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8 Best Portable Floodlights For Tennis Courts – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Portability is the first thing you should be looking for before buying a floodlight for your tennis court.

After hunting for a while, we found a couple of products and the best among them was Misbee LED Floodlight. Here’s a brief review of the product and why it is perfect for you.

Among the many, there are other options available too if you’re not so sure about this particular model. Regardless, this stays our top choice in the top 8 list.

Top Pick
MORSEN LED Flood Lights 400W
MORSEN LED Flood Lights 400W
  • Waterproof & Durable
  • 120° wide angle
  • Easy Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty
Budget Pick
Missbee 500W Led Flood Light Outdoor
Missbee 500W Led Flood Light Outdoor
  • Long Lifespan
  • High Brightness
  • IP65 Outdoor Waterproof
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Wide Beam Angle
Third Best
HYPERLITE 300W LED Flood Light
HYPERLITE 300W LED Flood Light
  • Saves Electricity
  • Easy Installation on Tennis Courts
  • Highly Portable
  • 5 Year Warranty

Best Portable Floodlights For Tennis Courts Reviewed

Misbee LED Floodlight

Misbee LED Floodlight
  • Bright
  • Versatile
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Wide coverage
  • Flimsy bracket

The first item on our list of portable floodlights is the Missbee floodlight. The Missbee LED floodlight is a great choice if you really want to make a difference. The 5500 lumen light will throw bright to the darkest corners of the tennis court. This versatile product can be used in your backyard, driveway, gymnasium, workplace, stadium, horse arena, ice rink, etc.

What makes it more interesting is the 120-degree wide beam angle which really makes it a stadium light more than a floodlight. The installation is easy and quick. The mounting bracket can be a little flimsy and the wire that comes along is a little short.

With an IP 65 waterproof rating, these lights can stand any weather extremity, rain, hail, sleet, heat, etc. The brand claims its life to be 30-50000 hours which means it’s quite durable. The illumination will be perfect for the players to focus on their game better.

Hyperlite LED Floodlight

Hyperlite  LED Floodlight
  • Ultra-bright
  • Long lifespan
  • 270-degree beam angle
  • Excellent heat fixtures
  • None reported

The next item on our list of portable floodlights for tennis courts is the Hyperlite floodlight. With a solid lumen count of 19500, this floodlight is a beast.

The light is a nuclear explosion bright literally. You may use it in your tennis court, sports arena, football field, horse arena, parking areas, etc.

The installation is a breeze. This floodlight has an IP65 waterproof rating along with ULC and DC certifications making it immune to harsh weather. The brilliant LED technology illuminates every nook and corner brilliantly. 

The heat fixtures are well designed to keep the temperature under control. It is also easier to focus under this floodlight. The 270 degrees light angle is very adjustable amping up the range of the spectrum.

Thus it is safe, secure, and durable and offers good value or money.

Morsen LED Floodlight

Morsen LED Floodlight
  • Excellent brightness
  • 120-degree beam angle
  • Needs lesser maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Weak bracket

The next portable floodlight on our list is the superb Morsen LED floodlight. The light is well made and the 120-degree beam angle throws a massive amount of brightness on the tennis court.

 It can also be used as a backyard light, football field ice rink, etc. The light is ETL certified making it even more secure and impressive amongst other portable floodlights.

 Also, it has an IP65 waterproof rating which means it is a heavy-duty light that can stand rains, hail, heat, snow like a pro.

The shipping is fast and the installation and setup are pretty straightforward. The mounting of the brackets shall be done with care. 

Secure where you would like to attach the light and reattach it again. This will not need regular maintenance like most other floodlights.

 In spite of giving off 4000 lumens of shadow-free gleamy light, this beast is an energy saver, saving up to 80 percent of your bills.

What a light really! Gives you halogen bight light at less than half the price.

The 3-year warranty and great customer service are the cherries on top. We highly recommend this product.

Heilsa LED Floodlight

Heilsa LED Floodlight
  • Brilliant brightness
  • IP70 waterproofing
  • Groovy heat sink
  • Power effective
  • Flimsy bracket
  • Pricey

Another fantastic portable floodlight would be the Heilsa floodlight which has an intelligent groovy design to keep off the excess heat from the product and increase the dampness.

