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10 Best Floodlights For Backyard – Reviews & Buying Guide [2022]

Are you looking for a perfectly brightening and very budget-friendly floodlight to enhance your backyard ambiance? This article will be all about choosing the best floodlights for your backyard and how you can choose the best ones for you.

A great flood light automatically amplifies the visual appeal of an area and makes it a perfect party or a lounging spot. There might be people who want to use it for security reasons as well or customize the look of their space.

You may also use these for your porch, patios, lawns, gyms, shops, and other workspaces. We have clearly articulated all the product specifications and brought to you the finest range of lights available on Amazon.

Top Floodlights For Backyard

1. Onfuru Floodlights

Onfuru Floodlights
  • Very Bright
  • High Color Temperature Range
  • Versatile
  • Saves Bills
  • Power Cord Is Short

The first item on our list is the Onfuru Floodlights. The Onfuru Floodlights have a great curvature. The 120-degree wide beam angle has a  very wide coverage. They will brighten up your backyard absolutely. It will lift up the ambiance and make it a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family. The LED used saves up to 80 percent of the electricity and thus goes easy on your pockets.  

They give shadow-free and anti-glare light. The thoughtful fixture design reflects most of the heat generated and keeps the temperatures low.  It has an IP66 waterproof rating. It can withstand tough weather like a pro. The high-grade aluminum used makes it a tough player. It enhances the stability of the lights.

The assembly and installation are pretty precise and simple. You can install it on the ground, ceiling, walls, ground, and elsewhere by adjusting the bracket slightly by following the basic wiring instructions. The material is heavy-duty and very durable.

You can use it for the backyard, porch, driveway or shops, hotels, gym, etc. It is very versatile and adjustable. The color temperature range of 5000K is bang on. The light is bright clean white.No bluish tones are produced, It is a good product for its value.

2. Hyperikon Pro LED Stadium Light

Hyperikon Pro LED Stadium Light
  • Sturdy Design
  • Ultra-Bright
  • IP67 Waterproofing
  • Eco Friendly
  • Heavy

The incredibly bright Hperikon LED lights are an ideal choice for brightening up larger areas like sports complexes, parking lots and tennis courts, or soccer fields. The lights feel very warm and welcoming. It has an affordable price and the optimum material quality makes it more durable and long-lasting.

The IP67 waterproof rating makes it even more awesome. It can easily storm through rains, heat, hail, and snow. The LED technology is eco-friendly. It consumes lesser power and makes it a smarter choice for sustainable lighting solutions.

It is a commercial-grade quality product. The brand claims a 5-year warranty. These are very secure. The installation is easy and quick. All you need to decide is where to mount it. The illumination is as bright as a police helicopter hovering over your house. It is a great product and comes at a very affordable price too.

It can be used for your backyard or even for your patio, driveway, porch, gym, etc. Also, it can be used as a security light in shops, stadiums, workplaces, gymnasiums, etc. The only downside to it is that it may be a little heavy. Nevertheless, it is an awesome product and we highly recommend it!

3. Ammon LED Outdoor Floodlight

Ammon LED Outdoor Floodlight
  • Economical
  • Sturdy Brackets
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Wide Beam Angle
  • Tedious Wiring Process

The Amoon outdoor floodlights are specially packaged to avoid breaking. They are well built. The high-grade aluminum used prevents corrosion. The standard tempered glass used helps it in balancing the excess heat generated. The LED technology used gives it a longer lifespan and better stability.

The IP65 waterproofing tells that it can survive through rough weather conditions seamlessly. The brand claims that it is made of eco-friendly materials and free of environment poisoning harsh elements. You are indirectly helping mother nature by buying this light. What could be better than that?

Not only can you use it for your backyard but also use it in workspaces, garages, stadiums, tennis courts, sports arenas, etc. It is a very versatile product. The shipping is super quick. The customer care is very friendly and courteous. They respond to the queries as soon as possible.

The wide beam angle amps up the illumination and enlightens the complete area leaving no area under darkness. Anyone who is looking for an economical and color-correcting bright light shall go for this one. The mounting brackets are of optimum quality and fit well. We think this caters to each one of your needs. And we highly recommend buying it. 

4. Lepower LED Floodlight

Lepower LED Floodlight
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating
  • Robust Design
  • Long Lifespan
  • Brilliant Heat Dissipation
  • Bad Packaging

Like most contemporary lights, these are also energy efficient. Saving up to  4/5th of your bills, the Lepower floodlights are heavy-duty lights. The durable metal quality and curved reflectors enable it to dissipate heat rapidly, preventing excess heating. The LED is more reliable and the groovy design increases the air contact surface area giving it more coolness and increases its lifespan.

The installation is pretty easy and the mounting brackets are well built. It is secured firmly to any angle you want. The wiring is simple and it also saves your money because there is an on/off switch located on the cord for quick use. The brackets are very adjustable and the beam angle is very outspread.

