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Room Lights
10 Best Wall Lights for Bedroom – Reviews and Buying Guide

I enjoy my room at night because it somehow keeps me calm but the bad lighting sets the mood off. Most of the books I want to read and water bottles ...

Best Light Bulbs For Living Room – Reviews + Buying Guide

My favorite place in the house is the living room because I can get most of my family members and spend time with them. I feel more at home when I am there ...

8 Best Night Light Projectors For Room/Living Room – Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

Who doesn't love colorful night light projections in their room? I do and I was looking for the best one. After trying out a number of them in the market, ...

10 Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom – Reviews + Buying Guide

I realized my bedroom became dull over time. I had to do something about it since most of my productive time I spend in my bedroom. I was already aware of ...

10 Best LED Strip Lights For Bedroom – Reviews + Buying Guide

So the regular lights of your bedroom are not intriguing, and you are bored with the usual lighting? LED Strip lights are here to save the day. The ...

8 Best Light Bulbs for Home Photoshoots – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

My kid loves clicking photos inside the house. The only issue he faces is the lighting which can be sometimes dim considering our house facing. The ...

Smart Lightings
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