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8 Best Flood Lights for Trees – Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

My garden looked boring at night. Especially when I had guests over, I could never chill in my garden with them due to dull lighting.

Then I decided to revamp my garden by opting for the floodlights for trees. These can be placed at a height over the tree or on the ground that makes my trees look bigger.

Among so many options, I bought a few of them just to test them out and found Ustellar 80 Watt LED Floodlights to be the best among them all. You can have a look at our detailed guide below.

Best Flood Lights for Trees Reviewed

Ustellar 80 watt LED Floodlight

Ustellar 80 watt LED Floodlight
  • Waterproof (IP66 Rating)
  • Super illuminating
  • Easy to wall mount/install
  • Long lifespan
  • Efficient cooling
  • Brightness may start to fade after a few weeks of usage.

The amazing UStellar 80 watt tree floodlights come in a pack of two,8000lm for each light. Each light can replace a 400W traditional halogen bulb. Hence, it saves over 80 per cent of your electricity bills. No matter how the weather is, these floodlights can handle it all as they are rated with IP66 waterproof ratings. 

The fixture is designed with a heat sink feature that prevents overheating and keeps it cool throughout the usage period. The product is designed in such a way that it dissipates the excess heat generated. This product comes with a very wide beam angle of 180 degrees.

The extremely long-lasting LEDs reduce chances of replacement hence increasing the lifespan and decreasing the labour costs. The super bright 8000lm LED lights will illuminate the darkest corners of your space and bring the brightest amount of light to you.

Additionally, it comes with a three-year-long warranty. Thus, you can claim the product if it malfunctions within this time period.

Installing these lights is pretty simple and straightforward. They would stay put even in the mightiest winds and darkest nights. Also, these have great input to output ratios. These cost you little and would last indefinitely. It would indeed bring out the beauty of the trees in your garden and amplify the whole look.

Overall, these floodlights are pleasantly surprising and super illuminating as the name suggests.  

Onforu Floodlights

Onforu Floodlights
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof
  • 180-degree beam angle
  • Energy saving
  • Bracket material may not be durable.

The superb Onfuru Floodlights for trees are super bright and energy-saving. The 100 watts LED lights come with 140 ultra-bright LED beads which can replace the 500W traditional halogen bulb.  Thus, saving your bills. The 120-degree angle makes it glare-free and shadow-free.  

It’s a very unique fixture design that makes it very versatile to adapt to the surroundings. The bead surface design and the upgraded frosted lens help disperse the light appropriately to every 

little nook and corner.

It makes the output light glare-free, soft and dazzling. The 5000K cool lighting will never harm your eyes and cause eye fatigue. It is also very easy to install/mount. The product has been rated IP66 in terms of waterproofing. It can survive through all storms/rains/harsh weathers.

The flawless product design and beam radius reduce the overheating, keep the lamps cool, and reduce the chances of replacement of the bulbs frequently.

The installation is quick and simple. Adjust the fitting according to the desired effect you want to have and rejoice in the awesome ambience.

LGIDTECH Outdoor Garden Spotlight

LGIDTECH Outdoor Garden Spotlight
  • Waterproof(IP65 Rating)
  • Easy to install
  • Super illuminating
  • Smartphone App feature
  • The remote control isn’t sold with the package.

The fantastic LGIDTECH Outdoor flashlight comes with  16 million colour variations. You can literally choose the colour you want for your mood.

The 2700-6500K colour temperature is alterable. You may change the colour gradient according to your requirement. The remote control device that comes with this LED has a 30-meter controlling range. That would make control distance no limitation. You just need to link remotely to each light first.

This product comes with the Smartphone APP control feature. Using the MI light wifi box, you can control it without any hassle. It comes with a fabulous auto-synchronization and transmitting system which meets your every need and is best for all festivals/celebrations/landscapes.

It also comes with a  Wall-mounted Panel Control, the newest controlling way, you can install a panel controller B4, T4, or B8 on the wall, so you don’t have to always look for where the remote is.

Along with the above-described features, this product comes with an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating making it totally immune to bad weather and dust. This will certainly add up to the robustness of the model.

ASIGN 100 w RGB LED Floodlights

ASIGN 100 w RGB LED Floodlights
  • Very bright
  • 180-degree beam angle
  • Various colour-changing modes
  • Remote controllable
  • Not so power saving

The fascinating ASIGN 100 w RGB LED floodlight for your garden comes in a wide range of colours that can be remote controlled. With the provided remote controller, you can easily change colours, brightness, or modes. The range of the remote is around 16 to 26 ft.

The ASIGN lights come with a built-in memory feature. It remembers the colour last set by you.

