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How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard?

If you want to include side lamps on your bed with a headboard, you will have to chalk down a certain amount of things beforehand.

Bedroom lamps should usually be shorter than headboards unless you have a tall, embellished headboard that could use an accent piece to complement it. Most of the time, a tall lamp will shine in your eyes and visually clash with a headboard and you don’t want that.

It is okay to place a modern bright floor lamp by your bed on a side where you do not sleep if you desire a taller lamp. 

In this article, we will stress enough the significance of the size of the lamps as well as the headboard in order to help you avoid mistakes. Let’s begin with the title itself, how tall should bedroom lamps be compared to a headboard?

How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard?

While there are no hard and fast rules about how tall a bedroom lamp should be when compared to a headboard, your headboard should be half the height of a floor lamp to create the best visual scale.

Of course, that would only be possible if the headboard is not too big or too small. You may want table lamps with shade ends levelled at your eye level as you sit on the bed if you have a headboard that almost reaches the ceiling, as is the case with modern bedrooms.

When the headboard is an average height of a few inches, table lamps that are the same height as the headboard, or a few inches shorter can be a good choice.

If your headboard is not higher than a few inches and you own a floor lamp, the height of the floor lamp should be twice the height of your headboard. Table lamps should be around the same height or 2 to 4 inches taller than the headboard top.

Want to know if bedroom lamps can be shorter and the same height as your headboard? Continue to read.

Can Bedroom Lamps Be Shorter Than A Headboard?

It depends on a variety of factors whether a bedside lamp should be shorter than the headboard. The most important factor is the headboard’s height. In the case of long and high headboards, lamps should be shorter than the headboards.

Lamps should not be shorter than the headboard if the headboard is not too majestically tall and is of an average height from the bed surface.

Can Bedroom Lamps Be The Same Height As Headboard?

If you plan to decorate your bedroom with lamps, and if your headboard is a few inches from the surface of the bed, it is a good idea to have lamps that are the same height as the headboard.

You should sit on the size of your bed, with the lower end of the lampshade at your eye level. That way, no light will be blocked and the light will be distributed evenly.

In the case of a table lamp, make sure the side tables are 2 to 4 inches higher or lower than the bed. As a result, you can add a lamp to the nightstand and adjust its height so that it is a few inches taller than the headboard.

Now that we’ve shed maximum light on how tall or short bedroom lamps should be when compared to a headboard, let’s focus on some of the factors that affect lamp height with headboards.

What Are The Factors That Affect Lamp Height With Headboards?

Size Of The Bedside Table

Height of Bedside Table

For table lamps, how tall it stands beside your headboard will depend on the side table it is standing on. You shouldn’t have your nightstand table higher or lower than the height of your bed by more than a few inches.

With a taller nightstand and a headboard that is a few inches higher, a lamp of average height will appear taller on the side than you realize.

Bedroom Theme

Depending on your headboard height, your bedroom theme plays a huge role in determining how tall your lamp should be. In modern bedrooms, where the headboards are high on the ceiling, you can choose lamps of any size.

The shade height should match your eye level for optimal and soft light distribution. If your furniture is lower in height, you may need to adjust the height of your lamps as well.

Lamp Usage

One of the most important and crucial factors is how you plan on using the lamp. 

Your lamp’s height should match the height of your headboard, as well as the size of the rest of the furniture in the room. As well as providing light when needed in the dark, it should also do so for other reasons as well.

Many people use floor lamps to read at night. For people as such, a lower lamp is more helpful. For many of you who simply want to make your headboard look appealing with two-floor lamps, you may choose taller lamps. Apart from floor lamps, there is also a guide that will help you choose the perfect lamp for reading.

Lamp Shade Size

Some of us love to switch lamp shades with seasons, occasions, or just my mood.

Depending on what suits you best, we can adjust the height of the lamps if separate shades are attached.  The shades can sometimes add height to otherwise short lamps.


Bedrooms are dominated by headboards. They can be tall and majestic or short and slender. No matter what style of headboard you choose, it will set the tone for the rest of your decorating in the room.

Consider the lamp’s overall size, the size of the table on which it will be placed, and the size of the headboard when selecting lamps for your bedroom.

For a bed with a tall, ornate headboard, a tall, ornate lamp would be appropriate. It’ll be able to complement the size of the headboard.

You may want to choose an equally sleek and unadorned lamp if your bed is modern in style and has a sleek headboard. Lamps of any size can be used in this style as long as the decorations are kept to a minimum.

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