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8 Best Arc Floor Lamps – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Nights are my favorite working times. But I hate it when the light I use at the time disturbs other people in the house. I was searching for a light that could give me enough illumination without disturbing others.

I realized that arc floor lamps could provide a good amount of overhead light without creating clutter on my working desk.

I tested eight arc floor lamps which I know in my electric shop, and friends’ and families’ homes. Finally, I found the Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp to be the best.

This lamp has a straightforward and minimalist design. It comes in black and silver colors. The built-in dimmer lets you adjust the brightness levels in three levels. Its LED light will work flawlessly for a longer time. 

The other seven arc floor lamps, which I consider best next to Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp, are reviewed below.

Best Arc Floor Lamps Reviewed

Best Arc Floor Lamp: Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp

Best Arc Floor Lamps: Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp
  • Simple design
  • Built-in dimmer
  • LED light
  • Not compatible with wall switch

This lamp is one of the simply designed arc lights I have ever seen. This minimalist design and sleek mood lighting make it a great addition to your space.No doubt that you will get lots of compliments from your guests. It comes in two color options – silver and black.

The built-in dimmer lets you get three brightness levels – low, medium, and high. So you can either have a soft glow for relaxation or a very bright illumination from a lamp for working productively.

It gives off a warm white light of 3000k and 2000 lumen, which is easy on the eye and perfect for reading, writing, artwork, and studies. As it lets you read more clearly without adding clutter to your desk, the lamp is advisable for offices and working spaces.

Because of its slender design, the lamp doesn’t take much space and matches many decor styles, including modern, mid-century, urban, minimalist, and traditional. 

The LED light source which the lamp uses can stay up to 20 years on average and saves 90% electrical energy than other bulb types. This gives you a break from frequent bulb replacements and high electric bills.

The lamp arrived quickly and came well packed. Its assembly is easy to do and can be finished in a few minutes. The price is well and reasonable.

Best Arc Floor Lamp Under $100: Versanora Arc Floor Lamp

Versanora Arc Floor Lamp
  • Beautiful design
  • Four color options
  • Marble base
  • Plastic made stem

This classic matte black finished lamp has an elegant design. It combines a curved branch with a  bell-shaped light shade which is made of copper. This design was so popular for decades, and it is still admirable.

The lamp’s body has a sleek metal component, and the base is made of a round and sturdy marble for safety and style purposes.

The lampshade and the base come in four different color combinations for your convenience – gold shade with black marble base, rose gold finished shade with black marble base, black shade with black marble base, chrome finished shade with white marble base.

The released light is perfect for reading and creating a soft glow in your space. If you want the lamp for reading, since the downward illumination will directly go on your book, I advised you to purchase it with a high-quality Teamson side table and chair for a complete reading nook.  

It is super easy to put the lamp together, and the packing and shipping are so good. The value gained is much more than the price.

Best Arc Floor Lamps With Dimmer – Boncoo LED Floor Lamp 

Boncoo LED Floor Lamp 
  • Nice look
  • Dimmable
  • Adjustable
  • Tiny instruction writing

Boncoo LED floor lamp has a beige linen lampshade that hangs on a golden arc pole. This lovely combination gives it a great appearance. The metal pole is sturdy, and the base is well-weighted so that it wouldn’t fall easily.

The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted from 0% – 100% using the rotary switch. You don’t have to bend down to control the light since it has a footswitch on the cord.

The position of the lampshade can be arranged to 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically to help you get a light in the direction you want.

It includes an 8 watt LED  bulb that emits a soft white light of 3000K. The 8 watts LED bulb can replace 75W incandescent bulbs, so your electricity consumption will get dropped. Since it releases a focused light, the lamp is suitable for painting, reading, and working.

The lamp is an excellent addition to your space and can fit modern, traditional, mid-century decoration in any space like living room, bedroom, study room.

The lamp is easy to put together and comes well packed. It also has an affordable price.

Best Tall Arc Floor Lamps: Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Floor Lamp
  • Great look
  • Space-saving design
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Not dimmable

This bronze-finished and island-inspired arc floor lamp will add a natural ambiance to your space. It has three barrel-shaped lanterns made of exposed brown cane sticks lined with a white fabric-like rice paper to provide a warm, bright light.

This modern designed lamp takes a limited space but gives off adequate overhead illumination. It suits well with different interior settings, including corners, entryways, bedsides, and more.

You can use a 60-watt Incandescent, CFL or equivalent LED bulb for this light fixture. It has an easy-to-use rotary switch on the pole and is compatible with an innovative outlet. It is also a great idea to use different color bulbs if you need them for decoration purposes.

It has a well-weighted base, making it sturdy enough not to fall easily by the movements around it.

The assembly is easy to do and can be finished in a few minutes. It has fast shipping and comes well packed. Considering the value gained, the price is reasonable.

Hykolity Black Trinity Arc Floor

Hykolity Black Trinity Arc Floor
  • Three lights
  • Nice appearance
  • Light adjustable
  • Bulb not included

This light with three-hanging lights has a tree-like design. The multi directionality of the lampshades makes it easy to illuminate different spots nicely. The gray color of the lamp creates an excellent combination with the white lampshades.

The tall lamp has a space-saving design and can be put anywhere, but places like behind a sofa, couch in the living room, next to a workspace, and corners in the bedrooms are ideal for showing its elegance. 