It is a robust product made of aluminium and a heat sink that minimizes heat wastage and overheating.

The ASIGN floodlights come with an IP65 rating for waterproof. These RGB LED floodlights can be installed with utmost ease. These are ideal for installing indoors or outdoors.

These RGB colour-changing lights are absolutely amazing. The customer service is very satisfying as per our research. Whether the lighting Lighting effect or customer service, you will not be disappointed.

Hyperikon 200w LED Floodlight

Hyperikon 200w LED Floodlight
  • Waterproof
  • Energy efficient
  • 5-year warranty
  • 180-degree beam angle
  • Not UL listed
  • Small bolts

The super illuminating Hyperikon LED floodlights have a beam angle of 120 degrees which throws light in the farthest corners.

Hyperikons led Floodlights are robustly designed of sturdy aluminium and these Floodlights are fully weatherproof which means they can survive in the harshest of weather. You can throw anything at them and they’ll still carry you through the toughest conditions.

The average lifespan is over 45000 hours and it also consumes minimal electricity not adding up to your bills. When the brand says they’ve got you covered, they mean it. This product comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Onforu 2 pack 100 w LED Floodlights

Onforu 2 pack 100 w LED Floodlights
  • Efficient cooling
  • Bright
  • Easy to hang/mount
  • Waterproofing may leak

Equipped with the upgrade 44 Keys remote, this Onforu floodlight comes with a wide range of colours. It comes with 20 colours and 6 colour-changing modes for your selection, suitable for celebrations or wedding parties. You can also adjust the colour and the brightness according to your need. It is super versatile.

The floodlights come with a 3 DIY Color Setting. You can customize colours by increasing or decreasing the ratio of red, green, blue to realize your novel ideas and make a dreamy ambience.

Its extraordinary feature is its timing function which allows you to set the working time to 2 hours or 6 hours. The memory function makes the light stay at your last setting colour and modes when turning on again via remote control. Isn’t it awesome?

The lights operate wonderfully even in the rains. The 100W lights are very bright and nice.  

The IP66 waterproof ensures it works perfectly in the rain, sleet, and snow, greatly suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These are ideal for use at garden, patio, wedding, party, park, stage, landscape, building, yard, street.

The efficient cooling design makes it more durable and reliable. There is no need to wire it, you just have to insert the plug. The 180°adjustable lamp body is easy to install and mount/hang anywhere you like. It will definitely complement the beauty of your trees.

Blinngo 10 watt RGB LED floodlight

 Blinngo 10 watt RGB LED floodlight
  • Energy efficient
  • 120-degree beam angle
  • Flash /Strobe/Fade/Smooth mode
  • Excellent customer service
  • Remote may malfunction after long usage

The Blinngo RGB LED Floodlight is a beast floodlight when it comes to the amount of illumination offered. It comes with a long-lasting, powerful lamp that requires little labour costs and maintenance. This amazing floodlight is very easy to mount, pivot, and install. It has a very wide adjustable angle of 120 degrees giving you the maximum coverage. This would also be apt for usage in light shows, stadiums, marketplaces and wedding halls, etc.

Its superbly upgraded design dissipates heat very quickly and increases its lifespan. This reduces overheating and increases its lifespan. The brand claims its lifespan is over 50000 plus hours.    

The floodlight is waterproof. The product comes with an IP65 rating that means it can stand any weather/storm. It will be a great pick for any type of outdoor landscape.

The extraordinary feature of this lamp is its timing and memory function. The light comes with a timer. It comes with a remote control device and you can change modes and colours easily and enjoy tasteful lighting.

Many times, we order a product and it does not offer what it claims which is very annoying and disappointing. The manufacturer offers great customer service. It is an excellent product and we highly recommend buying this product.


  • Different colour-changing modes
  • High-quality aluminium used
  • Power saving
  • Waterproof(IP67 rating)
  • Small radius

The RUICAIKUN LED Floodlight is a very low voltage-consuming LED light. The product offers 4 colour changing modes-smooth, flash, fade, and on-off. These lights may seem small in size but are mighty in terms of the brightness they offer.

It also offers a wide variety of colours, one for every mood. It also has different options for brightness.t is easy to control and has a very robust design. In order to ensure that the human body doesn’t burn when coming in accidental contact with these, the safety light is designed with a smart feature, the power supply will convert 110V to 12V automatically.

The floodlight is waterproof and dust resistant. It is rated with an IP67 rating, hence suitable for every weather and any landscape.

It uses high-quality aluminium for quicker heat dissipation. It also offers tonnes of different colours and options for brightness. It is very easy to manage and control since it comes with a  very convenient wireless remote control device. You can quickly change it to suit your mood/occasion and watch the solid colours it presents.

