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9 Best Floor Lamps For Office – Reviews + Buying Guide

Floor lamps can push the lighting of your office and make the next meeting full of energy. 

I have been working in an office for a few years now, and during my career, I have tried numerous floor lamps. I have seen all types of floor lamps for different purposes and styles. And, I have found Dimunt LED Floor Lamps to be the best floor lamp for your office.

It is versatile, multi-purpose, and has a fantastic look. It offers multiple features that are pretty handy, like its dimmable feature, making the lamp a multi-purpose one. The futuristic look gives a great feel to the product, and I surely recommend this lamp.

Whether you want to go for decoration purposes or wanna go trendy, here are the nine best floor lamps for your office that you will surely love.

Let’s have a look.

9 Best Floor Lamps for your Office

Dimunt LED Floor Lamps

  • Multiple light modes
  • Dimmable
  • It keeps turning on randomly

The Dimunt LED Floor Lamps is by far the product with the best features. In every aspect, this product is the best. If you want to challenge my opinion, take a look by yourself. The design is futuristic and unique. It has been designed with the most useful features but in a minimal space, accommodating the lamp into small spaces easily.

The lamp comes with two lamps, a mother lamp and a daughter lamp. The mother lamp is brighter and is used to illuminate the whole room, whereas the daughter lamp is small and attached to a flexible neck. I generally use the smaller lamp while reading and doing work on my desk.

The lamp is completely adjustable. It offers three modes of light that are adjustable. The bright and warm yellow light is the brightest, the natural light is soothing. It feels very convenient while reading and doing paperwork, and last but not least is the white light which is comfortable, less strenuous, and offers excellent working conditions. The white light is preferable for working long hours.

Moreover, all these modes are dimmable, which means you can tweak these modes even more and set them perfectly according to your convenience. The lights can be adjusted and turned on using a remote, making it even more convenient as you don’t have to move even an inch to operate it.

Farmhouse Industrial Standing Lamp

  • Dimmable
  • Vintage design
  • Difficult to assemble.

I am a very skeptical person, I don’t quickly appreciate a product, but in this case, I have to say it, this is the perfect floor lamp. I am a fan of vintage and rustic design, and I tend to style my rooms and furniture, so I was easily inclined towards this product. It has an elegant look that is quite appealing.

It has a cage design on each of its three heads, allowing soft, warm light from the bulbs. The cage design adds a decorative look to the office. The birdcage design also adds versatility to the unit, and It can fit perfectly into any kind of design, both modern and retro. The lamp has got a unique tree look.

The lamp offers a dimmable feature that is excellent as you can adjust the brightness of the light according to your need, and this also makes it multi-purpose and energy-efficient. The metal body of the lamp is very durable with a sturdy base and simple black color, which is resistant to scratches.

TOBUSA LED floor lamps

  • Sophisticated look
  • High-quality finish
  • The brightness is non-adjustable

I love the simple design of the lamp. The simple design is satisfying as it is not very extravagant, but the lamp’s look becomes clean and lavish since it is made of high-quality material. The high-quality style of the lamp makes it unique. You may not be attracted to the design, but this product is for you if you love simple sophisticated design.

The base is quite sturdy and will indeed remain stable if placed on proper smooth flooring. The base is also heavy, so if by chance you touch this lamp, it will not fall easily. The tall height of the lamp is suitable for reading as it offers space, and the brightness can reach the corners of your office while you can read under its light.

The lamp has a black matte finish combines with a white shade. The black and white contrast looks good. The lamp has a very convenient footswitch. You can easily reach for the switch regardless of where you are placing this unit. I have put this lamp in my home office beside my resting couch, and the light from the LED bulb is perfect for reading.

SUNMORY Floor Lamps

  • Shelves and drawers are nifty
  • Fabric shade is of high quality
  • It is very light and can easily tip over

SUNMORY Floor Lamps is one of the most versatile and multi-purpose models out in the market. First of all, it has 2-USB ports for charging your phone and tablet at the same time. It also has a power outlet which will additionally allow you to charge any other gadget easily. In this way, you can charge multiple electrical appliances simultaneously, saving the use of numerous plug points.

It comes with drawers and shelves, which complement the charger ports very well. You can place your gadgets on these shelves and will not require any other table or support. I have placed this lamp in my library cum office where I keep my books. These shelves allow me to keep the books that I read at a given moment.

It is beneficial for reading due to its bright light, which is dimmable, and the fabric shade further softens the brightness. The light becomes soft and convenient for reading and writing. Along with these features, the lamp prevents heating which maintains the warmth of the area.

Brightech Sky torche lamp

  • Adjustable neck
  • Dimmable
  • Unnecessary Blinking of light

If you want a very bright light in your office to offer overall illumination and proper illumination in your work area, then look no more, Brightech has designed this floor lamp especially for you. It provides illumination that is bright enough for the whole room. The light is attached to a flexible neck so that it can be focused in a specific direction.

The lamp has adjustable brightness that enables you to dim the lights when necessary, limiting your electricity consumption to an extent. It is designed with a memory setting which is an excellent feature. It remembers the settings you made to the lamp and automatically adjusts the lights every time you turn it on.

The lamp is compatible with LED lights, which is critical to consider. This makes it energy efficient and utilizes less power than the lamps that operate on halogen bulbs for illumination. LED bulbs are good in every way; it offers bright illumination but at a low cost.

Brightech Sky Dome Plus

  • Bright light
  • Dual light source
  • The plastic dome is not heat resistant

If you want a high-quality floor lamp for the office but at a lower price, then Brightech Sky Dome Plus is just for you. The Sky Dome has a design that can fit into any kind of style; whether it is a retro one or an industrial style, you can easily fit this lamp in your room. This slender-shaped lamp can also be fit into narrow spaces, thus saving you extra space.

