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8 Best Floor Lamps for Reading in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are an avid reader who enjoys a good read before bed or a couch potato who reads extensively lying down in the weirdest positions, chances are that your eyes might get fatigued.

I read a lot myself and after a while, started facing these symptoms. That’s when a friend suggested buying a floor lamp.

But, Guess What? The market was flooded with them.

I went ahead and decided to test a couple of them and among the many I tried, Homefocus LED Floor Lamp turned out to be the best one.

Here is a list of the best floor lamps for reading. The top three choices are below.

Top Pick
Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp
Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp
  • High Brightness
  • Perfect Reading Light
  • Sturdy And Safe
Second Best
HomeFocus LED Floor Lamp
HomeFocus LED Floor Lamp
  • Protected on/off button(Rubber Insulated)
  • Flexible Gooseneck for Reading
  • Easy Assembly
Best Design
Brightech Leaf LED Floor Lamp
Brightech Leaf LED Floor Lamp
  • Vintage Style Apothecary Lamp
  • Touch Switch for ON/OFF/DIM
  • Long Life

Best Floor Lamps for Reading Reviews

1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

  • Dimmable
  • Well made
  • Steady base
  • Easy assembly
  • No remote control

The stellar Brightech Litespan is an ideal choice when talking about clear and sharp colour contrast and reading with fine precision. This multipurpose lamp would also be handy when sewing, knitting, doing lashes, nails at parlours, spas, doing puzzles, crafting, etc.

It is well made and put together. The base is proportionally weighted and off-centred the mast which makes it less prone to tipping and falling accidentally by slight jerks around. So you can easily pop this lamp in your kid’s room without having to think twice.

The light gets diffused via a  diffuser and the filtered light gives even more illumination. The lamp is perfect when working or reading on a sofa, table, or chair. The fact that the on/off button glows when not in use makes it easily accessible. The dimmer function is a big plus.

It casts a natural light and would also be perfect for photography shoots. The light casts no shadows and the quality is satisfactory. The customer service is great. The brand promises a 3-year warranty on it which is icing on the cake. We greatly recommend this lamp.

2. Homefocus LED Floor Lamp

  • Rubber coated on/off button
  • Immensely bright
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • No dimmer switch

The second lamp on our list is the Homefocus LED floor lamp. The color is warm and nice which makes it ideal for reading. It is reported to be brighter than 50W halogen bulbs. 

The luminosity would be perfect if you are suffering from nyctalopia or macular degeneration. This ambidextrous lamp can be used for knitting, crochet stitching, sewing, and other such activities that require intense focus.

The rubber-coated button is well down the base on this one which reduces the chances of accident heat burns to zero. You can realign the flexible gooseneck wherever you need the beam of focussed light.

The packaging is neat and the assembly is quick and easy. The design is very nifty and takes up minimal space. It works well with a TP-link plug and Alexa voice control. The sleek lamp would adore any kind of aesthetic and enlighten the darkest of rooms.

Overall this product is great for bedtime reading or extensive daytime reading or any crating project too. This offers a great service for the value.

3. Brightech Leaf Adjustable Floor Lamp

  • Steady base
  • Modern look
  • Easy setup
  • Durable
  • Sharp edges
  • Short

This lamp is a treat to the eyes. The beautiful and sophisticated-looking golden lamp will automatically increase the curb appeal of any kind of room interiors. The flexible neck allows you to focus the light wherever needed. It would be apt for reading fine book prints, newspaper/magazine reading, doing puzzles, etc.

The lamp has 3 different dimming modes and lets you scale it at three intensities. The brightness offered is close to that of a 100-watt incandescent. This would relieve aging eyes and lessen the stress on them.

The body is well constructed. Users have reported that the setup was pretty straightforward and the instructions were plain and easy. The slender and compact lamp will fit in any corner of the room.

The light is pretty directional and works brilliantly even on the lowest brightness mode. If you want a minimalist lamp with a decent amount of lighting, go for this one. The brand claims a 3-year warranty too.

4. Joly Joy LED Modern Floor Lamp

  • Modern looking
  • Very slim
  • Remote controllable
  • Robust base
  • Pricey
  • Hard assembly

As the name states, the Joly Joy LED lamp is a very modern-looking and stylish lamp. The long and skinny lamp will complement your pretty decor and also provide you great illumination without hurting your eyes. You may use it for reading while on your recliner. You may also use it while, studying, office work or computer work, etc.

The remote makes controlling very easy. The remote has a “picture” of every color setting which makes it more convenient to use and has different color-changing modes. Also, you can adjust the brightness by regulating the knob. It switches to brighter light with a simple touch of the finger.

