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10 Best Lamps For Painting Miniatures – Reviews + Buying Guide

Are you a painter looking for the best lamps for painting miniatures?

My kid recently picked it up as a hobby and he was fascinated by the little toys that kept him engaged throughout the day. The problem arose when he had to work too closely due to the lack of proper lighting.

Therefore, I had to get him something that would not hurt his eyes in the long run. So I went ahead and purchased a few lights that would fit perfectly for miniature painting.

After vigorous testing for a while, I found Brightech LightView PRO to be the best of them all. It has got everything you need to cover up the minor details of the miniature art.

Check the detailed review of the product and many others below.

Top Pick
Brightech LightView PRO
Brightech LightView PRO
  • Best For Miniatures
  • 225% Magnification
  • 20 Year LED Guarantee
  • Best Overall
Budget Pick
Amzrozky Drafting Table Lamp
Amzrozky Drafting Table Lamp
  • Touch and Memory Function
  • High-Quality Material
  • Highly Flexible
  • 50,000 LED Lifespan
  • Eye Protection
Third Best
Phive LED Task Lamp
Phive LED Task Lamp
  • Ultra-Wide
  • Durable Gooseneck
  • Multiple Color options and Dimmer
  • Memory Function

Best Lamps For Painting Miniatures Reviewed

Brightech LightView PRO – LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp

Brightech LightView PRO - LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp
  • 2.25x Magnifying Lens
  • Scratch Protection Cover
  • Sleek Look
  • Long Lifespan
  • Heavy
  • May Flicker

The amazing Brightech Lightview Pro lamp comes with a 2.25X magnifying lens making it a suitable light for painting miniatures and doing it with great intricacy. Besides painting, you can also use it for sewing, stitching, reading,puzzle-solving, etc since the enhanced magnification saves you against macular degeneration and other eye issues like burning, watery eyes, redness, etc.

The arms are easy to position and realign which makes them more awesome and easy to use. The arms will stay in place. The lamp is robustly made This stays where you set it. You’ve got to love the brightness adjustability between warm light and daylight.

The brightness offered is great. The lens comes with an anti-scratch protection cover. The magnification offered is very much sufficient for your needs.

Overall very well engineered and manufactured.

The only issue most users reported is the control of the touch panels. Otherwise, the product is a good one. The brand promises 20 years of life and a 3-year product warranty. Being at the top of our list, this is one of the best lamps for your painting session.

Amzrozky Drafting Table Lamp

Amzrozky Drafting Table Lamp
  • Multiple Brightness Modes
  • Memory Function
  • Touch Control
  • Easy To Swivel
  • Joints May Loosen Up
  • Bulb Is Not Replaceable

The Amzrozky Drafting Table Lamp can be used for a variety of purposes like casual reading, quilting, sewing, etc besides painting miniatures. It is very easy to assemble and use. The light is very illuminating and it also has five brightness and colour modes making it stand apart. Also, the illumination produces no flashes. 

The metal quality is of optimum standard quality. Made of a hundred per cent aluminium and zinc alloy, the Amzrozky lamp has extendable arms. You can reposition them easily. The LED head is also rotatable.

It can be positioned according to your needs to avoid eye glare. It is also enabled with a memory feature and a touch control panel to quickly switch between the different modes. 

The lamp saves a lot of space owing to its little size. It would totally enhance the curb appeal of the space. There’s no scope of sagging wires. The flexion points are very sturdy. You can swivel it easily from many angles/directions.

The only issues that were reported by users are that the joints get loose and are hard to tighten. Also, for a painter like you, who needs a portable lamp, this may be not so manoeuvrable.

Phive LED Tak Lamp

Phive LED Tak Lamp
  • Dimmable
  • Blue Light Filtering
  • Memory Feature
  • Great Intensity Gradation
  • Wobbly Base

For starters, the amazing Phive LED lamp has a very wide coverage, enough to brighten up your complete desk and your canvas. You can do the fine detailing work more efficiently.

The lamp can be mounted and clamped to the desk as well. The clamping is a wonderful feature of the lamp. Talking about the product quality, the metal used with contrasting colours complements the colour palette of the product.

