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6 Best Floodlights For Football Pitches – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Is the lighting of your football pitch outdated? Are you looking to upgrade the floodlights of your football pitches?

Investing in a good floodlight for your football pitch can really up the level of viewing angles for the audience. But, there can be a lot of information on Amazon or the Internet which is why we’ve tested these 6 floodlights that will be perfect for your football pitches and provide the right lighting for the players and audience.

These lights have been listed here after great scrutiny and analysis to provide you honest and crisp information.

Let’s begin.

Best Floodlights For Football Pitches

1. LEDMO LED Light

  • Fin type sin keeps it cool and damp
  • Sturdy design
  • Power-Efficient
  • IP65 Rating
  • Long Warranty
  • No manual switch
  • Tedious Installation

The brightness is sufficient to brighten up the entire field or yard. This 2450 watt metal halide does a great job when mounted firmly and at the right height. The light dispersal is pretty smooth and wide, perfect for a sports activity area.

You may also install it in your yards, billboards, roadways, driveways, golf course,  lawns, stadium, sports arena or horse arena, etc. It is very versatile.

The packaging is neat and steady. You might find the mounting n installation a little cumbersome though. Also note that there is no plus sent along if you are thinning of hardwiring, you may have to reconsider it. Ensure that the pug is industrial quality to survive the weather. The manual switch would have been better, we feel.

The fin-type sink adds to its longer life and better performance as t dissipates excess heat quickly. The IP65 rating ensures its durability and long sustainability through all weathers and seasons.

The light is very light and portable, another pus.Besides being cost-effective, this light is also power-efficient, unlike the regular metal halides which just suck on energy and money.

The brand also claims a 5-year warranty and to add the cherry on the cake is the 6 months long extendable warranty card. Not to mention, the process is quick and precise.

Nevertheless, it is well made. It easily covers a 50 feet radius, perfect for the players and spectators, and the referee. The angling of the brackets shall be done thoughtfully as that is the ga,e changer. For more coverage, point it more horizontally. Overall, it is a great light at a very affordable price. Go for it.

2. Viugreum LED Light

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • IP67 Rating
  • Good customer service
  • Quick shipping
  • None

The 100 watt LED is just like a small package and a big punch. The performance will totally exceed your expectations. The heavy-duty light is good for use in a football field or even a driveway, gymnasium, sports arena, docks, factories, billboards, etc.

The instructions have all the necessary details which make the assembly and installation pretty simple and straightforward. You might need a couple of hex keys to attach the hardware but the whole process is just very quick. To use it with a wall outlet, you might need an industrial-grade plus. This will also make it more accessible and convenient at the same time.

The robust design makes it more competitive. The plastic is not flimsy or cheap. The users have reported no corrosion after long use, another plus point.  

The IP67 promises incredible safety and security to survive the harsh weather or heat. The panels are also waterproof. Compared to regular halogens, these will save up your bucks and also prove to be more efficient. The LED offers great and holistic coverage which is quintessential in a football match to keep all eyes on the ball. The color tone is just right.

They have EU color codes which is an amazing feature. Green is ground, brown is hot, blue is neutral. The anchoring shall be done keeping room for ventilation as the heat shall be allowed to escape faster.

The customer service is courteous and quick to respond. We recommend buying these for brightening up a large area. The users seem pretty satisfied with the product area. On top of that, you get a 1-year warranty.

Overall, it’s a great investment.

3. Morsen LED Floodlight

  • Superb illumination
  • Power saving
  • 120-degree beam angle
  • Low maintenance
  • Flimsy bracket

The Morsen LED floodlight will be a great addition to our list of football field floodlights as the very wide angle totally brightens up space. It would also be useful as a backyard light, ice rink floodlight, sports arena light, runways, billboards, factories, etc.

The ETL certification makes it more impressive and safe to use. The IP65 waterproofing is another bonus for you. This means it will stay with you after harsh rains, heat, hail, snow, etc. The light is a heavy-duty light for real.

The shipping is quick and the packaging is neat. Installation was quick and precise as reported by the users. The mounting needs a little care and attention obviously like any other floodlight!

As compared to other halides and halogens, this will save a lot of energy, and also the maintenance won’t be a headache as it needs just the basic checkups to despise being super bright. The 15000 lumens of brightness at such an affordable price. We think it is an amazing deal.

The 3-year warranty is an extra cherry on top. The product is quite durable and will keep the players and spectators satisfied. The lighting will be no issue during the game. It is pretty reliable overall.

4. Hykolity LED Light

  • Nice fixture quality
  • Great life
  • Energy efficient
  • Short wiring 
  • No plug

The illumination by these is abundant for a football light. The light is as bright as daylight. The exceptional feature is automatic on/off feature. These sense the ambient lighting and switch on and off accordingly.

 There is no light diffuser so these tend to heat up a bit which is a  solid minus we think. Nevertheless, the good quality tempered glass and aluminum used ensures durability and strength.

The extension is pretty simple and quick. The cord is really short so you might need some extension. Also, there is no plug included with the light. 

The large out bracket is really helpful in angling the; right and for better focussing on the football field. This also makes it useful for driveways, yards, barnyards, billboards, gyms, etc. The 50 feet radius of light coverage is quite commendable.

When talking about the other lights, these offer a better service and consume less electricity thus reducing your bills.

 The brand gives a 5-year warranty 50000 hours of life and the customer care is fantastic and quick to reply. The light is a good value for money.

5. Antlux LED Light

  • 5-year warranty
  • Robust design
  • Long-Lasting
  • IP66 rating
  • May flicker

The next floodlights on our list are the Antiflux LED floodlights. The 500 watt LEDs are a beast. The footprint is hue as compared to traditional lights. These will also be useful as a great parking lot, driveway, warehouse light.

