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10 Best LED Shop Lights – Reviews & Buying Guide [2022]

Are you frustrated with your regular shop lights? Do your customers find it difficult to assess the product you’re selling them? Are you finding the illumination inefficient and inadequate? Well if the answer is yes, the one-stop solution is LED lighting. But how do you spot the best-LED shop lights amongst the plenty of products and brands in the market? 

 Whenever inside a shop, we not only need bright light to see objects clearly but also to attract the customers. A good ambiance is the first thing that fascinates the eye of the customer. Thus you need to upgrade your lighting and replace the boring and dull lights with modern-looking and more effective LED lights. These are also more budget-friendly and sustainable in the long run. In the following article, we have narrowed down the vast variety and brought to you the finest products. Happy reading:)

Best LED Shop Lights


  • Deformable Design
  • 120 Degree Beam Angle
  • Ultra-Bright 
  • Holistic Coverage
  • Slow Customer Service

If you are looking for a super bright LED Light, the Freelicht lights might be the one for you. With a high lumen power of 6000, these are as bright as a halogen. The ample amount of brightness can absolutely light up every nook and corner of your shop. The product is very versatile. You can also use it in your garage or basement or warehouse, closet, attic, etc. 

The light has a great curvature. The wide beam angle of 120 degrees throws flicker-free high voltage light. It can also be adjusted as per your need. The LED technology saves bills and goes easy on your pockets. The humanized deformable design used in it provides you with consistently clean and neat bright light.

The installation is hassle-free. You can install these in the existing sockets. They screw right in and work better than the traditional lights. The adjustability enables it to throw light 360 degrees wide. Having installed these, you do not need to be bothered about the lights heating up or flickering just as the case with non-LEDs would’ve been.

The brand claims 50000 plus life hours and a 5-year warranty which is quite a nice deal. So you can also put a checkmark on the ‘durability’ box on your list:)

2. Tanbaby Lights

  • Eco Friendly
  • Smart Design
  • USB Powered
  • Easy Installation
  • May Flicker 

The Tanbaby lights can make your shop shine as bright as the sun. The 6000K color temperature range gives a very cool and natural clean light. This automatically uplifts the visual appeal of your store. Besides being so illuminating, these lights are super-efficient. they save up to 80 percent of the bills.

Made of high-grade die-cast aluminum, the fixtures are capable of dissipating heat rapidly thus avoiding overheating.  The adjustable and rotatable head gives you super-wide coverage and reaches out to every dark spot of the space. You may also use it for your garage, workshop, gym, utility room, basement, etc.

These lights are made up of recyclable material. The brand despises the usage of elements harmful to the environment like mercury which is another plus point. Help nature by buying eco-friendly lights. What makes it more attractive is that it is a USB-powered light. The three wings of the light throw light to wherever you want

These also come with a  motion sensor. The installation procedure is very basic and requires no professional work. It would easily fit in the existing light socket. The only thing that sucks is the slow shipping. But it’s really worth the wait, we promise. The product offers fantastic value for the price.We highly recommend this!


  • Energy Efficient
  • Foldable Wings
  • Long Lifespan
  • Ultra-Wide Curvature
  • Socket Screws May Malfunction

The Ghustar lights have a humanized adjustable design with a great panel and very reflective curvature. These lights have 360 degree wide coverage and would totally light up the store and give it a new fresh vibe. The high color temperature range and lumens make it a very ideal choice for getting great light output.

They save up to 60 percent of your bills compared to the traditional power-sucking and dull CFLs and bulbs. They are made of corrosion and heat-resistant material. This makes them more sturdy and durable. They have foldable wings which make them very adjustable and repositionable at any angle you desire.

You can install them easily in the pre-existing sockets. Use them in your shop, garage, workshop, gym, basement, etc. The directional feature of the lamp can help you angle it as per your need. The users have reported extreme delight after using these. 

The customer service is very friendly and satisfactory. The brand promises over 50000 hours of work which is huge. The place will be as funny as a day. The sturdiness and stability are worth every penny.

4. Hykolity LED lights

  • Lightweight
  • Power Cord
  • Very Gleamy
  • 50000 Plus Life Hours
  • Flimsy Packaging
  • Cheap Plastic

With a high color temperature range of 5000 K, the Hykolity lights are a game-changer. The brand claims 50000 plus hours of sage. The very shiny lights can be installed in your shop and are also an ideal choice for lighting up your basement, attic, equipment room, etc.

The fabulous feature about these is the very long power cord which makes the installation from the ceilings very practical and precise. This also enables the lights to be very adaptable and easy to hang. Their lightweight makes them very easy to hang and realign. You can mount them directly to the ceiling of the store/room.

The lighting offered for the price is brilliant. Given that they are plastic, they are reasonably well designed and well built. The packaging is a little flimsy but you cannot beat the output for the inexpensive price. So if you are running low on your budget, these might be the ones for you.

