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10 Best Desk Lamps With Small Base (2022) – Reviews + Buying Guide

I spent the time around my working desk mostly by reading, doing paperwork, and projects on my computer, which require good light. So I was supposed to use big lamps despite my small work desk. 

This created a lot of issues as I had to change the lamp position every time I didn’t need them.

After a while, I came to know about the small base desk lamps that are made for people like me. I just gave few products a try and here is a detailed guide on the same.

The ten products, when tested, I found the Poukaran Desk Lamp to be the best.

The Poukaran Desk Lamp is a fascinating product. It displays a digital clock, calendar, and temperature on the screen it has. I was surprised by the fact that it lets me set the alarm on the lamp. The three-color temperatures and the five brightness levels allow me to get the lighting I was looking for. It is foldable and flexible, which grants me the position I need and saves me more space. The affordability adds quality to this fantastic product.

Best Desk Lamps With Small Base Reviewed

Poukaran Desk Lamp

Poukaran Desk Lamp
  • Multifunctional
  • Eye caring technology
  • Adjustable
  • Not detailed instructions

This incredible and good-looking lamp has a lot to give. It displays a digital clock, calendar, and temperature on the screen it has. You can also set the alarm on the desk light. The clock and thermometer are easy to set up and are powered by a coin cell battery. The lamp can be turned on-off just by pressing the on-off buttons for three seconds. 

The lamp lighting has three color choices which you can set according to your convenience – warm white, natural white, and cold white. The LED lighting with an anti-glare shade protects your sight by letting you adjust the brightness in five levels. By using a USB charging port and fast wireless charger, you can charge two devices simultaneously. It has a green indicator light that lets you know if the phone is charging.

The lamp is flexible to adjust the angle of the light both up and down and side to side. As a result, you can set it to the position you want. The foldable design saves space and lets you easily carry the lamp anywhere. 

It has a pretty fair price. Its versatility makes it suitable for anywhere. It is highly recommended for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and dormitories.


  • Adjustable positioning
  • Lighting control
  • C-clamp
  • No color choice

This fascinating lamp gives you complete freedom to do whatever you want in both its positioning and lighting.

The lamp can be adjusted at any angle and in multiple positions based on your need. The adjustable metal arm and a head that can tilt-turn and swivel make this happen. So you can set the lighting direction on a specific spot. This helps to save more space.

I like the fact that the lamp can stand on its own and also have a c-clamp by which you can clamp it onto a surface either horizontally or vertically.

It is well constructed and made of solid material. The heavyweight wouldn’t allow the lamp to tip over easily. The black color with Aluminium shade gives the light a great look.

The light has three colors, and the lamp is 10 way dimmable. So you can choose the lighting mode and by the easy-to-use touch control system. It gives a soft, stable, and non-flickering light.

This feature, combined with the adjustable positioning, makes this lamp ideal for finding a setting you like and eye protection from the inconvenient light amount, color, and position.

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamps

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamps
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Can sit in different moods
  • Affordable
  • The shade is a bit short

One of the excellent features of this beautiful lamp is its ability to sit in two different ways. It can stand by itself and by the adjustable c-clamp, which you can put on any surface horizontally or vertically. This saves more space.

As it has a flexible adjusted arm and a rotatable base and shade, it can be adjusted to any setting just by swinging up and down its arm and turning around its lampshade. So you can easily set the lamp to any convenient position you want and put the light on a specific spot.

The solid material of the lampshade and swingarm with the heavy enough but small base make the lamp steady and durable. The slim shape helps to put it anywhere without taking much space. The lamp can be turned on and off simply by flipping the power cord. It also has excellent brightness.

It is super easy to assemble most of the parts already assembled. It comes with careful packaging. The price is surprising compared to the value gained.

Modern Workstation Table Lamp 

Modern Workstation Table Lamp
  • Beautiful design
  • Can charge four devices
  • Good gift idea
  • Bulb not included

This modern style brown lamp from the famous 360 Lighting brings back the great-looking vintage lamp to our time. It has a low profile design, and the small base is attributed to the lamp’s space-saving universal design. It comes with a neoprene no-skid pad that can be used under the lamp. The bronze finish makes it more attractive.

The base has two built-in USB ports along with two two-prong outlets; this makes it ideal for charging up to four electronic devices at a time. Even the lamp can be plugged into one of the two outlets. One of the outlets has an On-off touch sensor switch which you can access just by a simple tap on it. The touch control makes the lamp quickly turn on and off.

