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4 Cool Things To Do With LED Light Strips

It’s time to say goodbye to the expensive and slow-to-warm-up cold white and yellow LED bulbs. With the variety and selection of LEDs available today, illuminating your home can be very creative. Now, these highly efficient lamps are available in a variety of colours, lumen levels, and shapes, including low-profile, flexible strips that can be used to add a unique ambience to any room.

Thanks to their adhesive backing or clips, LED strips can be placed in all manner of places as long as they are close to an electrical outlet and have an attachment point. LED strips are ideal for adding illumination to areas you’ve only imagined. You can install them in these unique spots throughout your home:

Cool Things To Do With Led Strips

LED Strip Lights: Party Lighting

led party strip
Credit: EcoloCityLED

A party or event would not be complete without lighting. A party’s theme, style, and mood can be defined by the lights. LED light strips are great for party lighting because they can be installed anywhere easily, and they are extremely versatile. You can use them to make ceiling lighting fixtures or wrap them around perennial hanging baskets to add a pastoral feel.

When you use LED lights strips for your party lights, you can be as creative as you like. You don’t need a professional to install these strips. DIY LED light strips will help you realize your designs and make your party a hit. 

Everything You’ll Require:

  • For party lighting, we suggest 3528, 5050, or 2835 led strips as they are bright and come in a variety of colors 
  • Depending on how bright you want the light, you can choose between 60 LEDs/m and 140 LEDs/m. 
  • Depending on where you want to install the strip, its length will vary. 
  • LED light strips come with 3M adhesives on the back so you can easily stick them to any flat, smooth surface. 
  • Multiply the total length of the strip by the wattage per meter to determine the required wattage for running the strips. 
  • Wireless LED light strip controllers can be used to control the color, temperature, and brightness of LED light strips.

LED Strip Lights: Bike Lighting

strip lights for bike
Credit: Pinterest

Designing your bike can help you express your personality and style. LED light strips allow you to customize the way your bike is lit. It is possible to wrap the flexible strips around the spokes of the wheels or around the bike’s trim. You can highlight the handles or even install small LED lights as headlights. 

LED light strips can be used to make your bike lights visible while on the go. As LED light strips are completely safe, you can use them on your bike’s seat and handlebars without any concern.

Everything You’ll Require:

  • Ultra Slim 5mm 2835 LED Strip and Silicon Mini LED Neon Strip 4*10mm Side View are the best bike lighting suggestions because they are the perfect size to be installed anywhere on your bike.
  • If you want a bright light, you can choose from 60 LEDs/m to 168 LEDs/m on a single row light strip
  • The length of the strip depends on the area of the bike where it will be installed. LED light strips and ropes can be easily cut and you can use LED connectors to connect the strips with each other
  • Our LED light strips have 3M adhesive on the back so you can easily stick them to a flat, smooth surface. 
  • LED light strips can be controlled wirelessly to change the color temperature and brightness.

LED Strip Lights: Photography Lighting

strip photography lights

Lighting fixtures can be used to easily manipulate the ambience of a shot or scene. While light bulbs are recommended for photography lighting, LED strips are the best choice as they are lightweight, versatile, and efficient. There is no need to carry heavy lighting equipment everywhere you go.

LED light strips can be installed in your studio or used to create portable lighting fixtures. With LED light strips you can practice taking amazing pictures and learn how to play with light.

Everything You’ll Require:

  • LED strip lights for a bedroom or for photography lighting are best used with 3020 Super Bright Strips since they provide the brightest light that is easily dimmable.
  • With 120 LEDs/m in a single row, this light strip offers high luminosity for taking great photos.
  • Depending on the size of the light fixture or your studio, the length of the strip will vary. LED light strips can be cut and connected with LED connectors. 
  • Elstar LED light strips to have 3M adhesives on the back so you can easily stick them to flat, smooth surfaces. 
  • Make sure you calculate the wattage required for the strips by multiplying the total length by the wattage per meter. 
  • LED light strip controllers can be used to change the color, color temperature, and brightness of LED light strips wirelessly

LED Light Strips: Holiday Lighting

holiday strip lights

During festivals, LED lights are the best decoration for homes.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The decor is everywhere and the holiday spirit is at an all-time high. Decorations are an important part of Christmas, from the Christmas tree to the chimney, everything has to be lit just right. As LED light strips are easy to use and can be taken off and reused for years on end, they’re ideal for creating amazing Christmas decorations.

There is, of course, the Christmas tree, which is the focal point of any Christmas setting. LED light strips can also be used to decorate the chimney and stockings. Lights on walls, ceilings, roofs, doors, and microfiber leather couches are always a delight and put everyone in a festive mood because people can see them from afar.

Everything You’ll Require:

  • If you are lighting your Christmas trees, we suggest you use a 5-in-1 5050 RGBW and warm white strip as they are bright and have tons of fun colors. 
  • Depending on how bright and concentrated you want the light to be, you can use anywhere from 60 LEDs/m to 120 LEDs/m for both strips.
  • Depending on the size of the tree and the available space, the length of the strip will vary. LED light strips can be connected to each other and to a power source using Hippo Buckle connectors.
  • Multiply the total length of the strip by the wattage per meter to determine the wattage required to run the strips.
  • LED light strip controllers enable you to control the color temperature and brightness of LED light strips or create fun light shows.


LED strips are flexible, slim, low-profile, easy to attach and install, and are perfect to add ambience and serve as a functional light. It doesn’t matter where you place them as long as they:

  • Obtain the appropriate IP rating for the conditions of the room, such as IP65 for light strips that could get wet.
  • They are close enough to an outlet to be plugged in.
  • They must be able to be safely attached to a surface.

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