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7 Best Floor Lamps With Multiple Arms – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

It looks really good when the light reaches a few corners of your living room from a single lamp right? Well, that’s why these floor lamps with multiple arms were destined for.

They’re a one stop solution for all your needs. Child studying in the corner? Adult reading a book in the other? These arms will cover all the sections of your room. Infact, they are so popular a user left a big note on of them on Amazon.

We’ve gone lengths to review each and every lamp for you and we can say some of them will just give you a bang for you buck.

Let’s get started.

Floor Lamps with Multiple Arms Reviewed

1. Artiva 5-Arched LED Floor Lamp

Artiva 5-Arched LED Floor Lamp
  • Dimming feature
  • Easy adjustment of arms
  • Antique and stylish look
  • Wobble free
  • Buzzing filament
  • Pricey

The first item on our list of lamps with multiple arms is the very awesome and aesthetically appealing, Artiva LED lamp. Besides being very visually appealing, the lamp serves its purpose very well. The antique vibe is just perfect to go with all types of interiors and decors. It’s a classic throwback lamp and the height is literally the show stopper.

The packaging is neat and smooth. The instructions and the assembly are pretty quick and straightforward. The five lamps and tentacles are all adjustable easily, you can aim them up/down as per your need. Made out of glass and metal, they are similar to the traditional lights.

If you have a standard ceiling height of seven feet, it may be too tall. The base is quite steady and heavy. You may require a handy helper to put it together. The only downside reported by users is that the brightness tends to lower down a little on its own after a little time of usage. Sometimes the filament may buzz when the dimmer is in use.

The extraordinary is the ease of swiveling and angling the shade of light and the dimming modes. The gorgeous effects created will suit every whim and fancy and totally justifying the high price you pay for it. We highly recommend buying this product.

2. Kenroy Home Leah Arc Lamp

Kenroy Home Leah Arc Lamp
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Excellent brightness
  • Convenient rotary switch 
  • None reported

The Kenroy Lamp is an absolute stunner! The multiple 60-watt bulbs give off plenty of bright light and fit any of the aesthetics perfectly. The tall arc settles in any of the spaces and gives directional and fulfilling illumination. 

The shipping is lightning fast and the packaging is okayish. The base uses marble weight so it’s sturdy and less prone to tipping over. That would make it an ideal choice if you have kids or pets at home. The 7 feet tall lamp will really giddy up the comments and appreciation on installation.

The very pretty lamp will be ideal for your living room, office, workstation, or studio. The affixed metal sheath on top makes it more durable and long-lasting. The stylish lamp also makes for an awesome birthday/Christmas present to your lovelies.

The icing on the cake is the lamp’s compatibility with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and other smart home products. It is a bomb lamp with multiple arms and has a convenient rotary switch for quick and easy functionality. The brand also claims a 1-year warranty.Overall, it’s a good value for money.

3.Brighttech Orion Super bright lamp

Brighttech Orion Super bright lamp
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • The copper look makes it more stylish
  • Arm realignment is very easy
  • Inexpensive
  • No dimmer
  • No individual on/off switches

If you are looking for something very illuminating and stylish, the Brightech Orion lamp is the one for you. The warm yellow light is good for a cozy reading session or solving your favorite puzzle. The cool design goes with all kinds of interiors and urban decors.

The multiple heads turn 360 degrees and are too easy to realign and point in any comfortable position. The pole that holds the head can be moved on the horizontal plane only though.  The outstanding lamp design and the ridiculously low cost it is priced at are freaking amazing.

The sturdy lamp comes well packaged and the assembling instructions are self-explanatory. The only minus users felt is that it has no individual power settings or switches which makes the operation a little troublesome. 

Besides being so energy efficient, these lamps put out a lot of light. This would be perfect for a living room. The base is solid and heavy. The lamp easily pugs into a smart switch and is compatible with Alexa.

For the money, it is a really nice lamp and loos more expensive than it actually is. The shiny light adds to its versatility which can be used for sewing, knitting, quilting activities too.

4.Rivet LED Lamp

Rivet LED Lamp
  • Four-way rotary
  • Classy yet modern look
  • White marble base
  • Balanced illumination
  • No dimming

The nice and tall Rivet LED Lamp is quite flexible and goes with any room color tone. The lampshades are all different sizes and very easily adjustable. The aesthetic is more suitable for modern urban interiors.

The white marble base adds to its stability and steadiness. It keeps the product very grounded. The tall and wide lamp takes a lot of floor space so note that you need to have enough space in the room to fit this in.

The assembling and installation are a little problematic for noobs. The perfectly balanced and directional light with varying intensities lights up space nicely. The combo of linen shades, white marble, and brass are modern yet retro-looking.

The four-way rotary runs on 1-3 lights that allow you to dim or brighten the intensity smoothly. This will definitely be a fantastic addition to your plain-looking room. The dimming could have added a function. Nevertheless, the optimum standard quality of the lamp is worth the price.

5.Artiva Mica Plus LED Lamp

Artiva Mica Plus LED Lamp
  • Polite and great CSR
  • Brilliant looks
  • Sleek model
  • Power-efficient
  • Flimsy packaging

The Artiva Mica Plus LED lamps add to the curb appeal of any dreary-looking living room. The five tentacles spread wide and cover the entire area just fine. They fan out the way you want them to. The base discusses quite heavily so there’s no chance of it falling or wobbling. The mid-century modern look amplifies any contemporary decor.

The LED lights are mounted on a steel tube and curve down to the base. The lights are dimmable and the color quantity and quality are very sufficient so you can pop it into your kid’s room and enjoy the dozens of applications and services it offers. The remote control adds to the ease of operation.