It is an excellent gift for Christmas and birthdays.

It amalgamates into office, guest room, bedroom, living room designs and is perfect for tables and desks.

 FOLKSMATE Touch Control Table Lamp

 FOLKSMATE Touch Control Table Lamp
  • Multifunctional
  • Light control system
  • Modern look
  • Touch light very sensitive

The minimalist style of this product gives it a beautiful appearance. The lampshade is made of a white TC cloth; this helps to soften the light and provide adequate light. Since the silver metal base has an advanced brushed process, I was not worried about if it’s going to rust or not. The weightedness of the lamp assures no sliding over. 

It has a very sensitive touch light control system on its base and poll. The light setting can be arranged in your need, based on the activity you want, in three different moods- soft, medium, and bright.

The 2 USB charging ports (5V/2.1A) and 1 2-Prong AC outlet the lamp owns make it possible to charge three electronic devices simultaneously at a reasonable speed. So there is no need to look for a socket on the wall or adapter when charging is needed.

As it has a perfect size, It did not take much space. So I was freely putting my staff on it neatly. It is also simple to set up. The price is perfect for this modern, easy to use and multifunctional lamp.

It suits perfectly in work office, guest room, bedroom, living room, table, and desk.

Modern Farmhouse Table Lamp

Modern Farmhouse Table Lamp
  • Elegant appearance
  • Fast charging USB ports
  • Noiseless touch-sensitive light control system
  • No color choice

This product is crafted beautifully with a beautiful and gorgeous appearance. It has a beige shade that gives off a golden light and creates a classic ambivalent. The uniquely designed pretty column of the lamp matches perfectly with the furniture. The black base is weighted enough not to slide over and assures stability. The overall design harmonizes modern style with a vintage one within a space-saving feature.

It can be assembled easily.

The two 5V/2.1A USB charging ports the lamp owns are a bonus to this elegant lamp. They enable the user to fastly charge two electronic devices simultaneously, whether the light is on or off, as long as the power is on. 

What I like the most about this lamp is the noiseless touch-sensitive light control system, since I don’t have to bother whether I woke up an asleep person or not. The lighting can be adjusted into four moods -low, medium, high, and off, just by simply tapping anywhere on the base.

The lamp amalgamates into the farmhouse, living room, bedroom, foyer, and nursery decorates.

Gentry Bronze Desk Lamp with Power Outlet and USB Port

Gentry Bronze Desk Lamp with Power Outlet and USB Port
  • Elegant look
  • Quality Material
  • Multifunctional
  • Not touch control

This farmhouse-styled elegant lamp comes from the famous Franklin Iron Works. Its brown color with oil-rubbed bronze finish over metal construction creates a classical atmosphere in a room. The off-white fabric drum shade attractively filters the light, hangs from the top, and is supported by a minimalist metal cage design. 

It includes a 2-prong power outlet and a built-in 2A USB port on the base to charge two devices simultaneously. The On-off rocker switch located on the base allows you to control the lamp easily.

The aesthetic design and the quality of the lamp go well with the furniture of any room. It is perfect for modern farmhouse decorations. It is heavy enough not to flip, and its ideal size does not take up much space. So it is highly recommended for office space, reading area or nightstand. It can also be placed between two chairs to get a nice setting.

ELECFORU Dimmable Table Lamp 

ELECFORU Dimmable Table Lamp
  • Attractive appearance
  • Multifunctional
  • Versatile
  • No color choice

This good-quality lamp has a gorgeous appearance. The transparent glass shade makes the warm white light to be visible. The height is long enough to distribute light evenly. Since the iron-made lamp has a heavy base, it did not fail quickly.

The lighting can be adjusted into three brightness levels – low, medium, and high depending on your need just by turning the button on the base. The desk lamp has two USB (10W) charging ports and two 3-hole AC sockets. So up to four devices can be charged at a time.

The industrial style is a good combination of fashion and minimalism. This adds a quality to the appropriate space-saving size and the excellent appearance. Because of these reasons, this lamp suits perfectly almost anywhere. It is highly recommended for living room, bedroom, study room, office, coffee table, bedside table, etc.

It is easy to assemble and comes with careful packaging.

PARTPHONER Tradition Table Lamp Set

PARTPHONER Tradition Table Lamp Set
  • Perfect appearance
  • Bulbs included
  • versatile
  • It comes in sets only

The cream fabric shade and the spiral cage design base gave a vintage touch to this traditional table lamp, making it unique and adorable. 