It has a nice bendable arm in a rubber enclosure which feels very nice. The gooseneck is super adjustable and flexible. The lamp body is made up of plastic. The body has a silver metallic look making it look even more stylish. The light intensity gradation is intense and the lamp works flawlessly.

It filters blue light so that there is no strain on your eyes. Blue light exposure increases your risk of macular degeneration.

The light causes a minimum shadow effect. There’s a minor issue that users reported with the power button design though, it’s not very easy to find in the dark. The base is not very sturdy, it may wobble a little.

It is a very versatile lamp, it can be used for lighting up monitor desks, evenly without any glare. It gives off a soft bright light. The light is dimmable. It is also enabled with a memory function. I.e, it will remember the last mode and brightness level you left it at. In all, we highly recommend buying this lamp for its great design and functionality.

Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp
  • Sturdy Body
  • Strong Magnifying Lens
  • Touch Control
  • Colour Temperature Control
  • Heavy 

The Brightech lamp is a substantial product. It is a multitasking swing arm lamp that can be used for painting miniatures perfectly. For an artist like you, this apt is very wonderful since it comes with a very strong diopter lens which provides ample magnification and clarity enabling you to carve details nicely.

The lamp’s base is stable, not prone to wobbling. The design is sleek and robustly made. It occupies very little space and can fit anywhere brilliantly. The product is easy to carry and repositioning is very easy and comfortable.

It offers great illumination and the crystal clear clarity of the lens gives it an edge over other types of lamps. This lamp would be a great choice for aestheticians who do lashes and nail extensions that require the greater focus of light on a specified spot.

It has options to regulate the colour temperature too. The brand offers a 3-year warranty on the lamp and more than 20 years of life. The lens is scratch-resistant and it’s super easy to use. It’s super easy to use. The customer service is very courteous and responsive.

We highly recommend this desk lamp for painting miniatures!

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp

The very ambidextrous Brightech lamp is a beast. With a diopter lens that offers up to 175 per cent magnification, it is a boss. It would be perfect for your painting stuff. You can also use it for a multitude of purposes like stitching, sewing, facials, lash extensions, embroidering, etc, With a very sophisticated design, this product is made to last for 20  years. It is super durable and reliant.

This lamp comes with a rolling base, also an advantage for you artists. You can reposition it easily and it is also very adjustable.

The lens is made of good quality glass and not acrylic. Thus, it is distortion-free and offers zero glares. The pole is very easily removable. You are provided with a small knob to angle it. It is also very easy to clean.

The base is nicely designed. It is steady and does not sway. The lamp’s neck is very easy to adjust and pivot. Once adjusted it stays in the same position. The great product metal quality also prevents the neck. Then the glass lens also is anti-scratch so it is made to last long. 

Not only this, but the lamp’s colour temperature controls are also fabulous which allow you to switch between a cool white light to warm daylight.

The brightness allows you to add more definitions. Also, you are enabled to switch between various colour tones. And you can mix the two tones together. The brand gives free shipping. The packaging was sturdy. We highly recommend buying this lamp!

  • Strong Magnification
  • Durable Gooseneck
  • Multiple Color Tones
  • Rolling Base
  • Quality Control Could’ve Been Better

Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control – OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable Led Lamp

Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control - OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable Led Lamp
  • Great Metal Quality
  • Awesome Design
  • Flexible Neck
  • Touch/motion Sensors Work Flawlessly
  • Pricey

The Architect lamp is designed beautifully. The metal quality is decent. The color controls are swift and nifty. The gesture controls are very simple and easy to manage. 

The light given off is very soft protecting you from any discomfort or fatigue. It would be an ideal choice for those with macular degeneration.

The arm is easily realigned. The heat sink system is very efficient and does not heat on long usage. The lamp is also enabled with touch controls which are smooth operative. The soft bright light gives off minimum glares. The light spectrum is very wide and gives maximum coverage.

The various modes are beautiful. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. Also, the design is such that it occupies the least amount of space. You can easily switch it on/off with slight motion. The sensors work flawlessly.

The head is flexible and pivots to any spot or area you want the light to be focussed on thus causing zero troubles. The lamp is ambidextrous.

You can use it for reading, studying, stitching, quilting, facials, lash extensions, tattooing, photography, etc. Overall we love this product. It’s an ideal choice.

