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10 Best LED Lights for Photography – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

I bought a new camera recently but what seemed to be missing was the room around me. After checking with a friend who works in a professional studio, I went ahead and bought a few LED lights to test out for normal photography.

Being a beginner, some of these lights seemed to have a preset that worked perfectly for me. All the lights listed below are a few from the bulk that I bought online and offline.

I have tested them vigorously and in extreme conditions be it indoor or outdoor. Therefore I present before you the best LED Lights for photography that are the best in the market.

Best LED Lights for Photography

1. Newer Advanced Ring Light

Newer Advanced Ring Light
  • Wobble free stand
  • 2 brightness levels
  • Ultra-bright
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • No warranty

The Newer advanced highlight is the perfect light for budding photographers. It comes with two covers to switch between warm and white light as per your lighting needs and lets you take pictures with variety. 

Setting it up is pretty precise. You can also carry the light in the additional travel bag that comes along which is a big bonus owing to the ease with which you can carry it around. If you are a beauty blogger or selfie addict you have to own this for the professional tinge it adds to your pictures and videos.

The lowest middle and brightest intensities are amply variant and allow different and balanced lighting environments. Not to forget, the stand of the light has three different adjustable levels. You can lounge on your sofa or couch and take perfect selfies/pictures.

Also, you can pair any device to it via Bluetooth which is another bonus. The lighting really does make your pictures pop and amp up the ambiance. It is definitely going to garner more likes. Record makeup tutorials, take lit pictures with this very affordable photography light now.

The color tone and contrast are absolutely worth every penny. The tripod is steady and wobble-free and accommodates mini accessories. Also, the customer service is great and pretty quick to respond. Overall, it’s an awesome light to own and we highly recommend this!

2. Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable

Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable
  • Great portraits
  • Adjustable height
  • Carry bag
  • Perfect white balance
  • No dimmer
  • Heats up

Need a professional studio quality light on a budget? You got it. The fabulous Neewer Photography box lights are everything you need from light, even to shoot indoors or at night.

The ultra-smart and glossy photos and videos are just one step away from you. These lights are great for Youtube videos, makeup videos, vlogging, and taking great photos.

The light assembling is pretty quick and simple. The construction is great and the tripod is not flimsy at all. The stand is adjustable and goes very high. The quality is fine and the price is very reasonable for the service it offers.

The lights give off plenty of soft and natural light which balances the image and contrast beautifully. A nice carry bag is also included with the package to give you the ease to carry it around which nicely fits in the bulbs, covers, and stand.

It is great to take portrait pictures and the steady base lets you take clear and bright photos. It gives bright illumination and no shadows. These photography lights are subtle and suitable for beginner photographers who cannot afford expensive equipment.

3. Neewer 160 LED light

Neewer 160 LED light
  • Dimmable
  • Battery is detachable
  • Simulates daylight
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Heavy

The third item on our list of great photography lights is the brand-new and fascinating Neewer 160 LED lights. These lights are the perfect combination of glossy and flicker-free light on a budget. The light functions great when plugging in and gives out clean and consistent light without any fluctuations.

The installation takes merely 20 seconds and you’re ready to shoot.  The plastic body and tungsten filter might irk you. Nevertheless, this light is quite economical and functions well. The stand is pretty sturdy and you can take it outside for better photos.

The 5000 plus color temperature simulates daylight. The orange and magnets filters give you variety and let you play with colors and lighting options and come in handy especially on dark and cloudy days.

The battery pack it comes with is detachable and the color temperature is adjustable. The soft light reduces eye fatigue when sitting for too long in front of it. At the maxim intensity, it is the brightest and comes with a dimmer so that you can lower the intensity accordingly.

4. VILTROX LED photography light

VILTROX LED photography light
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to mount
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Lightweight
  • No light cover

The VILTROX LED light is pretty nice for the price you pay. It offers multiple brightness options and color temperatures for different effects and studio-like photography at home at a very affordable price. 

It comes with a battery that is rechargeable and a battery swivel mount that can be freely adjusted. Being battery-powered, you do not have to worry about sagging wires around the room. Also, it’s quite long-lasting so you can do long shoots without having to worry about the battery running out.

The color temperature and intensity are adjustable and great for everyday use. The amazingly smooth creamy light has a very wide coverage and the light output is also adjustable. The lightweight product is easy to transport.

