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Best Floor Lamps For Nursery – Reviews + Buying Guide

You want the perfect lighting for your little one’s space. Floor lamps fit perfectly if you didn’t know already. 

My kid enjoyed his time in his nursery, so I had to make sure it’s the perfect one. I decided to put and test a few floor lamps to make sure he gets exactly what he needs in terms of lighting. 

I have seen and used different floor lamps in the nursery rooms. I found ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp to be the best nursery lamp in many aspects.

The two lamps included in ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp provide plenty of light to a room. The brightness and color temperature of the lamp can be controlled either by a remote or touch control system. Moreover, the main head is adjustable in position.

Next to ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp, I consider six other nursery floor lamps as best. They are reviewed below.

Best Floor Lamps For Nursery Reviewed

ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp

  • Adjustable
  • Touch and remote control
  • Magnate equipped remote
  • Good lighting
  • Not easily cleanable

This minimalist and modern styled lamp, in addition to its stunning and simple look, provides you every thinning you need from a nursery light in one unit.

It has two lamps. The main lamp is upwardly illuminated and equipped with a universal rotating head, which can adjust the angle up and down to illuminate different areas in the room. The small lamp is attached to the metal branch that terminates from the main pole.

The emitted soft and natural light is comfortable to the kids’ eyes.

What I like most about this lamp is the adjustability of color temperature from 3000k to 6000k at a brightness level of 10%-100%. This lets you control the light according to the atmosphere you want to create.

If you want the kids to sleep, the lower light setting is excellent. If they are doing general activities, using the medium setting would be nice, or if you want them to do writing or reading-related things, the high setting is a perfect choice.

You can control the brightness level and power of the lamp using a remote or a simple touch. The remote lets you control the two lamps separately. 

The remote is equipped with a magnet design. This allows you to place it on the lamp pole, so you don’t have to worry about not remembering where you put it.

The lamp recalls its previous light setting, so there is no need to reset it again when turned on.

The assembly is a piece of cake, and the lamp is worth its price.

Addlon Floor Lamp

  • Elegant look
  • Adjustable head
  • Included LED bulb
  • Short cord

This floor lamp has a very lit and elegant look. It combines modern design with a vintage touch and can amalgamate into any decoration. The height of the lamp is perfect for placing it in the corner of a nursery room.

Since this lamp is for the nursery room, safety is the biggest concern. The heavy base makes the lamp stable and sturdy enough not to fall on the floor. This makes it safe to use around children.

It gives a soft light that is bright enough for a nursery room. The softness of the light hush children to have a peaceful sleep, and it is suitable for reading a book while being next to the sleeping child.

It includes an energy-saving and long-lasting LED bulb. The released light is equivalent to the light of a 60w incandescent bulb but uses only a few watts of power, and it is non-shadowy.

The adjustability head of the floor lamp lets you illuminate a specific place you want. You can easily control the lamp regardless of where you sit since it has a foot pedal switch.

Artiva USA Exeter Durable Glass Display Shelf Floor Lamp

  • Stylish
  • Three shelves
  • High quality
  • Display accessory not included

This floor lamp has a very fascinating and stylish look. In addition to adding beauty to the lamp, the glass display allows the light to diffuse in a very nice and calm way. It is an excellent addition to your nursery room.

The lamp includes three well-built and practical shelves in its design which are suitable to place small items like phones, wifi routers, or tiny decorative objects.

It is made of high-quality material, and its weighted base assures stability. The shade softens the light in a way that is suitable for children’s eyes.

The height is relatively small compared to other lamps, making it a good choice for small nursery rooms. It would be very nice if you place it in the corner.

The assembly of the lamp is easy and can be finished in a few minutes. The price is fair and reasonable.

Since the glass leaves a fingerprint, make sure to do simple cleanings after a frequent touch.

3-Way Dimmable Vintage and Industrial Floor Lamp

  • Attractive design
  • 3-Way dimmable
  • Metal constructed
  • Poor packing

The attractive vintage style of the lamp gives it a very classic look. Beneath the shade, the arm has a lively bird standing on the exquisite fine leaves and making the lamp eye-catching and stunning.

It has a linen gold thread fabric to soften and make the light easy on childrens’ eyes. When the light touches the golden shade, it creates a lovely ambiance to illuminate your nursery room.

The package includes an additional free cream linen fabric lampshade, enabling the lamp to amalgamate into any decoration style and offers you more options on its looks.

I like how the lamp let me adjust the light in 3 different brightness- low, medium, and high levels- without any flicker and dazzle. 

The low light is excellent while your baby is sleeping, the medium is a perfect choice for basic and usual activities, the high light is highly suited when you want the baby to play,  do some reading, or writing.

You can use any E26 base bulb, but if you want to enjoy the dimmable function, I advise you to use a 3-way dimmable bulb. 

Since it is made of premium metal from top to bottom, durability wouldn’t be an issue. The heavy-weighted metal base makes it sturdy and safe to use around children.

PAZZO Floor Lamp with Shelves

  • Multifunctional
  • Solid and well built
  • Bulb included
  • Assembly instruction not clear

This elegant and modern lamp is one of the most multi-function lamps I ever checked. The combination of mett black color with its white shade gives the lamp a  nice and attractive look.

It is made of excellent, durable, and high-loading wood. This makes it heavy enough not to fall when children play around. 

You don’t necessarily have to get out of the nursery room or search for a socket to charge your electronic devices, as long as you have this lamp. It has two charging USB ports and a power outlet to let you charge three of your devices simultaneously.