5. KPBOTL LED Lights

  • Excellent Packaging
  • Very Lightweight
  • Brilliant Design
  • Quick Installation
  • None Reported

The beautifully designed KPBOTL LEDs will just blow your mind away. Kudos to the designers! Each leaf is rotatable up to 90 degrees and every light has a curvature of 360 degrees. What more could you ask for? The light reaches every single corner of the space and would give your customers a great experience at the shop.

Talking about the installation, they simply screw right into any normal medium-sized standard E26/E27 screw base. This adds to its super enriching lighting effect which will definitely amplify the vibe of the place. You may also install it in your attic, basement, workshop, use it as a workbench light.  

This LED is a beast and the price does not do justice to it. It is a complete package. The packaging is sturdy and shipping is lightning fast. The fact that they bring a major difference in the lighting of the space has been approved by multiple users. It is also very cost-effective and for this price, you cannot get a better product.

They are lightweight and brighter than standard lights. You can adjust it up and down easily. They will serve their purpose well and keep you contented. You should definitely go for these lights. They give excellent visibility and throw cool and neat lights.

6. Barrina LED Lights

  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • V Shaped Fixture
  • Cool Natural Brightness
  • Hard Wiring

Give your consumers a more brightening experience with the fabulous Barrina LED lights. The Barrina LEDs have a very intelligent and scientific V-shaped design that reflects most of the light. The 5000K color temperature range makes it a smart option to have in your shop.

The packaging is sturdy. Some users have complained about the clips being too weak. They are thin metal, but the lights are also very lightweight, so using the four clips per light appears to be just fine. The Barrina kit comes with more accessories than many similar LED shop light kits which come in very handy. Some have complained that the pigtails for permanent wiring are too short. 

The Barrina lights draw exactly 72 Watts as advertised and give really nice color – not too blue and not too red. You may also use it in your wood tailoring activities as the light is very focused and the beam is very solid. The cord and switches make it more flexible. The customer service is friendly and very responsive. Overall it is a mighty product.

7. Sunco LED lights

  • Great Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • Power Saving
  • Cheap Metal Used
  • Flimsy Hardware

The next item on our list is the Sunco LEDs.These have a very modern and classy look which will definitely complement your hop interiors The price is very attractive compared to other competitors. The installation is very easy. You can notice the difference these lights can make.  The packaging is a little fragile so you have got to handle it with extra care!

The installation is hassle-free and it can be hung from the ceilings. They are approved for commercial and industrial use too. The pull chains are very lightweight. You may use it in your shop, home, office, workspace, etc. It is a great deal. You save up to 70 percent on your regular electricity expenses.

The users have reported that after installing only two of these lights, they matched the illumination of much more expensive T8 fixtures. Certain buyers have complained that one of the fixtures overheated. The high-quality technology reduces the chances of re-lamping thus enhancing its durability. Overall, it is spectacular product.

8. Dansny LED Lights

  • Smart Look
  • Power Efficient
  • Adjustable Panels
  • Ultra Illuminating
  • Pricey

The Dansny LED lights have a very deformable design that helps them reflect maximum light to all the angles from 0-120. With a very high lumen power of 12000, these are monster flights that can produce light as bright as the natural right. The LED technology used saves up to 80  percent of your bills. The 6000k color range temperature gives a very realistic and cool clean illumination that is very pleasant to the eyes and will fascinate more customers.

The fixtures are easy to install. You will not need any tools or wiring, just screw it into a normal lamp receptacle. No harmful chemicals are used while making it which is why it is totally eco-friendly. Users have said that it works great in a standard light socket(E26/E27).

The three adjustable panels plus the downward-facing center panel allow you to direct the light where you need it, a huge plus over brands that have 3 panels but are lacking the downward-facing center panel. The light is very efficient and mighty. Go for them.

9. LZHOME LED Lights

  • Easy Setup
  • Modern Design
  • Quick Heat Dissipation
  • Long Life
  • May Flicker After 6 Months

The LZHOME lights have a very high lumen intensity of 9000 lumens. This light is apt for his light good for large areas, garages, barns, storage rooms, warehouses, and workshops, and so on. They save up to 80 percent of bills compared to the traditional fluorescent lights and bulbs. Their wattage output is lower than 120W bulbs.The shipping is free and lightening fast.

Made of top-grade aluminum, the fixture doesn’t let the product overheat and keeps the temperature down. This ensures the long life of the product. The setup is quick and simple. Just screw it in light and it will easily fit into the E26 screw base as a regular bulb. The brand claims long life and reliability. It guarantees 50000 plus hours of life.

To conclude, we can say that these are a powerhouse of light and very adjustable that you can aim the arms to help spread light where you want. The bendability is very convenient. The clean white color is very fresh and real. You will be delighted with this purchase.