The fact that it fits into a tripod and your DSLR mount makes it more appealing and versatile. The USB-C charging port is easy to use and control and it makes the gear more accessible. The light is well-made and will serve your purpose.

5. Neewer 660 LED Lights

Neewer 660 LED Lights
  • Affordable
  • No healing up
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Portable
  • No fixture for mounting

If you are looking for great light for a low-profile business, these are the ones for you. Every part of the kit is well made. The high CRI and vast color temperature range lets you take pictures in a better way and produce dramatic effects.

The bags are padded nicely and hold up well. The lights are priced reasonably. These are worthy entry to mid-level LED panels with a nice finish and good control over the color temperature. You can adjust the warmth of white value which is pretty amazing.

The great quality corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy used in making this gives it durability and increases its average lifespan. The diffuser lets you adjust the brightness and causes zero eye discomfort which is an additional plus.

The light doesn’t heat up quickly so stay assured about accidental touches or heat burns. Overall, these are great value for money. The only downside is that these do not come with great fixtures for mounting.

6. Pixel G1s RGB Video light

Pixel G1s RGB Video light
  • Rotating arm
  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • 12 color effects
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth

This really fantastic and portable photography light is the answer to all your doubts. The light is soft and adjustable to multiple temperatures. The wide color temperature range is better than most lights.

The light is pretty well constructed and the workmanship is commendable. The plus points are that it is fast charging capability and USB C chargeable. The light also offers red, green, blue colors which can be adjusted according to the palette. The 360-degree rotatable arm is very beneficial for adjusting the beam of light.

The very lightweight light is easy to carry around and perfect for taking pictures while on a mini-vacation to capture the memories of a lifetime. The buttons are easy to navigate and the light is easy to assemble and access.

The light comes with 12 awesome light effects which let you play with the light input and create the desired impact. The color rendering is awesome. Coming to its battery life, the ultra-long battery life lets you use it for up to 3 hours with 100 percent brightness on.

The rotating mounting arm lets you adjust it with ease and offers much more flexibility than most light. Summing up, we may say it’s a great product and we highly recommend it.

7. Neewer 2 pack Dimmable LED

Neewer 2 pack Dimmable LED
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for macro photography
  • Portable
  • Multiple color choices
  • Short stand

This high-quality light is perfect for photography shenanigans. With a high CRI, it lets you have the right color tone and white balance in the picture. This light has only one color setting and creates no shadows in photos.

You get multiple color choices and you can use more than one color at a time. It comes with an adapter that lets you daisy chain them. It lets you handle colors and contrast with ease.

Plugging them in is easy and these are easy to set up and use. The illumination is great for taking tabletop photos or doing macro photography and taking up-close shots. The only downside is that the stand is short and not versatile.

Rest assured, this light is a great one when running low on budget. The small tripod and telescoping gear let you angle light differently. These are great for indoor as well as outdoor photoshoots.

8. E mart LED light

E mart LED light
  • Multiple color filters
  • Inexpensive
  • Extendable tripod legs
  • Easy to port
  • Not durable

The E mart LED really makes a difference. They are sturdy and well made. The lightweight and compact design is commendable and lets your port are easy. The illumination is very balanced and clean.

The metal tripod heads are extendable and are easy to carry around. It comes with four different filters and an extension cord.It is great for taking photos, conducting Zoom meetings, vlogging, beauty blogging, and whatnot.

They are pretty inexpensive and offer good value for money but might be flimsy and the light could fluctuate. If you are looking for a durable light, it is not the one for you. On the other hand, they are lightweight and easy to use.

 Nevertheless, the lights are versatile and offer many color filters, and are great for macro/tabletop photography.

9. Neewer 528 LED Light

Neewer 528 LED Light
  • Takes less space
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • High CRI
  • Compact dimensions
  • Doesn’t come with a stand.

These professional quality LED lights to offer studio-quality photos with the ease of sitting at home. The memory function is an exceptional feature of these lights. They resume from the last settings you had set them to. The high CRI range lets you take ultra-sharp images. 

The high-grade lithium-ion battery doesn’t overheat and lets you do long photoshoots and the lightweight makes it convenient to carry around. This light will be perfect. These are high quality and offer great service for the money.

The light temperature and color variability can be controlled easily with the mobile app. Coming to its lifespan and sustainability, the 70000-hour long life guarantees ultra-long life and durability.