The 26000 high lumen count is sufficient to enlighten large areas absolutely. The IP66 rated Antlux floodlight is a solid contender. This ensures its long stability and reliability. 

Also, these will surely reduce the power usage by 60 percent which is a lot. This saves money besides being perfect for the job. How fantastic!

The cord is pretty long for basic needs. Even during the darkest of days, these lights will be perfect. The fixture is of high-grade metal. The product also feels substantially weighted. The castings are solid and so is the finishing.

 The replacement is pretty quick and the process is simple as our research tells us. Customer care is always very responsive. The 5-year warranty is a big plus too. We highly recommend these floodlights, especially at this price.

6. Ai Yong LED Light

  • Quick bulb replacement
  • Economical
  • 3-year warranty
  • Toughly made
  • Tedious installation
  • Bad heat sink

The very efficient Ai Yong floodlight scan competes easily with the highway lights. These are made of COB LED chips and not SMD LEDs so they also save more energy when talking about traditional lighting options.

The product ensign is nice and steady. The110 cord plug comes along. The product has a good quality aluminum casting, making it industrial-grade light. Wide coverage of light ensures better performance of the players.

The bulb replacement is also pretty easy and hassle-free. The shipping is lightning fast. The installation may be a little tedious though but not a big trouble.

One minus is the bad heat system that needs an upgrade. This also impacts the product’s life. But if you need a good product at an economical price, this is the one for you.

In all, if you need super bright light with a moderate life, this might be the one. The 3 year warranty period is a bonus though.

Buyer’s Guide

The above-listed lights are the best in the market. You might have made a good point of view regarding the light of your choice. Here are a few more things we’d suggest you consider before investing your hard-earned money.

The beam angle, color temperature, warranty period, metal quality, heat sink, durability are some of the things to keep in mind before making a choice. Checkmark these things to ensure world-class lighting.

Color Temperature

In lighting, the color of the light is measured in terms of color temperature. The warm white lights have a temperature around 3000K, natural daylight around 4500 K, and cool blue light has a temperature around 6000K.

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. We recommend a color temperature between 4000 to 5000 Kelvins for a more natural experience. The Vieugreum is a great choice in this case.


LEDs are also better than traditional lighting options because of their increased life and durability. Most of the products have a life of 50000 to 100000 hours which is 10 times higher than metal halides and halogens.The Morsen LED lights needs minimum maintenance,

Also if the bulb replacement is easy and the maintenance is minimum and hassle-free, the better is the product. An average light would run around 25 to 30 years. So these are a better value for your money definitely.  

Color Rendering Index

A good CRI would be between 65 to 80. This seriously impacts the visual clarity of the audience and also the vision of those viewing it on screen.


Horizontal Illumiation

A normal football field needs 150 lux of horizontal illuminations while for a professional match, it shall be even more.  

Vertical Illumination

The vertical illumination impacts the capturing of the slightest details during a  match. The light shall balance in all directions especially when a professional level match is played and needs to be captured on camera. The main camera’s reach shall be ear 2000 lux and the other cameras lux shall be around 1400 lux.

Heat Dissipation

A good heat sink ratio is a quintessential feature of a floodlight. The metal quality of the fixture determines its performance and also guarantees a longer life.

The aluminum quality used shall be industrial grade because it conducts electricity quickly and disperses the excess heat rapidly. A good heat sink means longer life of the LEDs and better performance basically.

The LEDMO LED light’s superb heat sink design is very praiseworthy. This automatically enhances its longevity and performance.


Since the lights are mounted on high poles and are more prone to harsh weather conditions like rain, heat, snow, al, etc, these might need special care and features like waterproofing. 

The tempered glass shall be of high quality and the bulbs shall be EL certified or have a great IP rating. This ensures their long life and reliability. An IP rating above 64 is greatly recommended. 

The Vieugreum and LEDMO are top-notch choices when talking about waterproofing.

Beam Angle

The beam angle is directly proportional to the width or surface area, the light will cover. The higher the angle, the more is the coverage ad the better is the output. For covering every nook and corner of the pitch, a better angle is a must. 

To create a better experience in the pitch, we recommend a beam angle above 110 degrees. To cause minimum shadows shall also be a big factor to consider. The right angling of the light decides that. The goal is maximum output and minimum light loss. 

Energy efficiency

The LEDs are technically more power-efficient than regular metal halides and halogens which are power-sucking giants basically.

If a 100-watt halogen has a luminous efficiency of 25 lm/w it will give off 2500 lumens of light while for the same output the LED we will need will be 20 watts. That is huge. Thus investing in LED technology is wiser and smarter.

The Morsen and Hykolity LEDs are great choices when talking about energy conservation. 

Stroboscopic effect

The light shall be of standard quality and have zero stroboscopic effects. The stroboscopic effect must be considered always. The eye fatigue and discomfort really increase when you have to play for long hours after constantly focussing on the ball. 

Also, the lights may produce glares in the pitch. The focus shall be razor-sharp and crystal clear. The right way of mounting these and the angling also matters a lot. You could get an expert to do that for you. The night illumination shall also be on point and should be very satisfying.


Branded and top-performing floodlights are expensive these days. Getting an appropriate light at the best rate is a big lottery.

Nevertheless, the products we bring to you are very affordable and budget-friendly. Also, they save a lot of electricity thus being energy and power conserving simultaneously.

The Ai Yong and Antlux are great budget-friendly products. These lights are well made and are thus, trustworthy. 


Now you have all the relevant and crisp information you need. Our personal favorite from the above-listed products is the very amazing and flawless Vieugram LED light.

The high standard lighting and optimum quality metal used to provide a longer, safer, and better visual experience. This will offer better vision and better security as well.

To conclude, we may say this is a great return on the investment deal. Thanks for reading.

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