The lamps include three shelves in the design. You can place objects like remote control, dolls, vases, vegetation, photo frames, other decorations, and books on it either for decoration or functional purposes.

It includes a LED bulb with three color temperatures: 3000 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, and 5000 Kelvin for your convenience. 

The assembly is easy to perform, and the package includes everything needed for the assembly. It comes well packed. The company has excellent and responsive customer service. 

Stepeak Industrial Floor Lamp

  • Gorgeous look
  • Three lights
  • Three lights
  • Not dimmable

This minimalist lamp includes three lights that hang on its arm. Each light has a clear glass crystals lampshade with stunning patterns on it. 

Each light is connected with the arm of the lamp by pretty screw wires. This assures safety and adds more value to the beauty of the lamp than traditional wires.

The height of the lamps lets light diffuse evenly throughout a nursery room. The socket, switch, wires, and plug are carefully built and comply with UL standards for your child’s safety. 

The 2.1-meter long power cord reduces the chance of a child getting a socket and allows you to place the lamp anywhere you like.

The E26 sockets on each light are compatible with LED, CFL, RGB, Flame, Incandescent, Halogen, and so on. This lets you use any type of bulb you want. You can adjust the brightness level easily using the power knob.

Its heavy metal base makes the lamp stand straight and stable enough not to flip off quickly. 

Careful attention to the instruction lets you successfully finish the assembly. The price is fair and reasonable.

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

  • Elegant look
  • High quality
  • Bulb included
  • A bit expensive

If you need a gorgeous-looking lamp of high quality which can be a great addition to your nursery room, congratulations, you are on the right page.

Quality meets elegance in this incredible lamp. Its gorgeous appearance makes you consider the lamp as one of your favorite art pieces.

Quality is a value the company deeply cares about, so including cheap materials in the lamp’s construction is unthinkable. This offers you a chance to use it for an extended period effectively with unfading beauty.

The handmade craft lampshade is composed of real stained glass jointed by Tin. It has an attractively designed metal arm and a high-weighted base. This makes it sturdy enough not to fall when your kids play around.

It has an easy-to-use pull chain switch, and it includes an LED bulb of 2700k. It has a perfect size not to take much space but spread light evenly in a room.

The assembly is super easy and doesn’t need any tool to complete.

It is a great gift idea for parents or babysitters.


Buying Guide for Best Floor Lamp For Nursery Room

Nursery rooms are one of the most sensitive places for hazardous things in any dwelling. So careful attention is required when buying floor lamps for a nursery room. Below are things that you should consider when purchasing these lamps.


Safety is the most important thing for a  nursery room. If the floor lamp falls, it might cause a severe injury to kids.

To avoid this, stable lamps which are sturdy enough not to fall easily are the right choices.

Most of the lamps mentioned in this article are stable and well built.


Children usually tend to touch and pull sockets whenever they see them next to a lamp because the light makes the sockets too visible.

But long cords let you place lamps away in locations that are away from sockets. This helps to avoid the contact kids make with sockets.

Stepeak Industrial Floor Lamp is a perfect lamp with a long cord.


It is always a good idea to prefer an adjustable lamp.

If it is adjustable in positioning, it lets you illuminate a specific place you want. For this feature, addlon Floor Lamp is the best.

If the lighting setting is adjustable, you can get the brightness level and color temperature at your convenience. When it comes to this quality Stepeak Industrial Floor Lamp and 

3-Way Dimmable Vintage and Industrial Floor Lamp are the best.

When a lamp allows you to adjust both lighting position and brightness level, it’s a blessing. This blessing is ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp.


Like every other room, nursery rooms have to be beautiful. Because if you have kids, you will undoubtedly spend many hours in these rooms.

So you should get a beautiful and attractively designed floor lamp that can be a great addition to your nursery room.

For this, Tiffany Style Floor Lamp and 3-Way Dimmable Vintage and Industrial Floor Lamp are highly recommended.


You might want to place little decorative objects or other stuff like a phone and remote on your floor lamp. Lamps with shelves let you get what you want.

PAZZO Floor Lamp with Shelves and Artiva USA Exeter Durable Glass Display Shelf Floor Lamp are excellent choices for this purpose.


The nice-looking ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp includes two different sized lamps, which offer you a soft and adequate light easy on kids’ eyes. It is adjustable both in position and brightness level. The lamp gives options on how to control the light – either by a remote or touch controls system. ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp allows you to get everything you need from nursery light in one unit.

Frequently asked questions about Floor Lamps For Nursery Room.

Are floor lamps safe for kids?

Yes,  floor lamps are safe for kids. Their look doesn’t attract kids as table lamps do. Moreover, they are more stable, so they don’t fall easily when children move around them, and their long cord keeps kids away from sockets.

Which floor lamp is best for a nursery?

ZSCOO Modern LED Floor Lamp is the best floor lamp for the nursery, and the other six floor lamps reviewed in this article are high in quality and nice for a nursery.

Are floor lamps dangerous?

No, they aren’t. They are safe to use around kids relative to other lamp types.

Should you have a lamp in the nursery?

Yes, you should have a lamp because a dark environment can’t make children active enough unless it’s their sleeping time. Light has a crucial impact on their brain.

However, you have to control the amount of light they are encountering. Over bright light can harm their immature eyes. So lamps that release soft light are highly advisable for nurseries.

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