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How To Stop LED Flood Lights From Flickering?

The most common and often issue that is associated with LED floodlights is that the lights tend to flash on and off pretty soon. Since floodlights are used to cover big spaces like your backyard or vast football pitches, the flickering of these lights disrupts the entire purpose for which they are used. The good news is that there are ways to stop LED floodlights from flickering all the time. 

Our eyes need stable lights. However, to figure out what exactly is the reason behind your floodlights flashing on and off is not quite easy since there could be many reasons behind it. From some type of fault in the driver circuit to if you have bad connections among the fixture, wiring, and the bulb. 

Reasons For the Flickering of LED FloodLights 

If you have LED flood lights that flash on and off occasionally consider it pretty normal and the reasons behind why it is happening could be simple. However, it is necessary to take note if the flickering is happening occasionally or often. This will help you decide whether the problem is severe or not. 

Is it giving you hints about something being wrong with the electrical circuit or the lighting system itself? Such questions may come to your mind while you are trying to figure out what’s the actual issue behind the flashing on and off of your LED floodlights. If the flickering did not happen earlier but is happening right now then that itself is an indication of something being wrong. 

There are two types of flickering with lights and they are- visible flicker and invisible flicker. Visible flicker the word itself tells you what this type of flicker is, it is the flicker that our eyes can clearly notice. Anything with a frequency below 100 hertz comes under the visible flicker section. On the other hand, invisible flicker is any flicker that is above 100 hertz and cannot be detected by the human eye. 

Now we are going to introduce you to the reasons behind the flickering of your lights and how to fix them. 

1. Dimmer Switches

What are dimmers? They are a part of the circuit that is fixed to the floodlight. What is the purpose of dimmer switches? They are used for good handling of higher electrical loads. Now they are responsible for most of the cases of flickering in LED floodlights. Now there are some current as well as new dimmer switches that may not be compatible with LED lights

How to fix this? 

Start off with your bulbs and fixtures, look at their labeling and make sure that you have the correct light bulb. The only thing you require to keep in mind to avoid this problem of LED floodlights flickering is to use the correct combination of dimmer switches along with LED bulbs. 

If you come across a problem such as flickering of LED lights, the first step you should take towards the betterment of the lights is to check the driver circuit and consider being sure of the variety of the LED bulbs and dimmer switches. They should be of the latest variety. 

2. Loose Connections and Circuits

If you have LED floodlights that flicker quite often the reason behind the light is more than just overloaded circuit or voltage fluctuation. It can be due to loose connections between the fixture, the wiring, and the bulbs. Such issues may not lead to regular flickering but also give out poor performances from all electrical appliances. One of the major causes of a house fire is loose connections that can cause arcing. What is arcing? Arcing happens in the loose part of the connection where the current jumps over the gap. 

This problem can be in a faulty switch, worn-out connectors, old fixture wiring literally anywhere! If you have not made any changes in the electrical circuit, not small, not big, then loose wiring could definitely be one of the reasons why these problems are occurring. 

How to fix this?

If you are an amateur do not try to resolve this problem on your own since it can be too dangerous. Straightaway call up an electrician and let them solve the issue themselves. Such problems can easily wave a hello at other problems like house fires and electrocution. 

3. Inrush Current from Appliances 

There are some appliances in your households that require more power at the start. When they are first turned on they need more power. Did you know that? 

You may see the dimming of your LED floodlights if they are on the same circuit as with other appliances. The voltage falls due to the inrush current of motors within devices and you’ll see your LED floodlights flicker. 

How to fix this?

Your stove, fridge, washer, and dryer are separate breakers that you can have your devices separately on. You can contact a professional or certified electrician to do the work. 


There will be some situations wherein the solution to the problem may look simple and you might consider solving the problem yourself. In those times it is important to take the necessary precautions before you go to solve the problem yourself. It is always best to consider contacting an electrician to fix problems like these since they know exactly what and how to do it. 

Flickering of LED floodlights may have any reasons from just a malfunction in the meter box to inrush current in other appliances. But there are dangerous reasons such as loose connections between the fixture, the wiring, and the bulbs too which lead to house fires and electrocution. Hence, make sure to contact a certified electrician. 

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