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Lighting Tips
How To Stop LED Flood Lights From Flickering?

The most common and often issue that is associated with LED floodlights is that the lights tend to flash on and off pretty soon. Since floodlights are used to ...

How To Make A LED Reading Lamp?

If you are someone who is tired and ready to get rid of those 50/60 watt lamp light bulbs and wants to make LED reading lamps read better at night, this is ...

How To Pick A Reading Lamp?

Reading lamps are absolutely perfect for providing light while reading or working on various tasks. A great reading lamp makes working and reading so much ...

Lighting For Living Room/Lounge: Powerful Ideas to Improve your Lighting

Facing issues with being able to see what you're doing? You have some light, but it's still too dim to read a book? Are there not enough fixtures built into ...

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be?

People have been widely using bedside lamps for reading and these lamps have been popular for more than half a century as it provides enough light for ...

How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard?

If you want to include side lamps on your bed with a headboard, you will have to chalk down a certain amount of things beforehand. Bedroom lamps should ...

How Long Does a Lava Lamp Take to Heat up?

Lava Lamps have been around for ages, and they are still very popular. These Lamps are used for decoration purposes and look beautiful when they glow. The ...

How To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring?

For modern homes, ceiling lights are not so far away as they provide a light source for the space with standard light streams. At the same time, the product ...

4 Cool Things To Do With LED Light Strips

It's time to say goodbye to the expensive and slow-to-warm-up cold white and yellow LED bulbs. With the variety and selection of LEDs available today, ...

Where Is The Location Of The Desk Lamp?

Confused about which is the ideal location to place your desk lamp at? We’ve got you! Where you place your desk lamp is more important than you think. Make ...

[6 Steps] How To Remove A Stuck Light Bulb Safely?

Since this is a common problem, we decided to share a  method that will be useful as well as easy to remember which includes- suction cups and duct tape. ...

[14 Easy Steps] How To Make Ring Light At Home?

Do you find your images and videos too dark? If you answered yes to that question, then you need a ring light. The photos and videos you take will look a ...

Smart Lightings
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