The exceptional feature would be the superb IP70 waterproof rating which puts it up a notch higher than other portable tennis court floodlights. This solid light will withstand any weather. Period.

The color temperature range is 3000-6000K which means it gives off a white bright cool light. The 120-degree wide-angle can be positioned accordingly to evenly spread the illumination.

This ambidextrous light can be used not only in tennis courts but also in other sports fields and complexes, parking lots, stadiums, etc. This is superpower effective, saving up to 90 percent of your expenses.

The only issue reported by users is that it comes with bare wiring and no plug. So you may need an electrician for the installation. Otherwise, the product is awesome and will address all of your lighting issues totally. I will give the players and the audience a better match experience.

LEDMO LED Floodlight

LEDMO LED Floodlight
  • Economical
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Robust construction
  • Super long life
  • Heavy
  • Tedious installation

The very versatile LEDMO LED Floodlight is not only a great tennis court floodlight but also a great choice for ice skating rinks, barnyards, church parking lots, golf courses,  stadiums, fields, etc. The amazing brightness it provides will give the players a better playing experience.

The light comes with no plug so you may purchase an industrial-grade plug to stand the test of weather. The packaging is nice and the light is durable. This light has a 5-year warranty and a free 6-month warranty which 

The only minus in this product is that there is no manual on/off switch. Otherwise, the light is robustly crafted and provides good illumination even at a 50-foot radius. They are slim and not heavy at all. 

Another excellent feature is that you can add a motion detector to it. The LED lamp is protected by a strong waterproof plastic cover that guards them against rain/sleet/snow.

The mounting may be a little tedious as the brackets are heavy. The 5000K color temperature range ensures a cool daylight-like simulation. 

The most outstanding feature would be the “dusk to dawn” feature hands down. It will turn on/off automatically after detecting the light in the ambience.No more worries now. The photosensor is also well positioned. 

 Summing up, we can say that this portable tennis court light is very fairly priced considering all the awesome features that it has and the justice it does to it.

AI YONG LED Floodlight

AI YONG LED Floodlight
  • Very bright
  • Easy replacement
  • 3-year warranty
  • Well built
  • Tedious installation
  • Bad heat sink

This product gives you a superior lighting experience. The projection is good enough to light up a tennis court effectively. The light is so bright that it can even surpass highway lights easily. 

The AI YONG LED has a 110v cord plug and feels sturdy and well built. The installation is very quick and easy. The high-grade aluminum housing of this light makes it stable and more durable.

This light uses COB LED chips and not SMD LEDs which means it is more efficient than regular halogen lights. Also, if the chips burn out, the replacement is easy and quick and super cheap too. The installation may be a little cumbersome though owing to the weight of the light.

Another drawback is the heat sink system. The thermal compound used could’ve been of better quality.  In all, if you need super bright light with a moderate life, this might be the one. You also enjoy a 3-year warranty on it which is a plus.

Nexttool LED Floodlight

Nexttool LED Floodlight
  • Long life
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Wide coverage
  • 360-degree rotatability
  • Bad heat dissipation
  • Pricey

The last item on our list of portable floodlights is the Nexttool LED floodlight which is 360 rotatable and lets you adjust the 120 wide-angle aptly to cover every corner of the court and give the players a better learning and playing experience. You can also use it for your backyard, football field, ice skating rink, etc.

The product is heavy-duty and may heat up after long use. The brightness is as good as that of a halogen. While being so compact and lightweight. Plus, it swivels in any direction easily.

The IP65 waterproofing ensures that it’s water-resistant and a tough player. With over 50000 hours of life, this product will be a great value for money.

Hyperikon LED Stadiumlight

Hyperikon LED Stadiumlight
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Heavy

The Hyperikon LED is a heavy-duty stadium light. The incredibly bright portable floodlight is stout and of commercial-grade quality. You can also use this spectacular light as your ice rink light or in a basketball court, sports arena, boat, etc. It will enhance the visibility even on the darkest and coldest of days.