The customer service works at lightning-fast speed. Summing up, it is the humdinger of a lamp.

YOUKOYI A16S Metal LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Dimmable Architect Drafting Lamp

YOUKOYI A16S Metal LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Dimmable Architect Drafting Lamp
  • 6 Light Modes
  • Flawless Touch Control
  • 50000+ Life Hours
  • Very Reasonable Price
  • May Flicker

The Youkoyi lamp is a super brightening and adjustable lamp. You can adjust the brightness intensity quickly and it lets you dim the light too. It offers six different lighting modes-warm light, cold light, and natural light. The illumination footprint is much larger. The product is easy to assemble. The metal frame is great.

If you are looking for a lamp that acquires minimum space on your desk, this would be the right choice for you. This toughly built lamp is wobble-free and not prone to falling.

When you touch it once, it goes on full brightness mode while when you tap it twice, it automatically switches to the least brightness level. The sensors work effortlessly.

The fixtures clamp easily and firmly get secured to the surface. The flexible neck can be positioned to throw light wherever needed and focus it on any spot you like.

The memory feature gives it an edge. It remembers the setting you left it on. You can long-press on the brightness buttons and turn it from 10 to 100 percent.

Taotronics LED Desk Lamp

Taotronics LED Desk Lamp
  • Versatile Power Adjustment
  • Non-Flickering Light
  • Modern Look
  • Easy USB Charging
  • Flimsy Power Cord

The super brightening Taotronics lamp offers multiple color temperatures and light modes offer zero eye discomfort. It will provide maximum light for your painting sessions. You can regulate the brightness and the light-emitting panel is large enough to cast a soft light on the area.

The light falls evenly and the design is solid. The packaging is clean and neat which makes it very giftable too. It has a circular base which makes it very steady. The product geometry is simply wonderful and with a very reasonable price, this lamp becomes all the more attractive.

The lamp is rotatable up to 180 degrees. You can position it precisely wherever you need it to be. The broad light beam would give an ample amount of brightening to lighten up the canvas.

You may also use it for puzzle solving, reading, stitching, as a bench light, etc. The arms offer long horizontal reach without tipping. It also comes with a USB power port to charge the phone via cable.

The joints are firm and nicely clamped. They move easily and swiftly. The robust design prevents it from getting tippy. Controls work effectively. The ability to h=change the color temperature is awesome. The lamp also has a sleep mode. In all, it is worth every penny.

TROND Eye Care LED Clamp Desk Light

TROND Eye Care LED Clamp Desk Light
  • USB Charging
  • Glare-Free Light
  • Capacitive Power Button
  • Sturdy 
  • Clamp Doesn’t Stay Firmly Secured

As the name suggests, the Trond LED lamp is made for giving maximum care to your eyes. If you have macular degeneration or are suffering from any kind of eye ailment, this would totally relax your muscles. This lamp offers multiple color adjustment modes and dimming modes.

The arms are very nice, firm, and grippy. There is also a USB port on the base which can be used to charge your phone. The light starts to blink when the battery is fully charged.

You can clamp it to your desk/table and it won’t budge. You can use the mixed lighting mode and have plenty of bright light. This would be an ideal choice for artists. Besides painting, you can also use it for stitching, reading newspapers, coloring, etc.

The buttons are touch-sensitive and easy to regulate. The light is an elegant solution as there are seemingly endless options of types and degrees of light. The neck is very bendable and you will simply love the color modes and light intensity. This lamp is a great value for money and you should definitely invest in this.

Trond LED Clamp Desk light

Trond LED Clamp Desk light
  • Eye Caring
  • Flicker-Free
  • Long Power Cord
  • Clamps Very Firmly
  • Heats Up

The Trond LED lamp offers multiple brightness levels. Even if you are an artist who likes to paint at night, this would not let you miss the natural daylight. The spectrum of light covers a wide surface area. It simulates daylight and also does not flicker. The base is heavy and the clamp is industrial quality made, secures it firmly and it won’t budge.

You may also use it for photography, nail art, crotchet stitching, etc. The gooseneck is both flexible and firm, it can be positioned easily.

