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10 Best Floodlights With Camera – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

The floodlights with cameras are quite popular these days. They come in handy when you want to tighten your house security or increase surveillance n the neighborhood.

These cameras have great motion-sensing abilities and many other trendy features. We made a list of some of the most popular and smart floodlights with cameras available on Amazon listed with their pros and cons and a buyer’s guide on what should you check before investing in them.

Best Floodlights With Camera

1.Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera
  • Well made
  • Accurate night vision
  • Excellent home app connectivity
  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Troublesome installation

The smart Neat product has a great concept to it, and to give Netatmo credit, the recognition of people, cars, and animals works quite well. The app navigation is easy for customers to navigate. This light has a great capability for throwing a great amount of light and gives precise night vision and has a long-range.

Coming to the camera installation, it is very easy and precise. The camera as crews needs to be put in place very carefully. The Netatmo allows you to send to your own personal FTP service or to a dropbox account. 

This way you do not have so you don’t have to pay additional monthly storage fees to the third party like so many other security camera providers. You may use a waterproofing mechanism like greasing it or positioning it under a roof to prevent moisture from seeping into it.

Talking about the camera app. The camera setup is quick and simple. The app is designed well. It has several options and it lets you toggle between different modes swiftly. The wireless connectivity fits so well. The view is seamless and so is the video quality. You can easily integrate it with the Home app.

The detection of objects like cars, humans at night is pretty darn accurate which makes it a suitable choice. The only downside is that the installation is not very intuitive and hassle-free. Rest be assured, the product is well made, and having the memory stored locally is a brilliant option.

2.Swann Floodlight

Swann Floodlight
  • Ultra-bright light
  • 3 viewing modes
  • Not bulky
  • Economical
  • Connections may break

The Swann floodlight is the second item on our list of floodlights with cameras. This great light has awesome motion detection. It senses an object even before it comes under the camera radius. The camera can be zoomed in or out just by using the app. You need basic knowledge to configure the app.

Coming to the installation, it is very quick and simple. The brightness is 2500 lumens high and you can turn the light on and off manually. Another great feature is that they offer a cloud subscription for storage of saved videos, but also free local storage for clips for a certain amount of time. You can save a clip or video on the computer f you want.

The video quality is great and you are also provided with 3 modes, daytime view, nighttime view without lights on, and night view with the light on. It is pretty easy to use and intuitive.

Summing up, we can say that it offers great value for money and also doesn’t break the bank.  It gives you the visibility of a much higher-priced floodlight camera. The best thing about these is that they aren’t bulky. The only issue reported by users is that the connectivity keeps breaking sometimes otherwise the signal strength is good.

3.Rreslicam floodlight camera

Rreslicam floodlight camera
  • Great CSR
  • IPC 360 Software
  • Easy installation
  • Great mic and speaker quality
  • None

The Rreslicam floodlights camera has great image quality. The camera clarity is brilliant and so is the siren and speaker quality, the mic, sensor, and camera all work amazingly. Even if you live in freezing cold areas, this camera will work very efficiently.

Setting it up with the wifi is very simple and installation is a cakewalk. You can also get it to work on your computer.

You also get an option to calibrate the sensitivity, even with the app. The IR, PIR Detection, and sensitivity is a wonderful feature that detects even the slightest motion and heat. The IPC360 software works pretty well with the features of the camera.

 You need to be careful with the waterproofing though. The moisture may creep into the camera body if not shielded well or greased well. The customer service is great, They thoroughly look into your issues and respond as quickly as they can.

4.YESKAMO Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor

YESKAMO Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor
  • Proactive CSR
  • HD quality picture
  • Smart night vision
  • Quick installation
  • Wifi connectivity keeps breaking

The Yeskamo wireless motion-activated floodlights have excellent image quality. The siren sound quality is pretty satisfying. The Yeskamo cameras allow you to set the area where you want to keep surveillance. The two-way communication works smoothly and allows you to vigilantly watch your premises.

There are two standard outdoor 1080p cameras and two are floodlight 1080p cameras. The cameras can switch on built-in LED lights on motion detection. The cameras can record in color and provide smart night vision. The wifi connectivity keeps breaking over 15 feet of range.

The setup is easy, quick and the instructions are quite straightforward. With the basic skills, you can mount it easily.

  The IP Pro3 app works with it so that you can view live video and playback recorded videos on your phone too. It makes the experience very hassle-free and smooth. The cameras give HD quality pictures with colored pictures during the night. The super-wide camera lens covers large areas holistically.