How to Choose the Perfect Security Lights for Trees?

Performance features

While buying a floodlight, always remember to check its lifespan, durability, its illumination, colour modes, power efficiency, waterproof features. The product shall not cause eye fatigue, should be easy to install. It should give off soft light.

A well-built floodlight lasts longers even though it may be a little pricey. Do not fall for a low-quality price owing to its cheaper price. It won’t stay with you in the long run.

Color temperature range


Nowadays, Floodlights come with a variety of features, colour-changing modes. Some may be remotely controllable. 

Some may be smart floodlights with a feature to connect them with the wifi. So, buy a floodlight that offers you many colour modes, suiting your every mood or occasion/festival.

Heat dissipation rate

Heat dissipation is a type of heat transfer. It occurs when an object that is hotter than other objects is placed in an environment where the heat of the hotter object is transferred to the colder objects and the surrounding environment. The better speed of heat dissipation, the better the product.

Overuse or longer usage of a floodlight may overheat thus, it could cause accidental burns or be dangerous if you have little kids or pets in your house. Always keep in mind that a floodlight should have nice fixtures and be efficient in cooling down quickly after use. It also decides the longer lifespan of the LEDs.

Lighting Style

Before buying a floodlight, take into account details of the tree size, type. Also, be sure about the aesthetic you want to create and the vibe you want to give. If the landscape is that of a hotel, banquet, etc, choose accordingly. You may decide beforehand, the orientation of the lights and the kind of appeal you want to make.

Secondly, think about the height and location of the light depending upon the visual you want to create, a silhouette, or whichever part of the tree you want to bring to the foreground depending upon the height, size, growth, diameter of the tree.

Taking an example, if you’re buying a floodlight for your football ground, you may want to choose something that has a wide angle. Therefore choosing an led floodlight for your football ground may be harder than choosing a light for your tree.

You may aim the light upward to create more drama. You may place it a little inside the ground if you want a dwarf tree to look taller. You may also create a spotlight effect and emphasize any part of the tree that you want. Whether you want to uplight the area or downlight it, it totally is your call.


If something is weatherproof (rainproof, windproof, etc.) it means it’s able to withstand routine exposure to the elements of weather yet still remain in “like new” condition. Weatherproof items are considered longer-lasting. Of course, this rugged durability also comes at a steeper price.

A floodlight with a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP65 and above is counted as a reliable and good quality floodlight. So before ordering it, always check the rating in the product specification column. Especially if you’re buying a floodlight for your boat because you’ll be always travelling in the waters.


The lifespan of a floodlight depends a lot on the material it is made of. It could be good quality aluminium/iron or not. The product may heat up rapidly even after little usage. Make sure it is made up of good quality aluminium and the fixtures are sturdy, not prone to breaking easily even when knocked off accidentally.

It should also be able to survive in bad weather /rains and not give in to temperature fluctuations also.


The average lifespan ranges between 8000-9000 hours.LEDs generally last longer and need little or no maintenance.

Easy installation

installation of floodlights

Installing a floodlight is not easy. Check the product specifications while buying.t should be very easy to install or wall-mount it. The process should be hassle-free and cause you the slightest amount of inconvenience.

You should be able to easily install these, exterior flood lights on the ceiling, walls, ground, and other locations by adjusting the bracket to different angles and following a few simple wiring steps. The wiring shall not be of cheap quality or prone to breakage.

If you are on the go and installation hassles are not what you prefer, you can choose to opt for portable floodlights. For places like tennis courts or basketball matches, people like to buy portable floodlights because it is easy to move.

Product warranty

A product’s warranty period and brand customer service are two things you should always keep in mind, before investing. 

Some brands claim longer warranties but when the product malfunctions, the customer service panel won’t even respond to you. So it is better to check out the customer ratings and reviews. 


Buying a floodlight that is cheap but has a shorter lifespan is of no use. Rather invest a little more and buy a great quality product that will not disappoint you later even if it is a little pricey.


According to our research, the best floodlight for trees would be the Ustellar 80 w LED Floodlight. With a wide beam angle of 180 degrees, it throws light even in the remotest, darkest areas of the desired areas and has an IP66 waterproof rating, making it capable to withstand erratic weather exposure.

The evolving concept of landscaping provides us with various new and smart products. With so much approach and design, it is essential to illuminate the space to ensure that it can be admired and enjoyed not only during the day but also at night. When the sun goes down, these floodlights will be super illuminating .. Be it any season of the year, the type of tree, its size and you can play with the colours to achieve your goal. Good lighting is very vital for enhancing the natural beauty of your garden.

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