With an IP66 waterproof rating, you do not have to worry about its location. You can use it in rainy/hot/humid/cold weather without having to worry about its installation. It will light up your outdoors and indoors effectively. It is apt for usage in gardens, parks, gymnasiums, stadiums, sports arenas, etc. It is a heavy-duty light.

The brand promises over 50000 hours of usage. They improve your working efficiency in the dark and cold winters. The excellent quality of mounting brackets would give you no issues. The customer care is very polite and helpful. The bottom line is it is a multitasking beast.

5. SZPIOSTAR LED Floodlights

  • Solidly Built
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • Great Customer Service
  • Wide Beam Angle
  • May Flicker
  • May Cast Shadows

As the name suggests, the SZPIOSTAR LEDs are actually a boss. The illumination provided is almost equal to that of a halogen while the energy consumed is just the bare minimum. Isn’t that fantastic? It literally will light up every nook and corner. It simulates daylight and is a heavy-duty product.

The installation and wiring are pretty easy. If you read the instructions carefully, you can do it on your own otherwise you may contact an electrician. The mounting brackets are light. You can install it anywhere. The price is very affordable. It is impossible to beat the service for the price. If you check around, you’ll find this price impossible to beat.

The width of the light pattern is quite vast. The body is solidly built and will not disappoint. The IP65 rating leaves you worry-free about moisture penetration through the exteriors. The packaging is very sturdy. The product is intact and works great. The users have reported that the customer service is wonderfully quick and courteous. The brand claims a good warranty.

6. U star LED Floodlights

U star LED Floodlights
  • Economical
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • Durable
  • Good Heat Dissipation
  • May Flicker
  • No Warranty

The U star  LED lights are also a  power saver just like most other lights. The fin-type product design dissipates heat quickly and efficiently. The coolness increases its life span and you can use it for long hours without having to worry about the maintenance costs. 

The IP66 waterproof rating ensures that it will bear the erratic nature of any kind of weather. The robustly made body and standard metal used will not give in to the elements. The brightness is enough to lighten up your backyard. It is quite worthy to be used as a security or landscape light too. These come without a plug.

The installation is quick and pretty straightforward. As the name infers they are ‘floodlights”.They will operate at just a few pennies and give the maximum output. Thus it is super affordable. The color temperature range is just the right amount. It is neither too blue nor too bright.

The wiring meets the standard quality. These are extremely lightweight. The brackets are nice and steady and easy to put up.  

7. Hyperikon Security LED lights

Hyperikon Security LED lights
  • Heavy-Duty
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • 150 Beam Angle
  • Dusk To Dawn Feature
  • None Reported As Of Now

The Hyperikon LED lights are toughly built. It comes with a powerful in-built motion sensor that can detect motion from up to 50 feet with a wide beam angle that can rotate up to 150 degrees. 

The extraordinary feature of these lights is the ‘dusk to dawn feature. The sensors detect the time and automatically turn it on when it gets dark and turn it off when the daylight comes. How mindblowing and smart!This way you do not have to worry bout switching the on or off every now and then.

The modes are very adjustable and the light senses the amount of natural light presence and operates accordingly. The product comes nicely packaged. The installation is quick and precise. You may install it in your backyard, patio, lawn or use it for commercial areas like gyms, shops, hotels, stadiums, etc. They serve their purpose like a boss.

While installing take care of the positions of the sensors. They shall be placed on the front side. These lights come with great quality wiring. The IP65 weatherproofing takes care of the long lifespan. Also, they are beautifully designed to give a classy modern look. These will thus enhance the curb appeal of our house and fascinate all the visitors and passers-by.

8. Hyperikon 200 watt LED floodlight

Hyperikon 200 watt LED floodlight
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Ultra-Bright
  • Power Efficient
  • Wiring Colors Not Specified Clearly
  • Not Ul Listed

The Hyperikon LEDs are ambidextrous. You can use it outdoors as well as indoors. The very illuminating LEDs can be used in gardens,  patios, shops, driveways, gymnasiums besides being used as a backyard light.

The product is constructed robustly. The IP65 rating makes it durable enough to withstand the heat/rain/sleet/snow, etc.

These are as bright as a halogen and they also turn the night into a day. They are easily installable through the bolts. They have smaller holes for firmly being secured at a specific angle, in the bracket. The LEDs are very long-lasting and power-saving too. Unlike halogens, which suck most of your electricty, these run on minimum power and give out the maximum output.

They have great customer policies and the service is unmatched. According to our research, the users have left good reviews. They also help you with keeping strong security and guard you against any kind of theft/burglary. They throw pure clean bright light.

9. Amico LED Floodlights

Amico LED Floodlights
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Dusk To Dawn Feature
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Power Saving
  • Hard Wiring
  • Weak Battery

The Amico Floodlights are enabled with a very sensitive motion sensor. The range is quite vast. It senses motion up to 62 ft. which is pretty great. The illumination is perfect for most situations for home and commercial use. The detection is quick and swift. They are enabled with three different modes. If you switch to manual mode, the sensors do not get triggered.