A punch to any dull aesthetic, this lamp’s brightness sprays out in the room evenly providing the soft light you want. The lampshades can be turned upside to brighten up the whole ceiling. The product is well made and looks very sleek.

The packaging is a tad bit flimsy and the instructions may baffle you if you are a noob. Nevertheless, the great quality compensates for that.  The LED technology makes it power efficient and the illumination is sufficient to work day and night projects. As and when compared to traditional lights and halogens, this saves up to 70 percent of your bills which is a win-win.

The customer service is courteous and quick to respond. The slender lamp will fit perfectly in any corner, behind the sofa and add a little razzle-dazzle to space. It looks great, works even better.

6.CO-Z Bright LED Floor Lamp

CO-Z Bright LED Floor Lamp
  • No buzzing filament sounds
  • Affordable
  • Modern and chic
  • Easy to swivel and rotate
  • Cables not strongly located

The next item in our list of LED floor lamps is the COZ lamps. This lamp is everything you need and at such a great price. The modern and chic-looking lamp will be a superb addition to your room. The bright LEDs can be directed wherever you want them to. The heads are very easy to rotate.

The swiveling heads point up and down and give you the utmost ease to project the light and indulge in your favorite activities like puzzle solving, doing crosswords, sewing, reading.

Putting the lamp together is pretty simple and the instructions are really basic. The heavy marble base adds extra stability. There are 3 brightening and dimming modes. The lamp is touch-sensitive and a light touch can light up the blue button.

The lowest setting is perfect for watching TV in the evening and enjoying your favorite snacks, medium is great for filling the light with soft light and a low key vibe. The high setting is perfect while doing artwork and intricate works.

You need not worry about any buzzing filament sounds this time. There are many products for up to triple the price and half the bells and whistles that these lights have. The five adjustable arms project quite substantial light. Trust us, this is everything you are looking for in a lamp!

7.Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Energy efficient
  • Bronze metal finish
  • Simple assembly
  • Little wobbly

The Brightech Trilage is the right choice for matching contemporary interiors and decors. The ideal combo of looks, great functionality, and the price make it super fascinating and quintessential. Not too 60’s, not too modern, this gorgeous lamp strikes a fine balance.

The warm and cozy vibe it gives off and the metallic bronze finish provides a rustic look. The marble base is steady enough for a home with kids, pets. The instructions may be a bit difficult to interpret. The assembling is simple and it has the necessary spare parts. Putting the tentacles together may be a tough job.

The multiple dimming modes suit every mood and vibe. The 60-watt bulb produces a lot of light. It provides strong overhead reading light. Also, there’s no excess heat released keeping it cool and damp.

The double-boxed packaging is very sturdy. The instructions are pretty clear. To sum up we can say that it is a stellar product which will keep you contented.

Buyer’s guide

The above-listed products are some of the top-rated lamps with multiple arms available at Amazon and trusted by users globally. The exceptional quality adn quintessential features made us approve of them.

Before buying a lamp, there should be plenty of factors you should check besides reading the reviews just to be double sure. 

Lamp Style

There are a variety of lamp styles available in the market. The Torchiere lamps are tall lamps with flared tops. They add an ambient quantity of light to your room. The tree-style lamp has a very branched design with movable tentacles and heads. You can point the light in multiple directions. The tower lamp works well in contemporary settings. The arched lamp gives off soft and gentle illumination.

Base Material

A solid and sturdy base makes a good quality lamp. The base provides all the support to the lamp pole and keeps it perfectly steady.   The Artiva and Rived LED lamps have robust bases and are well constructed.

Bulb Type and Brightness

Traditional lights and halogens are very inefficient and cheaper than modern lamps.LED lamps run longer and perform better.  opportunity to choose and invest in energy-efficient bulbs upfront. 

The incandescent bulb and CFLs are comparatively less bright than the modern-day LEDs.LEDs are a great choice because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of replaceability. They do not overheat when used excessively.


These days all of us are very paranoid if furniture does not match the vibe. Thus, making the decor more appealing and complementing it with a nice lamp may be hard for some. Don’t worry we have sorted it out for you pals.

A lamp shall add to the vibe and contrast the room style. A sense of ease and cohesion is quintessential while balancing out the furnishings with a subtle and calmer vibe. 

The dimming levels alter the lighting according to the mood and whim. Go for lamps that offer you all of these and have easy controls. You can connect it to smart devices via a smart plug too.


Generally, the lamps are 5 feet tall close to eye level. Torchieres are often taller since they are made to illuminate the ceiling space. Most lamps come with flexible poles and adjustable heads and arms. 

If you have kids or pets at home, make sure the wiring is appropriate and safely tucked to avoid any kind of accidental shocks or burns. The Artiva and Brightech Orion lamps have great adjustable arms.


Color rendering index or CRI is a method for describing the sharpness of the visual created by a lamp’s illumination. It is measured in Kelvin. The higher the CRI, the clearer is the vision.  

A CRI  close to 100 would mean light as bright as daylight. Low CRI may not create a sharp and true visual. Thus a lamp with CRI below 60 shall be avoided. A CRI of 80 to 100 is recommended. The Brightech and the Kenroy lamps have great Cris.


All of these are great lamps but our top pick is the Kenroy Home Leah Arc lamp. We give it 5 stars for the versatility, functionality, and performance. The very splendid vibe and light it gives off also make it a great gift. Hope this article gives you a basic outline of the type of lamp you want.Thanks for reading:)

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