It produces glare-free light and also casts no shadows. The product is robustly designed and prone to wobbling. The base can swivel left to right easily and tilts up and down.

The automatic color and intensity preset are amazing features you can avail yourself of with this lamp. Besides that the endable gooseneck allows you to focus light anywhere you want. Overall, you will be thrilled by the purchase.

5. Aaron Tree light Lamp

  • Inexpensive
  • Classy look
  • Holistic coverage
  • Multipurpose
  • Not remote controllable

The lamp’s design is a  feast to the eye. The spectacular leaf light design deserves special appreciation. It throws light to every corner and gives a 360-degree coverage that is brilliant for reading activities and for other hobbyists like painters, crafters, photographers, pianists, and others.

The lamp heads are sturdy yet very flexible and work at multiple angles. The packaging is steady. The assembly instructions are very simple and precise to follow.No cheap or flimsy plastic has been used in making this. The users seem pretty delighted with the purchase. 

The elegant metal finish will basically uplift the interior of any space it is kept in. That makes it appear more expensive than it actually is. It may look fragile but actually won’t tip over even when a soccer ball is bounced into You can’t beat the product for the price.

6. Ebest Floor lamp

  • Lightweight
  • Classic look
  • Multipurpose
  • Dimmable
  • Wobbly base

If you’re looking for a very minimalist and classic-looking lamp, the Ebest might just be the one. If you are a night owl who loves to read before sleeping even on a screen, this will give you a sharper vision by cutting down the blue light straining your eyes. 

The brightness will be great for aestheticians to do microdermabrasion, lashes, nails, facials, artists, crafters, etc. 

Also, it is very easy to set up. The rods fit into each other easily. The lights are dimmable. There are four modes and you can switch to daylight or warm light as per your needs. 

The slim and sleek design will fit into most of the awkward spaces. This is great for bedrooms, office spaces, spas, studying, knitting, sewing, and of course reading.

The fantastic quality will add a modern touch to your space. The on/off switch makes it easily operative. Also, the USB-powered lamp is very power-effective. 

The super lightweight makes it easy to move around and the bendable gooseneck will help you focus light anywhere you like. From the price point, the product is fantastic!

7. Brightech Halo Slipt Lamp

  • Brilliant design
  • Takes minimal space
  • Adjustable neck
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Wobbly

Kudos to the designers for making it so astonishingly marvellous. The elegant looking halo structure will simply blow the minds of visitors and you will definitely get a lot of appreciation for it. The adjustability of both the halo lights makes reading more relaxed.

The 3000K colour temperature will offer warm yellow light that simulates natural daylight and will be much more power-efficient. The touch-sensitive control buttons control the brightness cycles smoothly. You can tap on it to easily change settings. The installation is easy and the rims can be freely realigned.

The on/off switch is too sensitive to react to light touch which can be troublesome at times. Also, this very slim body is light and prone to wobbling and tipping over. So it might not be a good choice for your kid’s study room or if you have pets around,

Nevertheless, the dimmer is a bonus and it will amply brighten the darkest of spaces. The coated black metal finish spices up the urban home interiors and takes it up a  notch by occupying the least amount of space. The customer service of the brand is also very satisfactory. Summing up, we can say that you will be content with the purchase.

8. Globe Electric Delilah Lamp

  • Great design
  • Dual lighting lamps
  • Easy setup
  • Wide coverage
  • Plastic base
  • Wobbly

The Delilah lamp has a stylish and sophisticated design vibing with every type of interior. The two lights are very flexible and the spectrum of light has a wide coverage. The beam of light can be focused at many angles and does not hamper your reading activities.

The setup is pretty quick and easy. You can switch between the bigger and smaller flights which are easy to turn on/off. The base is a little flimsy and light which is a minus and leans side to side. We don’t recommend this if you have kids or pets in the house.

This lamp is compatible with Alexa. You can use a smart plug to connect it which is another advantage. The shades and joints are of high-grade quality and not plastic. 

It is a basic utility lamp on a budget. If you’re running low on budget, go for this one. 

9. Brightech Avery LED Lamp

  • Classic look
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Dimmable
  • Light base

The Brightech every lamp gives every type of aesthetic a nice touch. The brassy vintage look is very appealing in itself. Its lightweight makes it easily portable. The multiple colours and brightness modes can suit your different reading moods. The very durable and bendable neck lets you angle light differently.