The lamp has two heads, a larger and a smaller one. While the larger one is mainly for the room’s illumination, the small one is more focused. I generally use the smaller light while reading on my couch. The plastic dome prevents heating up and softens the light, so my eyes don’t feel any pressure while reading or doing any work.

The light has been made with a heavy, sturdy base and is wobble-free. If you have any pets or children at home, you don’t have to worry about the lamp tipping off and breaking. It has an in-built dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness of the light according to your mood. I prefer to dim the light a bit while working on my computer.

Brightech Dylan Industrial Floor Lamp

  • AI compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Does not properly illuminate the whole room.

Brightech is known for its awesome lamp designs and quality. This industrial floor lamp is no exception. It has got a rustic, vintage design which goes well with an industrial style office. My father is a fan of vintage design. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and he loves to design his office with rustic furniture, so I decided to gift this to him, and he loves it.

The soft white light is perfect for working and creates a beautiful ambiance. You can adjust the neck to focus on the work area or the ceiling for whole room lighting. The light is very bright, and although it uses an LED bulb, they give out light as bright as any standard incandescent bulb.

Surprisingly this retro vintage-designed lamp is modern from the inside. It is compatible with google assistant or Alexa, or Siri and can be controlled through voice directions. The lights are dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness without even touching the light and can turn on or off through the assistant. This feature is amazing.

Brightech Halo Split – Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

  • Bright light
  • AI compatible
  • Not very durable

Brightech Halo Split is a quality-built product. The manufacturers and designers have put in a lot of hard work and expertise to plan this unit. Its unique design says it all. There is no other product in the market that has this kind of design. The lamp looks sleek and compact. The head can be adjusted and can be used as a ring light.

The base fits under most sofas, chairs, and seats, implying you can get light over an area without requiring extra space. Brightech’s Halo Split can be fit into narrow spaces effectively because it’s so thin. The split head permits you to point the light for useful or style purposes. 

You can direct one light towards the ceiling while the other half can be directed towards your table. You can also cross the heads to get a unique Viking cap pattern. The lights are dimmable so that they can be adjusted as per convenience. The lamp is also compatible with AI like Alexa and Siri.

Oneach Industrial LED Floor Lamp

  • A simple and sleek body
  • Affordable
  • It is difficult to get a proper fitting light bulb

The lamp has a metallic design with a clean line, and the naked bulb gives it a unique look, making this light more rich and engaging. The LED floor light gives a very bright light that is most suitable while reading or writing tasks. You can choose your light type for this lamp, whether you want a LED or a CFL.

It is a great product. Not having a specific theme makes this lamp well fit for any kind of style. It is a very sleek and slim product, and if properly placed, you won’t even notice its presence, but it will indeed perform its task of illuminating your office brightly. 

The golden finish makes it stand out. It is lightweight and easy to handle, but that doesn’t mean it will fall off easily. It is well balanced with a heavy base. The light it gives out has a soothing glow that is very comforting, making it a well-suited floor lamp for reading purposes.

How To Choose The Right Floor Lamp

Design and Preference

The look and design of any office item are essential. It’s the main reason why most of us are attracted to new things to decorate our workstations. Particularly with a light that can fit a wide variety of lights to make the right look you’re after.

 We considered if each model is suitable with a wide range of styles or is more preferred for special arrangements. Since stylish look and design are so variable among individual customers, it is important which you prefer the most and what your choice is.

Some of you might be more inclined towards an elegant look, while some might prefer a simple yet exotic look. If you are looking for an extravagantly designed lamp, Dimunt LED Floor Lamps are the best choice.

If you want a simple-looking lamp that will serve the purpose well, then Oneach Industrial LED Floor Lamp is the best choice.

The Brightness Of The Light

While choosing a floor lamp, be sure to check the brightness of the item and the amount of power it consumes.

This is significant because each individual will have a specific choice of brightness. 

Bright light  

If you need to illuminate your room with a bright light for clarity and visual help with your work area, then you should go for lights that have high luminance. The floor lamp should be bright enough to light up your room and should be compatible with your office and mix up perfectly to provide an aesthetic look.

TOBUSA LED floor lamps are the best choice for this.


A few people prefer an adjustable light source. This makes the light multipurpose and can be utilized in different works, and this also helps lower the power consumption, which in turn decreases the electricity charges. The brightness of the Farmhouse Industrial Standing Lamp is entirely adjustable, and you can suit yourself according to your preference.

Eyecare Technology

While buying a desk lamp, an essential feature that must be considered is that you are purchasing this product to work under low light conditions. Working under low light conditions can cause strain on your eyes, and you may face eyesight problems due to prolonged low light conditions.

For this reason, it is essential to go for a product that has been designed with proper eye care features, like soft and warm light, optimum and adjustable brightness, color variation. Dimunt LED floor Lamps offer the best eyecare technology.

Purpose Of Using The Lamp

Another vital factor to be considered while buying a floor lamp for your office is for what purpose you will use it. Depending on that, select your floor lamp as the design and quality of the material may change. This will influence the cost of the item. So, be sure to check your budget beforehand and go for something suitable. SUNMORY Floor Lamps are the most versatile and multi-purpose lamps in the market and the best choice.

Our Verdict

Picking the right floor lamp for your office can be troublesome and possibly a costly undertaking. So, you should put some effort into what kind of lamp you want and for what purpose. Consider your financial plan, design, office style, and your preferences before buying a floor lamp.

Numerous floor lamps look fantastic and are alluring to your eyes, but in the end, you must understand that every lamp does not have the same features and offer the same kind of service. You should always go for items that offer great value at a low price.

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