The touch panel operates smoothly and the product design is made to last. It is not finicky at all. The diffuser and color temperature settings are spot on. The light can be turned on-off just by simple touch control.

The power cord is very long and not flimsy. The glare-free, flicker-free light acts as a guard against blue light. It gives maximum comfort to your eyes.

Thus, this could be a great choice for your kid’s study room or your parent dealing with macular degeneration. The product comes at a very reasonable price and is good value for money.

Buying Guide of Best Lamps for Painting Miniatures

Miniatures require a great deal of effort and time and to nail them with finesse, you shall also have a great light source that doesn’t hamper your hobby sessions.

After reading all the listed product reviews, you might have developed a nice idea as to what you should buy and what you should avoid. Along with all the product specifications like the metal quality, lumens, durability, etc, there are a lot of features you need to keep in mind which are-


Lumens is the amount of brightness offered and CRI or the color rendering index is the clarity with which you are able to differentiate between different colors. The more lumens and CRI, the merrier. The greater luminosity would also improve your overall efficiency and productivity.

The high-watt bulbs are more bright and have more lumens to offer. Of course, having a good amount of light in your studio is vital and necessary. You do not want the miniature details and the highlights to budge. The lumens required for reading are different but what you need for miniature painting if totally different.

Color Temperature Adjustment

Color Temperature Adjustment

The lamps today come with a big variety of color-changing modes and adjustment levels. You can switch between cool white light(4500K and above), warm orangey daylight(3000K), and natural yellow light which is also known as daylight range (3000-5000K)depending on your need and the ambiance and light availability. We have covered a detailed article on yellow vs white light if you want more information regarding this.

To simulate the daylight range, the color temperature should be around 5500K. So make a choice depending upon your needs and demands and also the time of the day you prefer to paint in. In the end, choose the light bulbs according to the same.

Light Source

Works like painting miniatures, need a lot of focus on small details and have to be done with utmost sincerity. To paint everything with intricacy, you need an ample amount of bright, neat, and cool light which illuminates the surface totally and also does not harm your vision in any way.

The warm light or blue light offered by many lamps today does harm to your fragile eyesight. Prevent buying those and rather look for lams coming with inbuilt filters or go for the ones having strong magnifying lenses.

Also, go for LED lighter LED bulbs that offer very bright light and are super long-lasting. The lights you use for miniature paintings are not the ones you use normally. You need a light that creates zero shadowy effects and does not overheat on long usage. Although lava lamps have different heating scenarios, regular lamps should be bought considering this heating factor in mind.

LEDs are also an eco-friendly and sustainable source of energy. They are so bright that they almost simulate the natural daylight.



When buying a lens with a magnifying glass, check the diopter power. The higher the number, the higher is the clarity and magnification. It depends on the lens curvature.

Normally it uses a unit of millimeters such as 50,100,8.9,71mm etc. The better the diopter power, the more is the capacity to amplify the clarity and reduce eye strain.

Diopter can also be a factor if you want the lamp for fly tying which requires a lot of focus and proper lighting.


Do you carry your hobby with you on a trip/vacation? Well, I do. Most of us love spending our time indulging in our favorite activity and having a power cord with a lamp may be flimsy and finicky and would cause you the hassle.

That is why go for a lightweight lamp that comes with rechargeable batteries so that whenever you find time, you get back to doing your favorite thing.


Out of all the products listed above, we personally recommend buying the Architect Gesture control lamp due to its awesome performance and superb user review. You will not be disappointed and can trust us on this.

We hope that after reading the detailed reviews and the buying guide of Best Lamps For Painting Miniatures, you have all of your questions answered and your doubts solved. You are now prepared to order the product wisely and invest your money judiciously. Thanks for reading.Happy painting!

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  1. Thanks for your review. I stumbled upon this blog looking for light for my miniature hobby as well. I am more looking for under the counter light. How can I be sure that the one I buy is flicker free?

    LED always flicker due to their on-off nature or is there more at play? Fluorescent lights better?

    • Hey Christian,

      Our list of miniature painting lamps was created by thorough research and testing. However, these are electronic devices that may/may not break after a while.

      The best suggestion would be the top pick of ours. That’s the healthiest lamp in my personal inventory too.

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