The customer service is excellent and very proactive. The system is great overall and gives great value for money.

5.Litmor Floodlight Camera

Litmor Floodlight Camera
  • Extendable wifi range
  • UI is easy to use and understand
  • Configurable brightness intensity
  • 180-degree wide coverage
  • False alarms may ring sometimes

The Litmor floodlight cameras effectively light up a 40×40 area with 100 percent brightness. The motion-activated lights deliver whatever it advertises. The motion detection settings are adjustable and you can configure the light and brightness levels as per your requirements.

Being LED lights, the cameras do not suck up a lot of electricity. Coming to the beam of focus, these wide-angle cameras are able to rotate up to 180 degrees. You can set it to record all of the time or just on motion events. The files are easy to view and download.

The camera quality is superb. The camera catches every object day and night in its natural colors. The two-way audio siren is pretty good and it also comes with an SD card plus there is no cloud fee charged.

The camera UI is nice and easy to use. All the logged events are easy to see and understand. The app has full live monitoring and device control. You can configure multiple Capsules and share the device with other people. You can also extend the wifi range according to your needs. 

6.Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Camera
  • Crystal clear image/video quality
  • Seamless app operation
  • Easy controls
  • Installation kit arrives with all tools needed
  • Connectivity breaks with weak wifi

The picture quality is great during the day as well as at night. The viewing angle and the video quality are superb. The video stream quality is also incredible.

The sound feature is a little troublesome. If it’s too windy, the siren may not be heard. Otherwise, the voice quality is loud and clear. The notifications arrive quickly on the phone and Ring Chime devices.

The Ring floodlights are very easy and straightforward to install. If you have basic knowledge of wiring a light fixture, the installation won’t be pretty hard. The installation kit arrives with all the prerequisite required tools.

The motion detection notifications are received within 5 to 10 seconds of object detection. The cloud app works efficiently and the controls are easy. You can set sensitivities, detection zones, and motion schedules very easily. The connectivity may break if you do not have reliable internet connection speed.

The two-way voice communication is another plus point of the Ring floodlight cameras. The video quality is crystal clear with the option to zoom in via the phone app. Using this app, you can easily view all parts of your house with just one click. The app can be operated by multiple phones simultaneously.

7.BOMOO 1080P Wireless Floodlight Security Camera

BOMOO 1080P Wireless Floodlight Security Camera
  • Great infrared vision
  • Multiple motion detection levels
  • Multiple settings for how long the lights should stay on
  • Quick installation
  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz Wifi
  • Heavy

The Bomoo floodlight camera is very nice; the unit includes a converter that is a normal household plug on one side and clamps for the light/camera power wires on the other. You can install the IOTLiving app on your phone and go through the setup process.  

The camera is a little heavy so you need to know how to mount it properly and make sure your mounting location has a 5″X5″ flat surface, with the typical household wire coming out of the wall somewhere in that square.

To use this camera with NVR software, you simply need to provide its IP address with RTSP to whatever NVR software you use. The unit’s LED lamps are very bright and white. There are several settings for how long the lights should stay on after detecting motion, ranging upward from 20 seconds.

 The camera world very well during the night and catches small motion and nocturnal creatures. The camera has several levels of motion detection. The only pitfall in this camera is that it does not support 5GHz WiFi but will select that band by default if that is the band your phone is using at the time.

8.Annke Floodlight Camera

Annke Floodlight Camera
  • Great night vision
  • Excellent tech support
  • 128micro SD card storage
  • 2 years warranty
  • Setting up the wifi initially is cumbersome

ANNKE brand floodlight is a high-quality product and provides 2 years warranty. The metal housing of the light looks and feels steady and durable. It supports 1080 p footage and you can see objects brightly even during the night. The direction of the floodlights is easy to adjust to.

Coming to the wifi connectivity, it works brilliantly, you do not need to run the ethernet cable after the power cable assembled. Initially, it may be a little tough to set up.  You can do the wifi setup in the app and control the light on/off and alarm. The sensors get triggered by light flying insects too.

The PIR senses motion and the light turn on and there are instant notifications sent to your phone. The 100-decibel siren alarm is loud enough to scare away unwanted visitors. The cameras come with 128 micro SD card storage with zero monthly charges.

The night vision is crystal clear too. The customer service and tech support are very supportive and courteous. Overall it is great value for money and we highly recommend it.

9.Maximus Floodlight Cameras

Maximus Floodlight Cameras
  • Breezy installation
  • Ultra bright light
  • Crystal clear image resolution
  • Kuna app lets you control the cameras easily
  • Connectivity may break due to network glitches.