To conclude we can say that the setup takes up minimal space. The Bluetooth compatibility lets you use it with more ease. Overall, it is great value for the money.


  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Versatile
  • Accurate white balance
  • High CRI
  • Baad quality metal used

The VILTROX LED lights are perfect for modeling shoots and landscape photography. The light is clear and consistently bright. You can go from a whitish light to a yellowish tint pretty quickly.

This light is very adjustable and the white balance amount is the right ratio. The back knobs and LCD are pretty amazing and it gives you an option to plug in the DC cable right into the unit. The 3300-5000K light temperature offers vast variability.

The setup is easy and the package arrives well packaged. The assembly is straightforward and the instructions are self-explanatory. The light panel has magnetic attachments for better light diffusion which makes it excellent along with the fabulous color shifting.

The lights are very versatile and help you do great landscape photography. Also, the SONY NPF battery life is fantastic and doesn’t heat up quickly. Thus you no longer have to worry about wiring across the floor and also make it anywhere with you with utmost ease.

11. RGB LED Video Light

RGB LED Video Light
  • Ambidextrous
  • Infinite brightness settings
  • 20 color saturation variations
  • Power-efficient
  • None

With the accent light, this light also has the RGB light. The metal construction is quite impressive and sturdy. It offers the right shade, color, brightness intensity for all types of photography.

The two mounting options and the awesome screen make it quite amazing. The setting and menu are easy to control and access. The flash features work perfectly and you just have to allow the shutter speed to be slow enough to use it and get the best shots.

This light is multi-tasking and very ambidextrous. It performs way better than any light in the market and is hands down the best product you’ll come across. It also comes with great mounting fixtures and a cold shoe mount in case you have to mount it on your camera directly. Also, it is power-saving and doesn’t break the bank.

The light panels are simple to change, and they come with a diffusing filter that makes the light softer. You can create multiple effects with infinite brightness settings. We totally recommend buying this product.

Buyer’s Guide For the Best LED Lights For Photography

These are some of the best and most trustworthy products available on Amazon. Most photographers prefer portable and lightweight gear which they can carry to different locations.

Flashlights, continuous lights, or strobe lights all have different strengths and intensities. Flashlights are best because of their portability. Here a buying guide to help you choose:

Type of Light


With these flights, you can be assured about the flexibility and ease of portability. They mount on the camera easily and are popular with wedding and sports photographers.  

Continuous Light

These are less powerful but more affordable and especially if you’re a beginner, you must go with them. These are quite reliable and come in handy while doing still photography. These are more in demand for those who do product photography.

Strobe light

The strobe lights are traditional lights that flash before taking a picture. The burst of flash captures the iris color perfectly. These are great and more suitable when taking portraits.

These are different types of lights which you might find. Choose as per your needs and preferences.

The Right White Balance

In a picture, the color and the right white balance create a great effect. Ring lights offer the right amount of subtle white balance for taking awesome photos.  The right lighting setup is quite important for taking awesome photos. 


The light you buy shall be compatible with Bluetooth and should be easily accessible. The lights which let you control the color settings and temperature via mobile apps are way better. Getting the right setting can be a bit tricky.

Luminous Flux

The luminous flux is the width of the spectrum light provides. The higher the flux, the greater is the coverage. Choosing the right light for your shoot is quite essential and the amount of flux decides how much light gets put out.

Type of Modifier

Different modifiers are needed to experiment and play with different light opportunities. A diffuser softens the light and makes it possible to take pictures without a flash. If you’re a beginner you may begin with this modifier.

Umbrellas point the light away from the subject and send a concentrated beam of lights back to the subject. The beauty dish is used in fashion and is used to create sharp imagery.

Barn doors are used to concentrate light on a smaller amount of area and highlight the object. There are plenty of options to choose from. Again, it’s your choice that matters. Modifiers give amplified output and provide better convergence of the light beam.


These are some of the factors you need to have in mind while buying the perfect ring light for you. Our personal favorite is the RGGB LED Video light. With its flawless design and structure, the right CRI and color temperature adjustment, and reasonable price, it is the clear winner.

Nevertheless, every ring light mentioned above is easy to use and trusted globally by photographers. They are lightweight, multi-purpose, and easy to use. They are flattering for content creators and Instagram models and beauty vloggers. Their compact nature amps up your selfie game.

Hope you found this piece of information helpful.Thanks for reading.

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