The assembly is light and easy. It is a little heavy which means the mounting needs to be done thoughtfully and with care. 

The Hyperikon light has an IP67 rating which makes it absolutely immune to the harsh nature of vagaries and makes sure no moisture penetrates through the fixture. The socket and bolts hold each other just right ensuring the positioning.

Another amazing feature of this lamp would be the LED technology which saves up to 80 percent of your bills as compared to the traditional halogen lights which are just power-sucking giants. Also, it’s sturdy enough to stand an earthquake, as said by some users.

The light distribution is ample and the output is great. In short, the brightness would be as much as that of a helicopter hovering over your house. It is a great product for the money. The brand also claims a 5-year warranty and 45000 plus hours of life. What else do you need?

Buying guide – Best Portable Floodlights For Tennis Courts

Lighting a tennis court impacts the game in a big way. Every spot shall be highlighted brightly for the match to be fair and the focus to be spot on.

Even if you have little or no knowledge about buying a portable light for a tennis court, we will guide you through. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money.

Anti-Glare Light

The first thing you should look for in a portable floodlight is the quality of lighting. A characteristic of a standard light is that it comforts the eyes of everyone present in the stadium. 

The light shall not be too gleamy that causes eye irritation and fatigue and hits the spectators in the eyes like a prick. This also depends on the symmetry of the light fixture. The lights with asymmetric angles are considered the best as they spread the lights evenly and widely.

CCT(Correlated Color Temperature)


A CCT or the correlated color temperature range describes the color appearance of the LEDs. It is the amount of range needed to see things better. An ideal CCT would be somewhere above 5000K or below 3000K.

A floodlight with a higher CCT might be a little expensive but will be totally worth it. The Heilsa LED will be a great choice regarding the CCT.


The lumens are directly proportional to a lights’ brightness. The higher the lumens, the higher is the illumination offered by the light. The lumen count of the lights varies and totally depends on the size of your tennis court.

The bigger the court, the higher shoould be the lumen count and vice versa. Generally, lights of lumen count more than 4000 are suggested by experts. The Heilsa LED and Morsen LED lights have high lumen power and are reliable sources of portable floodlights.


Since the tennis matches can go on day and night, you need a light with a great life that stands the test of time. That is ensured if the building material is standard and high grade.

The installation cost of lights is high along with the light price. The last thing you may wish is paying for regular pricey maintenance. Thus, go for a light with longer durability, a greater warranty period, and which requires little or no checkups.

Generally, LEDs have greater life and are more reliable in comparison to regular halogens. The Nexttool and Morsen are wonderful choices in these matters.

IP Rating

IP Rating

IP or ingress protection is the factor that determines how tough your light is against Mother nature’s extremities. The better the rating, the more is protection against moisture, dust, dirt.

A rating of IP64  is a mandate. A more water and dust resilient floodlight is more likely to survive long in tough weather calamities. The Heilsa LED and the Hyperikon LED lights are the bosses of other lights in this matter.

Lux Level

The lux is the illuminance requirement of the tennis court lighting. It is technically the light irradiated on the court. For tennis or any other sport, a minimum of lux is essential. The light shall comply with the NIDE standards of lighting. The lux levels are divided into 3 categories-

  • Class I: International and high-level games. Here, we have spectators in huge numbers. Recommended lux-450
  • Class II: Regional level, local level competitions with a moderate number of spectators in huge numbers. Recommended lux-350
  • Class III: Small club tournaments or as recreation. Recommended lux-250

Beam Angle

An optimum beam angle is a must for a good lighting experience in the court. Not only is it better for the players but also for the spectators. A minimum beam angle of 120 degrees is mandatory for great gameplay in the match.


We hope that you enjoyed reading our article where we carefully analyzed the reviews of the most trusted and popular products on Amazon and gave you the best opinion possible. The rest depends on you and the dimensions of the court. Another important factor is the orientation of lights.

Our personal favorite is the Heilsa LED light. With its awesome performance and brilliant features, this light deserves a clear victory. The tremendous amounts of light it will project will make you the most satisfied and that too, without digging into your pocket 🙂

Hope you found this data helpful. Thanks for reading.

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