You can use 3 LED, CFL, or up to 100W traditional incandescent bulbs according to your convenience.

The lamp is sturdy enough not to fall off easily by movements around it. The lighting amount can be adjusted as you can turn one, two, or three lights using the switch with three clockwise turns.

It is an excellent light for reading and decoration purposes.

The price is fair and reasonable compared to other products of the same type. The assembly is easy and can be finished in a few seconds. Moreover, the company has excellent and responsive customer service for light-related inquiries. 

Henn&Hart Arc Floor Lamp 

Henn&Hart Arc Floor Lamp 
  • Versatile
  • Good illumination
  • Simple design
  • Bulb not included

This simply designed elegant floor lamp has a black pole and arc branch with a dome-shaped clear glass shade. You can include an E26-base 100W incandescent bulb, a 9W LED bulb or a 23W fluorescent (CFL) bulb. 

The 8 feet long cord lets you place the lamp wherever you want. The black base is made of sturdy bronze metal. This makes the lamp sturdy enough not to fall easily by movements around the lamp.

The height is pretty tall, and the lamp releases plenty of light to illuminate your space. 

This modern and industrial-style light is versatile enough to match any decor in any room. It is an excellent light for reading, drawing, and other paper-related works.

Compared to the price of other similar lamps, this lamp is well priced. The assembly is super easy and takes only a few seconds. The shipping is fast, and the lamp comes well packed.

This beautiful, high-quality, sturdy, and well weight lamp is an excellent addition to one’s space.

Coaster Arched Floor Lamp

Coaster Arched Floor Lamp
  • High quality
  • Bulb included
  • Adjustable
  • Non-dimmable

This high-quality floor lamp is made of metal materials. It is steel brushed, and chrome finished. The bell-shaped shade has a grey color and is made of a steel alloy. The round sturdy marble base grants sturdiness and stability to this product.

The package includes an 8-watt bulb, 2-Way switch, and E7 socket. 

It gives off plenty of light for your space. The light creates a nice pattern on the wall that can be an excellent background for pictures and videos.

The maximum height of the lamp is 7 feet, but it can be adjusted by stretching a curved top pole for your convenience. Its space-saving design makes it an excellent choice for narrow spaces. Places like behind a couch and in a corner are ideal for this light.

Though it did not come with instructions, the assembly was easy. Moreover, you have to make sure to use a screwdriver and wrench to accomplish it.  The price is quite fair. The lamp has fast shipping, and it comes well packed.

CO-Z Modern Arc Floor Lamp 

CO-Z Modern Arc Floor Lamp 
  • Adjustable
  • Modern design
  • LED light
  • Not dimmable

This nickel brush finished lamp has a modern design. It has a dome shade and a sturdy marble base. It amalgamates into any decor, but it will be too pretty with mid-century, modern, minimalist, and vintage home styles. 

The floor lamp is larger. Its height can be adjusted to 73 inches and the arc up to 40 inches from the pole. The overhead light is perfect for reading, working, and knitting. The head is also adjustable. Since it takes much space, the lamp is ideal for higher ceilings. 

The lamp is versatile enough to be used in all rooms. The sturdy base doesn’t let the lamp fall by the movement of kids and pets around. It is a good idea to place the lamp behind a couch or a sofa.

It comes with a 9.5 watt LED bulb that can stay up to 20,000 hours and causes a drop in your electric bill. It releases light of 3000k and 800 lumens. 

It is easy to put the lamp together. The price is fair and reasonable. 

Buying Guide for Best Arc Floor Lamp

Since the market is full of arc floor lamps, you might get mistaken when selecting the right one for you.  There are things that you should look for to get a high-quality floor lamp while purchasing. 


Stability is an essential feature of floor lamps. Since they are placed on the floor, they will be vulnerable to different movements, which might cause them to fall quickly. If we were talking about small desk lamps, a small base lamp would work perfectly but floor lamps need a large base to be stable.

So, if the lamps are stable, falling quickly would not be a problem. Heavier bases assure stability to lamps. All floor lamps mentioned in this article are sturdy enough as their bases are made of heavy marble.


To illuminate different spots at different times, it is always good to go for adjustable lights. They let a user set the lamp in various positions accordingly.

For this purpose, Boncoo LED Floor Lamp and Coaster Arched Floor Lamp are the best.


Allowing users to adjust the brightness level of light in the way they want is an excellent quality a floor lamp can have.

Floor lamps that have a built-in dimmer let you get the amount of light you want. 

When it comes to this purpose Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp and Boncoo LED Floor Lamp are the best.

LED Lights

Arc floor lamps equipped with LED lights can stay for a longer time as they have a long life span. This gives you a break from frequent bulb replacements. Moreover, they will save more electric energy than other bulb types. This causes a surprising drop in your electric bills.

CO-Z Modern Arc Floor Lamp and Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp are the best products with a LED light.

Space Saving 

Arc floor lights with a space-saving design provide plenty of light to your space while taking a limited amount of space.

Especially for narrow spaces, these kinds of lamps are highly advisable.

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Floor Lamp and Hykolity Black Trinity Arc Floor Lamp are the best lights for this purpose.


Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp is one of the high-quality floor lamps in the market. It comes in two color options and lets you adjust the brightness of the light in the way you want. Its design is excellent, and the space-saving feature is a wonderful bonus. Don’t hesitate to go for it.

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