 The light is very bright and senses even the slightest motion. The 2 way inter command world great and a way to customize the greetings is what makes it special. The lights and sensors are very easy to adjust. The Kuna app lets you adjust the brightness easily.

The Maximus floodlight cameras are pretty easy to set up. When mounted correctly, these would give precision day and night vision of the front yard/backyard. You can download the Kuna App from the play store and operate the lights easily with minimal hassle. You can easily watch the area sitting comfortably and the app responds promptly.

You may need a little professional help with the configuration or a little tech support. The Maximus floodlights are hard-wired. The lights are easy to sync to wifi. The light is 5000 K bright white light. To acquire full potential, you must have good wifi connectivity at your place.

The picture and video resolution are great. The installation and unboxing feel like a breeze. To sum up we can say that these deliver well and for the price, offer pretty good value.

10.Sengled Floodlight Camera

Sengled Floodlight Camera
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Customize any area of detection
  • Great infrared vision
  • WIFI may lose connectivity sometimes.

The Sengled floodlight cameras are a pack of high-quality cameras. These cameras have 140-degree wide-angle vision and can aslo rotate up to 360 degrees to give you holistic vision day and night.

 You can adjust the angle manually when needed. The infrared LEDs and the color night vision up to 30 feet are brilliant and give a precise way to watch your area. You can manually adjust the 360-degree rotatable cameras for getting the widest coverage.

The high-quality light sensor and the two-way audio and speaker wife together with 140°field of view, providing you with the wider vision and best communication with the visitors when home. Also through the app, you can communicate while not home.

This way you can tighten the security all the damn time.

The smart motion detection when motion is triggered sends quick notifications of 30seconds of video to your phone. You can also customize the area of detection and human detection is also available at upgraded plans.

The IP 65 waterproofing means it can stand all harsh weathers easily. The cameras are compatible with Alexa and Echo SHow making surveillance more quick and easy.

Buyer’s Guide

The above are some of the finely designed floodlight cameras available at Amazon and trusted by users worldwide. Floodlight security cameras have become an essential prerequisite for areas with low coverage and security. These cameras are very efficient and effective in providing an additional layer of protection.

But what should you look for when buying a floodlight security camera? Here are some of the things you should keep in mind :

Local & Cloud Storage

The local cloud storage is cheaper while storing it on the cloud charges a monthly fee. Storing it on the cloud means you can view it anywhere anytime. The storage type is an important feature you must look into when buying a security cam. Sometimes the cloud storage may be free.  

Live Video

When you get to view your area under surveillance from anywhere in real-time via the live streaming app feature and good wifi and floodlight connection, you will not need much storage. You just need good wifi connectivity here. Most security cameras come with apps that let you manage the settings and communicate with the visitors by sitting at home.

Motion Sensor Lights

The motion sensor lights are designed to sense the slightest motion even that of birds and insects and the siren goes off quickly. So whenever an unwanted intruded or burglar tries to break into your house, these lights detect the motion and lighten up the way. Quick notifications are sent to the owners.   

Image/Video Resolution

The picture and video quality are quintessential to check when buying a security camera. What is the use of buying one when you cannot even recognize the faces owing to bad resolution? You get a fair amount of clarity in 720 p   but 1080 p would be recommended by use for maximum clarity and better resolution 


You should always check the waterproofing specifications while buying and also compare it with the climate you experience at your place. Will it withstand the dry/hot weather or constant rains or snow or not and then buy accordingly.

Withstanding severe weather patterns and carrying an IP rating with it, a camera tells you if it can withstand the weather vagaries or not and how tough it is to withstand the harsh weather. Also angling and mounting them in a way where the water and moisture don’t reach easily is recommended.


Having a great communication or two-way audio system in your camera is a boon. You can easily talk to the visitors and get to know their purpose of visit. You can aslo connect it with the smartphone app. The mic and speaker shall be of good quality and shall not be cheaply made.


The outdoor security cameras are more expensive than indoor ones. Their price varies according to the variety of features they present like two-way communication, wide angling, facial recognition, smartphone control, local storage, image resolution, rechargeable batteries, and more. Buy the one which doesn’t break the bank and also serves your purpose well.


As per our research and user reviews, the Litmor floodlight camera is the best floodlight camera. Owing to its great features like easy communication, motion sensing, excellent night vision, and object detection, this definitely tops the chart. 

So we hope you found the camera of your dreams. Having said that, now you can dream peacefully with these beasts guarding your walls. Thanks for reading!

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