t necessarily have to adjust the lighting since it remembers the previous setting when turning the light on.

The quality light has a copper wire, and it is wrapped by a transparent pipe to display the light. Its waterproof tube is perfect for protecting the light from moisture.

Since the plastic pipe is soft, it doesn’t tangle easily but is flexible enough to bend or shape in different stylish ways.

HLHOME LED Rope Lights

  • Multicolor options
  • Recalls previous setting
  • Bright light
  • Poor instruction about the remote

This light has a length of 66 feet and 200 bright LED units. Its length is short relative to other lights, but it provides plenty of bright light to decorate your bedroom nicely.

It has 16 coloring and four lighting modes – fade, jump and switch DIY. This allows you to adjust your light in whatever way you like to fit the vibe you want to create. You can control the coloring, lighting mode, brightness, speed, and timer by remote control.

Since the light remembers its previous lighting setting, you don’t have to set it again if a power cut happens in the middle.

The transparent PVC tube projects the light clearly and beautifully. Moreover, the waterproof feature of the tube is a remedy for moisture-related issues the light might face.

The thinness of the string makes it a good fit for little spots. It is an excellent light for Christmas, Halloween, and different party decorations.

The installation is super easy.

Shine Decor Rope Lights

  • Cuttable
  • Evenly distributes a light
  • Quality material
  • Single lighting color

If you want an excellent rope light for signboard making,  landscape accent lighting, or to illuminate a quote in your bedroom, this light is definitely for you.

It emits a nicely glowing bright and cozy golden light which gives your environment a calm ambiance. You can attach it to the bed frame to get a non-glaring light that doesn’t disturb your sleeping partner. 

It provides even light at every point of the tube. This dimmable light lets you control the brightness level based on your need, but a remote and dimmer are not included in the package. 

The light is cuttable at the black spots if you like to use it for decoration in that way. The flexibility allows a user to shape the rope light in different designs.

It consists of a high-quality pure copper wire and a waterproof tube made of anti-yellowing PVC material.

The installation is easy to perform.

DooVee LED Rope Light

  • Longer
  • Two-color option
  • Bright light
  • Single lighting color

This light is advisable for those who want a long quality rope light. It has a length of 98 feet and has 720 LED units to offer bright and adequate light. You can connect up to three of these lights end to end if you want a very long light.

Even if it offers only one color in lighting, the rope light comes in two different color options. The emitted light is brighter than that of traditional incandescent bulbs. 

The tube is clean and transparent and nicely projects the light. It allows 360°full illumination.

It is waterproof and has good heat resistance. You have to be careful about the socket since it is not waterproof.

It is an excellent light for the Bedroom. The light is nice to watch a movie there.

The installation is easy, and the package comes with screws and clamps if you want to hang it on a ceiling or wrap around objects.

Onlly Rope lights

  • Muti lighting option
  • Remote control
  • USB plug-in design
  • Shorter length

This 66 feet long rope light illuminates your bedroom nicely. You can place it around your window or arrange it on the bedroom shelves or furniture.

It offers ten lighting color options,64 lighting modes, and three timer settings, and they can be controlled using the included remote. With the combination of all these, you can get beautiful light in a way you like

Since the light includes 200 LED units for this short length, the released light is bright and adequate for your bedroom.

You can DIY the light in different designs since it is flexible and bendable.

The USB plug-in design is ideal to use the light with laptops, power banks, and other electronic devices in addition to the usual adapter. This helps you to use the light wherever you like.

The tube is transparent and waterproof, but you must be aware that the waterproof feature doesn’t apply to the USB option.

Ollivage Rope Lights

  • Portable
  • Multi Lighting options
  • Remote control
  • Batteries not included

This 40 feet long rope light consists of 120 LED units. It is the most portable light from both this article and the market. It uses 3 AA batteries, so you can use it wherever you like without socket availability being an issue. However, the batteries are not included.

It offers eight lighting modes and ten brightness levels to let you create the vibe you want in your bedroom. A simple tap on the remote is how you control the lighting mode, brightness levels, and the 6-hour automatic timer. The remote functions properly from 16 feet away.

Since the light is flexible and bendable, different designs and styles can be created from it. This quality makes it ideal for bedroom usage.

It has a good quality copper wire and waterproof battery case and tube to withstand sudden water splashes.

The installation is easy to perform, and the light can be mounted anywhere in the bedroom for ambiance decoration. 

Buying Guide for Best Rope Lights for Bedroom

The Market is full of rope lights suitable for bedroom decorations so you might get lost in a modest way of deciding which one is the best. To get high-quality rope lights, you have to pay attention to the things mentioned below.


Adjustability is the most important thing to consider when planning to purchase a rope light.  If the rope light is adjustable, it will offer you multiple options in lighting color, lighting mode, speed,  brightness level, and timer setup.

This will help you customize the light in your bedroom in your favorite way and get the ambiance you want.

From the lights mentioned above, Onlly Rope lights and Koxly LED Rope Lights are the best for this feature.

If the adjustable light recalls its previous setting, it will allow you not to set it again when turned on. Koxly LED Rope Lights and HLHOME LED Rope Lights are good examples of this.


The length of a rope light determines to what extent you can decorate your space. The longer the light, the larger the area it covers, allowing you to decorate the bedroom entirely. 

It is a good idea to go for a long light to decorate the whole room, but shorter lights are also fine if you just want to decorate a specific or limited area.

When it comes to this feature, Mlambert Rope Light and DooVee LED Rope Light are the best.

LED units

How much bright light the rope light releases depend largely on the number of LED units it consists of. 

If you want a bright illumination to nicely decorate your bedroom, purchase a rope light with a  higher number of LED units.

Brizled Rope Lights and  DooVee LED Rope Light are nice rope lights with many LED lights.


You can use a rope light wherever you like if it is portable. Rope lights that use batteries as a power source are suitable since they don’t depend on socket availability to function. 

DooVee LED Rope Light is the best light when it comes to this feature.


The rope light you purchase for the bedroom must let you get the lighting to create a nice atmosphere. That is why you should go for Koxly LED Rope Lights. It offers you multi lighting options for your convenience. It also remembers the previous lighting setting. Since the light has a USB plug-in design, you can use it wherever you want. No wonder you will regret it if you miss this amazing light.

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