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Where Is The Location Of The Desk Lamp?

Confused about which is the ideal location to place your desk lamp at? We’ve got you! Where you place your desk lamp is more important than you think. Make sure the lamp does not reflect on the computer screen. You should place the lamp so that hand shadows do not streak across your work. Right-handed people should place the light source on the left side of their desk.

Select a lamp whose arm is long and flexible enough to shine light where you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

This will benefit your eye health in the long run and help you work more efficiently.

As part of our discussion of home lighting design, we will cover where to place your desk lamp to ensure that you have the best lighting when working or reading. Picking a reading lamp can be difficult but desk lamps help narrow it down.

Next, let’s take a look at some common questions that come up when choosing where to put your desk lamp at home or work.

Where To Place Your Desk Lamp in Your Home Office?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home office that you should pay close attention to. In order to help you with that, we have put together a few general guidelines for selecting office lighting: 

  • Check the natural light in your office for daytime working. Natural light is easier on your eyes and can enhance your work experience.
  • Make use of overhead lighting to help fill the space, but do not rely on it as the only light source as it can create unnecessary shadows that can affect your workflow.
  • Install a task light on your desk, like the one shown above, to illuminate your immediate workspace.
  • When writing, typing, or drawing, task lighting will help you see your work surface better.
  • Set the mood for your office with ambient light; this could be a soft white light or adding some color.
  • The number one rule is to avoid fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting can cause migraines and fatigue, as well as being unpleasant in general.

Where To Place Your Desk Lamp For Reading?

There’s nothing better than reading, except when the lighting is terrible!

Poor lighting when reading is not only distracting, but it makes it difficult to read. It can also harm your eyes over time. There is a placement for desk lamps for eye care and keeping them safe.

Where is the best place to place your lamp when reading at night? Here are a few tips for placing your lamp while reading:

  • Put the desk lamp next to your shoulder and the shade at the same height as your head. It will illuminate your book while reducing glare.
  • Your light source should be approximately 15 inches away from your workspace.
  • One standard desk lamp will illuminate 40-50 square feet.
  • Using multiple lamps will reduce shadows and dark spaces. Ideal for larger desks.

Does the Light Source Have To Be in Front or Behind My Computer?

Your computer screen can be affected by light from both in front and behind.

In front of your monitors, bright light can create glare, shadows, and contrast issues. Though, if not too bright, a natural light source from a window in front of you can be nice, plus a nice view can improve your mood.

Alternatively, a light behind you can create glare that shines directly on the screen, making it difficult to see.

The light source should be a combination of natural lighting, overhead lights, and a lamp located next to the monitors or screen. By doing so, your workspace will be evenly lit.

Which Is The Ideal Position To Place My Lamp on a Desk With Two Monitors?

It is recommended to use a swing arm desk lamp or a desk lamp with a small base to avoid uneven lighting, shadows, and glare. Desk lamps of this type distribute light evenly across your desk without shining light directly on your monitor.

The swingarm desk lamp should be placed next to your monitor with its beam pointing at your work area. The image above illustrates where to place the lamp.

Does The Height Of My Desk Lamp Matter?

There are a lot of factors that would affect what height the lamp should be, such as lamp type, table height, what you need the lamp for, etc.

However, it is recommended that the light is above your head but out of your line of sight. It may shine in your eyes and not cover the area if it is too low, while too high could create unpleasant shadows.


With these common questions about where to place desk lamps answered, you’ll be able to work and read effectively while keeping your eyes healthy.

When sitting down at their desk to get productive, no one wants to deal with poor light, glare, or shadows.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect desk lamp or have already found it, use these tips to get the placement just right.

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