The shades require assembly, but it is not complicated. They are wrapped around 2 metal rings for the top and bottom of the shade. If the assembling is done correctly, the shadows will be firmly attached. So they wouldn’t move, and no sizing issue will exist.

You can control the lighting by simply tapping on the base in three brightness levels – low, medium, and high. Durability wouldn’t be an issue since the lamp is solid enough. Each base has a USB charging port, which works fine whether the light is on or off. Since two LED light bulbs are included, there is no need for an additional expense. 

The quality lamp is well packaged and easy to install. The shipping is also quick.

The perfect appearance makes it suitable for most home decorations. It is highly recommended for an entryway, living room, and office area.

Beslowe Industrial Table Lamp

Beslowe Industrial Table Lamp
  • The design and appearance
  • Fair price
  • Multifunctional
  • Very visible caution warning

Beslowe Industrial Table Lamp comes in a set of two. You can use them together in one place or separately in different rooms. The glass shades give the lamps a clear and transparent look. There is no need to worry about rusting since the nightstand lamps are made of rust-proof metal. The metal parts are sturdy. The black finish goes well in rooms. 

The touch control system on the bases and poles can change the lighting into three different brightness levels – low, medium, and high, so you can easily arrange it in the mood you want. The two USB charging ports(5V/2.1A) and one 2-prong AC outlet(120V) allow a user to charge three devices simultaneously with an excellent speed. Two free LED Edison bulbs that provide crisp white light with a good brightness are included in the package to avoid extra expense.

The minimalist design got a good combination with industrial style. This feature with the space-saving compact size of the lamps makes them versatile for any room design. It is a perfect fit for the work office, guest room, bedroom, living room, table, and desk.

The assembling is easy and takes only a few minutes. The shipping is also very fast. The price can be called cheap, considering the value received.

Buying Guide of the Best Lamps with Small Base

Below are the things that you should look for in a quality lamp with a small base.

Size Proportionality

The correct height of a lamp is determined by the height of the table next to it. The size of the lamp should be proportional to the furniture around. The lampshade must be long enough for its bottom to align the eye level of the user.

Adjustability in table lamps is a bonus, as it let you get the position you want and save more space.


There is no exception for any room from people walking around. So you must make sure that your lamp is stable enough not to tip over easily by movements. The weight of the whole lamp, specifically that of the base, and height play a significant role in making the lamp sturdy.

It is always better to purchase a heavier lamp. 

Additional Features

Some lamps with a small base may include additional features like a USB port and a screen displaying time, calendar, and temperature. Then there are things you should look for in these features.

Another important feature you should look for in a lamp with a small base should be eye protection. For this, we have a dedicated article that will help you find the perfect desk lamp for your eyes.

USB Ports And Outlets

Knowing the number of USB ports and outlets will let you know the number of devices you can charge simultaneously. You also should be aware of another important thing which is how fast they can charge. Mostly USB ports lamps with 5 volts and 2 amps charging power are highly recommended for good speed charging. You should also be aware of the USB types of your device and the lamp to ensure their compatibility. Most portable devices like phones, tablets, players, and laptops use Type A, Type B, and USB 2.0 USB ports.

Easy To Access

If the lamp has a screen that can display time, calendar, and temperature, make sure it can easily adjust different things.


As the lamp’s primary purpose is lighting the room, a match between the amount of light the lamp gives and the amount you want must be a crucial criterion for a USB port lamp. 

  • If you want to manage the lamp lighting, make sure to buy a lamp with a lighting control system.
  • If it doesn’t have a lighting control system, you must choose a lamp with linen or fabric shade as it softens the light.
  • If you want a brighter light, get a dual bulb lamp or a single lamp with high power.


You may use a lamp with others in common for various activities and want to use it in different rooms. It should amalgamate into these different decors too. That’s why the versatility of a lamp is an issue. Make sure the lamp is versatile so that you can use it in your living room, bedroom, guest room, and workspace for different activities.


You have spent enough money on the lamp you purchased. Avoiding unnecessary waste of money and time should be a priority. So the lamp should be easily installable, or it should have a very clear set of instructions on the installation process.


You have to get all the things you want for your work on your desk, whether it’s a small or large desk. If you use a small desk, your lamp may take a large space and put the things you want for work on the desk. But this will not be a problem when using a lamp with a small base as it helps you save more space. That’s why I recommend you to go for the Poukaran Desk Lamp. It will let you save more space with multifunctionality, versatility, and excellent appearance.

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