10. Newhouse LED Lights

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek
  • Versatile
  • Do Not Install In Garages. May  Interfere With The Door Openers.
  • Overheats

The very amazing Newhouse lights are a versatile kind. They can be used in shops, garaged as a bench light, and other workspaces. The packaging is steady and the product comes intact as reviews tell us.

The 10000 lumens is an incredible amount of light. This will even shine bright like a diamond on cold and dark winter nights. The brand promises over 25000 hours of life. The Newhouse lights would totally enhance the curb appeal of the interiors. The bulbs are not replaceable though.

It is cheap and super lightweight. The look is very classy and sleek. They are sensible and stylish. You also get a hanging kit with it. The installation is a little tedious. The hanging chains are very light. You may need a professional electrician to help you with it. It is not quite customizable though as most shop owners might want but absolutely worth the price.

How to Choose the Best LED Shop Lights?

In the above lines, we have holistically reviewed the highest-rated LED shop lights available on Amazon. These are well rated and trusted by buyers globally. We have carefully scrutinized the reviews and narrowed down the data to bring the best and trustworthy information to you.

Before buying an LED light, things you should keep in mind are its performance features, longevity, CRI, lumens, the metal used, product design, and the output for the price. We have gone through the product specifications, manufacturer details and tried and tested these products so that you don’t have to do the cumbersome research.Here you go-


The CRI is defined as the color rendering index of light. It is the ability of light to reveal the true colors of an object. The higher the CRI, the sharper and edgier is the sight. Especially if you deal in clothes or opticals or jewelry, etc, a substantial amount of CRI is a mandate.

So we suggest you choose a light with a higher CRI. It includes ratings like 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, and others. While lower ratings like 4000K are slightly warm or yellowish, higher ratings like 6000K are slightly cool or blueish. Generally, it is recommended to go with a light that is 5000K or higher for proper visibility in your workshop.

Color Temperature Range


A bulb’s color temperature range is expressed in Kelvins(K). The color temperature range varies from one brand to another. A well-recommended color temperature would be somewhere around 3000-5000 Kelvins.  

A light with a range of around 3000K is too warm, would give off a yellowish tone and the one with 5000K would be too cold and give off a bluish tone.

The previous one can change the mood to a cozy warm type while the latter will keep it cool breezy and lowkey bright. So go for the middle path and choose a light with more naturalistic color hues. It would be just the right type.


Lumens are the amount of brightness offered by a bulb. The higher the lumen number, the higher is the intensity of brightness produced. This depends on the area you want to brighten.

 If it is a darker area, you may need a higher volume powered light to cover every nook and corner perfectly so that no spot is left uncovered.



Most of the shop LEDs tend to be quite inexpensive and affordable. They would normally cost you around 25-60 bucks. However, if you are planning to change the entire lighting of the shop, it can increase the cost right quickly.

Many sellers provide lightning-fast and free shipping.The shipping cost might already be included I the cost of the lamp. So watch your budget before placid the order.

Heat Dissipation

After long hours of usage, most lights tend to overheat. Heat dissipation rate is the speed with which the light would cool down after hours of usage. The totally depends on the type of fixture it has and the metal used in making it.

 A bad light would overheat quickly just after little use while a good light would withstand the load even after long use. The groovy fixture patterns and innovative scientific designs help disband the heat more smoothly and swiftly. Mostly these lights come with commercial-grade casing and thermoplastic construction to avoid warming up.

Operating Costs and warranty

LES technology has brought a big power efficiency revolution in the world. By saving at least, 60 percent of your bills as compared to the fluorescent/incandescent bulbs, these also help Mother nature by conserving energy. These are the future of sustainable lighting solutions. 

Also, these come with long warranties and life hours so you do not have to worry about the bulb replacements every now and then.


Not all floodlights are power-saving. Some of them consume high watts of power and thus add up to your monthly expenditures. Thus, being a smart consumer, you may go for a light that rather runs on solar power or consumes the least amount of electricity,

The light shall not be power-sucking. We would give brownie points for a floodlight when it needs low maintenance and no regular replacements. Also, avoid lights involving harmful elements like mercury. Go green!


Make sure that the product you are buying is durable and reliable. The first thing that you can check to ensure this is the life span. Most of the LED light lamps have a long life span of around 50000 hours. The LED shop lights are mostly shock and shatter-resistant.

Talking about the warranty, you will find most of them to include a 3 year or a 5-year long warranty with a few of them even including even longer warranty periods for peace of mind. The icing on the cake would be minimum maintenance and cheap repairs. Choose judiciously!


LED shop lights increase the curb appeal of your shop and amplify the ambiance. They make your space more valuable and fascinating. There are hundreds of brands available in the market. Prefer buying from these major brands which are trusted by people all over the world.

Here we have provided you with all the necessary details and product comparisons. The listed products are economical and give you great returns on investments. All you need now is to gauge your needs and you are ready to choose.

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