These lights are rated IP65 and the lamps are strongly built to stand the tough weather. The beam angle is wide and spreads the light to the maximum area. The photocell used helps conserve energy. The installation is pretty simple. You won’t even need an electrician for it. The users have been extremely delighted by the product.

The Amico lamp too has the excellent dusk to dawn feature. The lights turn on and off automatically after sensing light in the ambiance. The color temperature range is just fine. It gives you bright light with realistic color tones. Overall these are compact and fairly conspicuous. The brand claims a 5-year warranty. These work great and serve their purpose.

10. LEDMO LED Floodlight

LEDMO LED Floodlight
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Long Life
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile
  • No Lens Cover On Lights

The LEDMO LED lights are super gleamy. They have a very sleek look and modern design. Made of standard quality aluminum, these lights are made to last long. The brand claims for over 50000 hours of life. You can place it in your backyard front yard, laws, walkways, driveways or use it for commercial purposes like industrial places or other complexes.

These light are rated IP65 that means these offer tough resistance to any weather extremity coming there way. You can mount them outdoors and indoors. This needs to be plugged in directly. That is they do not come with a power plug.

The installation is pretty straightforward and does not require professional installation. It is non-dimmable though. The brand promises a 5-year warranty. It offers great value for the price.

Buying Guide for the Best Floodlights For Backyard

LED floodlights are very widely used for a range of reasons. They offer an ample amount of luminosity and almost turn the night into a day and they have vast coverage and are good for security purposes too.

Having said that we cannot neglect its affordability. The price it comes at is very cheap compared to the halogens and also these are more eco-friendly and power-efficient.

So, in the lines that follow we enlist certain essential factors you need to keep in mind before investing your hard-earned money.

Purpose Of Installation

If you are looking for a floodlight, you must have a rough brain map as to where and why you are installing it. These occupy less space but you have to keep in min the intention you are buying it for. 

If you want to brighten up the area just as a regular hanging out spot, you can make do with a light amount of lumens but if you need it for quite a big area or for security reasons, you should go for a heavy-duty floodlight. For more info about installing outdoor floodlights, you can read this article.

Heat Dissipation

The rate of heat dissipation is the rapidness with which the light will cool down after long usage. A good product is characterized by a great design. The more thoughtful and groovy it is, the more quickly it will cool down and thus add up to its lifespan.



Most of the floodlights come with a shockproof label. Otherwise, it may be gauged by the weatherproof rating. In unpleasant situations and rainy weather, the lamp shall be made to deal with such technical issues. These also won’t bother you if you have kids or pets in your house.

Choosing the better one, don’t make you regret it later and also be adding up to the beauty of your home interiors or exteriors.

Color Temperature


The color temperature range varies from one brand to another. A well-recommended color temperature would be somewhere around 3000-5000 Kelvins. (It is measured in Kelvins)

A light with a range of around 3000K is too warm and the one with 5000K would be too cold

The previous one can change the mood to a cozy warm type while the latter will keep it cool breezy and lowkey bright. So go for the middle path and choose a light with more naturalistic color hues. It would be just the right type.

Power Source

Power Source

Before installing the floodlight check if you have a power plug in your backyard if the light is pluggable or make the needed changes. Otherwise, go for one that operates on batteries and does not need to be plugged.

Also, consider the trey and smarter options like the ones which are solar chargeable. They are eco-friendly and also do not dig deeper into your pockets. These keep your expenses low and serve the need simultaneously.


The Lumens are the measure of the brightness of a light. The higher the number the higher is the luminosity and the higher is the efficiency. It is directly proportional to the wattage. The higher the wattage the more is the output. 

The average lumen power of a floodlight is somewhere between 700 to 1300 lumens. If you want a brighter beam that a motion sensor may emit then we suggest you choose a floodlight with a higher lumen power.

Power Saving

Power Saving

Not all floodlights are power-saving. Some of them consume high watts of power and thus add up to your monthly expenditures. Thus, being a smart consumer, you may go for a light that rather runs on solar power or consumes the least amount of electricity,

The light shall not be power-sucking. We would give brownie points for a floodlight when it needs low maintenance and no regular replacements.

Efficiency And Durability

Are the bulbs replaceable? Are the batteries sustainable and durable? Is the wiring too thin or thick? All these factors help you guage if the light will stay with you or disappoint you. The quality of metal brackets used is also to be scrutinized carefully before buying.

The floodlights’ construction and the quality of metal used in making it are very big factors in determining its lifespan. Lights made of stainless steel or die-casting aluminum alloy are more reliable and long-running than the cheaper ripoffs. A good copper wiring is recommended and the brackets shall be hefty.

Weatherproofing is another factor to be checked. A higher weatherproofing clearly means it will survive through extremities of the weather like a beast. This might make it a little expensive but trust us, it will be worth every single penny of yours.


According to us, the clear winner is Lepower LED floodlights. They work efficiently and will address all your issues. Investing here will be very fruitful. They will not only amp up the elegance of the surroundings but also brighten up the area totally.

Summing up, we have presented you with all the needed information and details. You are now ready to make the right choice. Happy shopping!

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