The little lamp is easy to install. It is constructed well. The heavy base renders its study. The slim and sleek lamp can be fitted into any corner. Even on the lowest brightness setting, the light is ample as a night light, and on the highest setting, it is apt for reading your favourite genres on a recliner with sheer coziness.

It will qualify as a great bedroom lamp or even for a workspace. The versatility is incredible. Also, the great height makes it more convenient to realign the light whether on a sofa, recliner, or bed. Trust us, it is way better than plug-in non-dimmable lamps!

10. Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp

  • 2-year warranty
  • 4 brightness modes
  • Tilting head
  • Great consumer service
  • Sloppy wiring
  • Short fixture
  • Not a great nightlight

With a 3000K colour temperature range, the illumination is just incredible. The lamp is quite minimalistic and elegant looking. So whether reading a crime thriller or literary fiction, switch it on and forget about eye strains as it puts out a lot of light.

The controls make it easily operative. The tilting head feature is very impressive. 

It gives you the desired lighting without being too much in your face. The base is robust and immune to tipping over.

Compared to traditional maps and bulbs which give off warm/yellow lighting, the Torch lamp will throw a substantial amount of bright light sufficient to light up your room.

The only issue users reported is that it tends to overheat and the product quality could’ve been better. Nevertheless, the band promises a 2-year warranty and would be replaced if you have a complaint about it. The customer service is prompt in replying.

Buying Guide for the Best Floor Lamps for Reading

These are the best-reviewed and most popular reading lamps on Amazon. We have analyzed their performances and reviews carefully and brought to you honest scrutiny the pros and cons.

Before purchasing a lamp there are many criteria to keep in min like its design, its lifespan, battery life, colour temperature range, and much more. In the buyer’s guide, we will give you the quintessential criteria to checkmark before investing your hard-earned pennies. Have a look!

LED Color

Basically, most of the lamps offer three color modes-warm daylight, cool white light, and orangey-yellow light. The colour tones shall be changed during different times of the day. The warm light may be ideal if you read before sleeping.

The bluish-white colour tone shall be okay during the daytime but it is not advisable to use that during the night. The blue light harms your vision and also disturbs your sleep cycle. So either buy a lamp with a blue light filter or the one that offers you different changing options.


The ideal lumen for reading is 1600 to 5000K. Warm light lamps with lumens below 2700K are good for your eyes. It would be great if you are a night owl or an early riser. They also promote melanin secretion in your eyes. 

The cool white light(3000-4100K)  gives you good visibility but harms your eyesight so its excess use isn’t advisable. They may also lead to serious eye troubles like cataracts.

Light Intensity

Waking up your partner or your baby in the middle of the night and getting yelled at and distracted while finishing your favourite chapter doesn’t seem very pleasant.

Therefore, the lamp you buy shall have various brightness levels so that you can dim it when needed and not bother the other person. Also, it should not glare or flicker.

The Brightech Sky LED, the Brightech Litespan, and the Ebest lamp is some wonderful options to choose from which offer a multitude of dimming modes. They can be transformed into a  nightlight as and when required. These will give you consistent bright light.

Battery Life

There are two types of lamps basically rechargeable, which come with AAA type of batteries, and replaceable which need regular checkups every now and then. 

The prior is a more sustainable way. So the choice depends on the user /If you are an insatiable bookworm who reads day and night, we suggest you buy the plain lamp or the one with rechargeable batteries. The Ebest lamp would be a fine choice. The USB-powered lamp can be easily charged and gives you no hassle.

Warranty Period

Always prefer a lamp with a long warranty period. Most of the brands make dubious promises and overhype the product in the advertisements. So like a wise customer, choose wisely and go for lamps like Brightech sky LED or Brightech Leaf LED lamps which have a long warranty period.

Lamp Design

Today we have plenty of options with respect to the sizes and shapes of a lamp. For example, you would need a different size floor lamp for small areas in your room.

For instance, the Aaron tree light lamp will be a beautiful addition to your furniture. The Brightech halo split would also catch many eyeballs with its awesome look and great performance too.

A lamp’s design is a big factor when it comes to the illumination provided. An ideal lamp shall give you unobtrusive bright and clear vision. The choice depends on you if you want a one-page spread or a two-page full spread.


Our personal favourite is the Brightech Litespan LED lamp. It is versatile, stable, durable, and easy to adjust. Besides this, it has a blue light filter that totally protects your ailing vision and would be great for your child’s sharper vision too.

The 3-year warranty is a big advantage over other contenders. It is a heavy-duty lamp that will win your heart with its efficiency and performance. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that all your doubts are answered finally.

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